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  1. AFLFootyChick

    Rumour Willie Rioli allegedly caught tampering with a drug testing sample

    If, as Jordan Lewis just explained it on #afl360 tonight, the sample is done, facing the ASADA employee, pants down to the knees, shirt up to the chest, essentially exposing the entire middle portion of your body, facing front on, and they watch you pee into that jar, then take the jar, look at...
  2. chunkylover

    Roast IF it isn't biased or ncompetent..... THEN it must be inciteful media coverage part II

    ...Coast, but Fremantle may be able to provide the best deal. I think it’s time for clubs to stand their ground & get the best deal.” – Nick #afl360 Is he actually serious? Homesick victorian mummy's boys have been nominating VFL teams for years but now he has a problem?
  3. djspank

    Autopsy Roast & Toast Round 23 vs Brisbane, changes for Qualifying Final vs Brisbane

    Jesus this Chris Scott guy can talk some shiz. Hurry up and get the campaigner off and bring Cotch and Dimma on #afl360

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