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  1. Leaveit2charlie

    List Mgmt. Trade Targets / Rumours

    Put him at the right end of the ground. You could like him. AFL (AFL) Tweeted: Cedric Cox with the looooong roost! The Lions have a sniff at the Gabba. #AFLLionsDees
  2. RooTed

    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 15

    #AFL #bettingtips R15 TGS Bets 1u #AFLSwansSuns u160.5 Unibet $1.90 1u #AFLSaintsTigers u166.5 Unibet $1.90 1u #AFLLionsDees u171.5 Lads $1.86 R14 3-3 -0.29u YTD 46-40 +4.34u GL

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