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  1. Fossie 32

    First goal etc v Geelong

    ...runners up Grassman, Libba and BoydOhBoyd And for the first time in the history of the competition, a three way draw in the Nostradamus margin prediction section! Congrats to Libba39, Doggies13 and Grassman joint winners just ahead of Chicago by the narrowest of margins. Cheers and...
  2. Fossie 32

    Song Contest Part XX, Host: Back One Out, Theme: Final Recordings of Bands/Artists That Are No More, Noms Due: Monday, 9pm AEST

    Ben Howard - 54 soft acoustic guitar leading into soft melodic heartfelt vocals and delicate lyrics That's why I love it. Spooky to get 54 though hehe #bemoreBulldog
  3. Fossie 32

    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion - Part 2

    I think #bemoreBulldog is best Red White and Blue through and through was good
  4. Fossie 32

    Toast It’s the Finals, ya all.

    ...Grant didn't give up on us in 1996 The team didn't give up after we lost to Freo in 2016 Clay Smith didn't give up after 10 recos or when his best friend died before the GW final Dale Morris didn't give up when he played the grand final with a broken freakin back! #BeMoreBulldog - Don't give up
  5. Fossie 32

    Congrats to the three AA blokes

  6. FR0GGY

    Analysis AFC SANFL 2019 Thread

    Boyle with the arm lift. #bemoreBulldog
  7. Fossie 32

    Round 1

    Same again? OK #bemoreBulldog and do another $50 membership?
  8. Fossie 32

    Dogs to remember the 1989 fightback

    ...born then. For me, pretty confronting to look back on how close we came to losing the club, great efforts by all who helped save it and shitfull efforts by the AwFL to try to kill it off and the dodgy tactics they used. It's a great thing the club are commemorating the Fightback. #bemoreBulldog
  9. Deaneus!

    No Oppo Supporters DEATH RIDE 2: A TEAGUE OF THEIR OWN! (Picks 3 and 21)