Usage for hash tag: BigBigSound

  1. fightingfury

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    Anyone got any #BigBigSound memes after grand final day??? 😆😆
  2. rmcq


    I personally found the BBS meme pretty funny, mostly shared by non-footy Sydney people who had NFI. GWS can have their #BigBigSound. I’m happy with the #premiership2019.
  3. mad_tiggy911

    Toast It’s good to be alive

  4. Marcel Proust

    Loudest Crowd moments!

    the Marlion Pickett goal was a #BigBigSound
  5. Marcel Proust

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

  6. CASEYS9420

    Autopsy We ******* did it again Richmond 2019 premiers!!!!

    What a Win, What a Night, Go Tiges PS Anyone seen where that #BigBigSound meme's gone? went MIA around the 2Q yesterday, cant find it
  7. Marcel Proust

    Autopsy We ******* did it again Richmond 2019 premiers!!!!

  8. RW

    No Oppo Supporters 2019 General AFL Discussion

    Is #BigBigSound still trending?
  9. BG__

    Game Day Richmond Tigers v GWS Giants - Grand Final - Sat 28 Sep, 2:30PM AEST, MCG

  10. Diehard Saint

    Autopsy Grand Final, 2020: Richmond v GWS

    #BigBigSound not happening sadly. Bummer.
  11. kulak

    Game Day Grand Final – Tigers vs Giants, Saturday 28th September, MCG, 2.30pm

    ...GF on a 6 match winning streak. They lose to Sydney. So that's it guys. That's what I am hanging onto - statistics with a hint of psychology. If there's one thing those games prove, it's that grand finals aren't always won by the team with every advantage stacked in their favour...
  12. Allikat

    Game Day Grand Final 2019 Tigers v Giants

    The one time of year a non Freo game gets its own thread here. I'm looking forward to seeing ex-docker De Boer get a premiership medal today. He's done an amazing job at the giants since we moved him on. And how good have the #BigBigSound memes been?
  13. chazwazza

    Game Day AFL Grand Final 2019: Tigers v Giants...

    Injuries for GWS are a big concern but I’ve got a good feeling about GWS today........or it could be just a case of #BigBigSound meme overload
  14. Diehard Saint

    Autopsy Grand Final, 2020: Richmond v GWS

    I think the twitter public has marketed the Giants so well it’ll do wonders for their membership, or at least to make them relevant as a second team for many people - if only for the short term. The #BigBigSound memes have been hilarious! (Can’t get the damn song out of my head)
  15. MrKK

    Oppo Camp Regular Non Eagles Discussion

    My only child has decided this year that his favourite team is Richmond, and favourite player is Tom Lynch. FML. I'm fully hitched to the #BigBigSound bandwagon today though. Sorry son.
  16. joop

    Autopsy Grand Final, 2020: Richmond v GWS

    I think pretty much everything needs to go right for the Giants to win this one. Personally think it’ll go like the hawks/eagles 15 grand final and be pretty sh*t with the better side winning easily. But I’ll be cheering on the giants!! 🧡🧡🧡 Also that #BigBigSound twitter stuff is bloody hilarious.
  17. jackster83

    Preview Grand Final – Richmond Tigers vs GWS Giants, Saturday 28th September, MCG, 2.30pm

    Best of luck tomorrow lads. Hope you wipe the smiles off their arrogant faces. Can't wait to hear #BigBigSound at the end of the game.
  18. Sparkle

    How emotionally invested were you in each AFL Grand Final?

    ...Was excited for a good game of football and got around both teams during the day. Was excited with the close game and happy for WCE 2019: Getting around #BigBigSound so I'll probably quietly get around the Giants. I doubt I'll be too disappointed if they lose, or too thrilled if they win, however
  19. Maddo11

    Who are you going for in the finals?

    #BigBigSound memes have well and truly won me over. Up the Giants.
  20. mikey_san

    No Oppo Supporters 2019 General AFL Discussion

    ...Monty Python one from the boys in Camelot and a great Breakfast Club one too. Should be a cracking game tomorrow. I'm thinking this #BigBigSound meme is going to swell the neutral support in the ground and around the country and carry the Giants to victory. Things that might stop them is...