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  1. hansie

    Discussion Prison Bars debate

    ...supporters! Ed is weakened now due to his ridiculous stance on sidebottom’s antics - now would be the excellent time for port to strike and the afl to show some sense in allowing their history and tradition to be suitably honored. #bringbackthebars On iPhone using mobile app
  2. just_kick_it

    Discussion Random Chat Megathread Mk II

    after #bringbackthebars and #VICBIAS Get Ling out of the commentary box #1
  3. Memphis_

    Toast #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!

    Keep the signatures coming boys. #bringbackthebars #f*ckmcguire
  4. El_Scorcho

    Toast #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!

    A petition is just a petition, we're not going to sign anything away. The club is fully embracing the #bringbackthebars campaign. An undeniable campaign is now in the public eye. There are zero bad vibes here. The petition will get signatures that dwarf the supporter campaign because it's...
  5. J

    Opinion The PB's - a celebration of 150 years. This year or later?

    With all the support we have been getting of big name AFL people after a performance like that last night in the bars we should be hitting the AFL to wear them regularly this-morning. #bringbackthebars
  6. GremioPower

    Universal Love The Guernseys of Port

    I have posts on this. I would need to find them. But don't forget that I am also deeply in favor of the #bringbackthebars
  7. El_Scorcho

    Opinion The PB's - a celebration of 150 years. This year or later?

    So proud of the club and especially proud of the #bringbackthebars campaign. We've provided the momentum with all the work put in, and the club have picked up the ball and run hard with it. This video campaign with very prominent and respected figures has been enormous and undeniable.
  8. El_Scorcho

    Autopsy David Koch & The Vanillarisation of Port Adelaide

    If we were eventually fully successful, and we were given free rein to use the bars as our primary guernsey at our discretion, I personally can't see us going for years on end without re-claiming it full time. And obviously I'd personally continue to campaign with whatever movement was pushing...
  9. Sparkle

    Discussion History of Hashtags #ReturnSomething #BringBackSomething

    I'm not sure if any of these were/are ever official campaigns (like #bringbackthebars or #returnthewings) but I do remember talk among the jumper community/the FJGD board about these changes: Adelaide: bring back the hoops (after old templates turned them into stripes) Carlton: bring back the...
  10. El_Scorcho

    Toast #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!

    Today is a landmark day in the #bringbackthebars movement. The club has definitively and publicly stated our intention to wear the bars on our terms, forcing the AFL to make a decision. With a public statement from the club, the argument is assessed by the media and the AFL are forced to...
  11. chiwigi

    Opinion Port Adelaide and their Prison Bars

    Hello there, I am the guy who runs the #bringbackthebars campaign. Our campaign has nothing to do with the Magpie, nobody is asking for that, that was mis-direction by Eddie last night. All we ask is that we be allowed to wear our traditional guernsey (which isn't the same as Collingwoods) on...
  12. El_Scorcho

    Opinion The PB's - a celebration of 150 years. This year or later?

    ...Richardson show both what appeared to be genuine interest in connecting better with supporters, and genuine interested in the #bringbackthebars campaign, and then umm and err on whether we should wear the bars as early and often as possible. If the AFL has decreed that we can only wear the...
  13. GremioPower

    Scape Goat I have finally understood what happened after 2004 (or #ChangeTheSong)
    Threadmarks: Change The Song

    ...Club. It would have a pedagogical effect on the people that are part of the club; especially on players and coaches. I believe the #bringbackthebars movement should embrace my proposal due the shared spirit between these noble causes. Thank you all for your attention. #FOOTYISBACK...
  14. Duck Farmer

    Universal Love TRTT Part 10: Ken Things I Hate About You

    I just realised that #bringbackthebars takes on a whole new level of significance in these weird times.
  15. TheFVK

    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    You're welcome chiwigi and the #bringbackthebars campaign
  16. Schulzenfest

    News Tom Jonas sole captain for 2020

    With Ken, or Koch is, or Sam Gray, or Jake Neade, or #bringbackthebars, or whoever or whatever else, yeah. Those things are polarising. But not co-captains. It wasn't polarising, it was just unanimously loathed. Even the Facebook denizens ran a poll on it that came back 96% negative. It's the...
  17. bomberclifford

    Unpopular Port Adelaide opinion you may have it stands right now, we don't even have the right to do that without approval from Collingwood. For reference, we applied to wear it more than once in 2020, but we're only wearing it once in 2020. That's why #bringbackthebars exists and will continue to exist until this is no longer the case.
  18. Coobk001

    Unpopular Port Adelaide opinion you may have

    ...with ya. The PBs should remain for special occasions, but we've moved on from them and it was a small price to pay to enter the AFL. I actually think the #bringbackthebars campaign is embarrassing, and pointlessly divisive as we will not and should not ever wear the PBs as a home jumper in...
  19. RussellEbertHandball

    News Prison Bar guernsey 2020 released

    If we are gonna have a separate thread to the #bringbackthebars one, then we better add this

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