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  1. frggr

    GEE...we are a...LONG way ahead of the rest of you minnow franchisees!

    ...the whole point was that your "7 year window was selected so you didn't have to account for/face/remember that one year the Cats & Christ Scott totally obliterated your **** truck team 3 times :) Don't you have some young drug cheats to throw under the bus? What is it, 3 in 5 years now...
  2. DazalenkoUBewty

    Unofficial Preview Sack Hinkley

    Youse are some ordinary ******s. Miserable. #culture
  3. frggr

    Mega Thread The Mighty Geelong Cats SPANK the Hawfs on Easter Monday with Gary Rohan STARRING!!! Gary Ablett CHEERED for being such a GREAT bloke!

    "Hawk sent straight to Tribunal for pinching and stomping" How did this gronk get the captaincy? #culture
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