Usage for hash tag: metoo

  1. Peter Doherty

    Welcome Pick #2, 2020 draft: welcome Riley Thilthorpe!

  2. chiwigi

    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 19

    #metoo stuff is simply a symptom of a syndrome that is usually corruption. That’s why ignoring it isn’t simply ignoring women’s issues, it’s ignoring everything else that allows it to happen in the first place.
  3. Hawk Dork

    Subtle Psychopath Cues

    #metoo but worse
  4. Crimboy

    Opinion Assistant coaching staff Read, Mzungu and Hale need to go. Prove me wrong.

    ...what I asked of people in the first place, who decided that instead of offering up what you have, just criticise and whine and jump on the #metoo lifestyle). The intention of an "opinion" which is the tag used, is to get debate on the subject matter. Not have to reply to people who just want...
  5. TwiggleyFanClub

    Universal Love David Teague

  6. MC Extra Dollop

    What the heck? Jordan De Goey groping Isaac Quaynor?

    Pretty dangerous to form that assumption based on Quaynor's visible reaction. A bit like a lot of the Hollywood #metoo cases, or say reports confirming systemic racism at a professional sporting club. You know, "the guy on the rookie lost didn't seem to mind when senior players started calling...
  7. Mr_Moogle

    Play Nice Politics # 4 - The madness continues here..... me. Politics is a boys club. The culture of accepting this sort of thing is gradually starting to change though. We saw this with the #metoo movement. Hollywood with their woke capitalism, pretending to be progressive, was really just a breeding ground for sexist assholes. I can only...
  8. Eddie Dingle

    Universal Love Hey Eddie, surprise

    #metoo :$
  9. Shell

    Banter 2021 Off-Topic Chat Thread

    Srs?!?! I love that sketch. And #metoo. I would ring in or get my mum to ring in on the Monday morning, in a desperate bid to get audience tix. (never got thru)
  10. tonygeeks

    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 7 - Tigers v Dogs Fri April 30th 7:50PM EST (MCG) Tigercast Link in OP!

    Forget #metoo #notyou On iPad using mobile app
  11. Hawkboy62

    Round Round 7 Matchday Discussion

    #metoo! At least Chapman has made 120k and has plenty of upside. Still hoping for the mythical pot of gold at the end of the Highmore rainbow.
  12. Shell

    TV First Dates - Part 5: Sunday night classics

    #metoo This is my reaction to those pages in emoticon form.. :laughv1::confusedv1::rolleyesv1::sleepv1::sleepv1::gun::gun::gun:
  13. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Never in Trout....McAsey signs on

  14. Shell

    Social Science Things that please me - Part 3

    #metoo billyRay
  15. Shell

    TV First Dates - Part 5: Sunday night classics

  16. Over The Post

    A Section Premier section 2021

  17. Number37

    Politics Black Lives Matter

    ...fooling people about their own lived experience? The short answer is, they're not. There's clearly something else going on. The trend recently has been that people have had a gutful. #metoo #BLM You should start a strawman factory. You'll make a mint selling strawmen to RWNJs on this board...
  18. Shell

    TV First Dates - Part 5: Sunday night classics

  19. M

    Society/Culture Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith - Allegations of war crimes

    ...him out for his blood now. One imagines he’d be sucking up and grovelling around the hallways of C7, doing bakery runs and making people coffees knowing he’s one #metoo accusation away from proper farked. His days are clearly numbered, question is where to from here for Ben? Horror film...