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  1. H

    Discussion Round 12 Discussion

    #metoo. Rules committee should in to Swans tactics of kicking the ball in low to the forward line. Unsporting. New recruit Wicks was invisible and may have been a waste of a trade, IF I was running short of trades. Nice 82 from (e)Bell so I will use the Close loophole.
  2. GreyCrow

    2020 US Presidential Nominees

    ...- Biden is continuing the white old men picks and isnt being inclusive Picks white female - token choice not merit - trying to latch onto the #metoo movement Picks black female - Biden is racist - should have picked white old male or white woman Lyndon Johnson was chosen as Kennedys VP...
  3. Crow till I die

    Play Nice Politics #3 - Covideo killed the radio star

    ...hearings despite the FBI clearing him and doubled down that the woman is always right yet when it came to the female accusor of biden she believed him. It is an absolute sham the ol #metoo as it only comes into play when it is not someone on their team that gets know politics and all
  4. Sack Chapman

    Play Nice Politics #3 - Covideo killed the radio star

    ...opinions and whoring to Wall Street will be labelled a racist. Interesting she publicly said she supported those women who accused Creepy Joe of sexual assault yet she's okay with partnering up with him. So much for the #metoo movement - yet another Leftist cult destroyed by it's own hypocrisy.
  5. javaguice

    Rumour Tigers accused of groping teammate

    Chol is thrust into a situation where he feels like a #metoo victim. I honestly thought Australia was above this type of bullying. How austrocised would he feel speaking up about it. A thorough internal investigation is warranted and I wouldn't be surprised if criminal charges followed...
  6. yebiga

    Science/Environment Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - HCQ doesn't work - Part 3

    ...contraction of influenza correlates strongly with racism and sexism. By fighting against and exposing racism via BLM marches and sexism thru #metoo movement the energy used to suppress these traumas has been released into the sunlight and is fighting against and destroying influnenza. "...
  7. H

    Trades Round 8 Trades (Get Gawn or GTFO)

    #metoo! Macrae, Bont, B Smith, English, Thor, Rankine (Budarick) Going to watch with no commentary, headphones and music to ease the disappointment! Recognise all my players except Buda.
  8. Over The Post

    Health Coronavirus 2020 / Worldwide (Stats live update in OP) Part 3

    That's because the #metoo mob have lynched guys for manspreading.
  9. JackOutback

    Health Coronavirus 2020 / Worldwide (Stats live update in OP) Part 3

    ...A UK police officer has been suspended overnight for pressing his knee on the neck of a black man. It’s incorrect to say the protests had no effect. No one is actively protesting the #metoo movement at the moment but its effects are still being felt. That’s kind of how social change happens.
  10. Ants

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 14: Never failed a test I didn’t take

    ...all about the focus on black lives. Rather than the bigger picture which is also being protested. But then, right wingers want to define #metoo as anti-man, and BLM as anti-white, to stoke their own vitriol. So its not really a surprise. Oh, and nice straw man on the violence. "The...
  11. Austoraisetheurn

    Scandal Collingwood star Jordan De Goey charged with indecent assault - NO sexual jokes or inappropriate comments.

    ...on both men and women. However, regretting an encounter the next day, does not mean that you were sexually assaulted or raped. My issue with #metoo was that it was sailing very close to the line with this. Bad dates were being classed as 'sexual assault', or a socially awkward guy at a bar...
  12. Bramax

    News De Goey Charged With Indecent Assault

    Unfortunately, there is pathetic part of society that jumps on these crusades like the #metoo movement where every man is guilty of whatever he is accused of by a woman. And if you offer a logical point of difference that isn’t in line with the narrative, you are a misogynist. I believe in due...
  13. Bramax

    News De Goey Charged With Indecent Assault

    ...before due process has even occurred. That’s what’s f##king shocking. If you want to get upset about something, get upset about that. Obviously you are part of the #metoo movement that automatically declares whatever women say is to be believed without question and the man is automatically...
  14. DaTBird187

    Universal Love TRTT Part 10: Ken Things I Hate About You

    I'm sure #metoo have an issue with women being referred to as chicks too. Maybe they'll have to adopt a symbol like Prince.
  15. Ned_Flanders

    Media ClarkeMedia Presents: A Back Rub From Your Uncle

    stop thinking about his neck! #metoo

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