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  1. bzparkes

    List Mgmt. Contract, Trade & Draftee Discussion - 2022 Off Season Edition the first accusation. You only need to look at the support Amber Heard initially received before being proven a liar, as well as numerous #metoo people, one a founder, who ended up being the actual abusers and not victims. But anyway, this isnt really the forum for this discussion and...
  2. jmoo wan

    Werewolf Traditional Werewolf 2

    why did you change names? what did you do? what were you running from? was it because of #metoo? you make me sick.
  3. F

    Welcome to East Germany Carlton and Collingwood - who finishes higher in 2023?

    #metoo And Mick didn't let us down. 😂😂😂
  4. NarklesHelmet

    NO TROLLS Hawthorn Racism Review - Sensitive issues discussed. Part 2 many think a nice bow will be tied around this, there’s still so many ways this could go. Something like Amy going rogue with a Twitter account in the future could be even more embarrassing if it gained traction. No one knew things like #metoo would explode like it did. Lots to play out...
  5. Howard Moon

    Politics The Hangar Politics Thread

    Maybe she's just waiting for the court of #metoo to get their cancel boots on?
  6. NarklesHelmet

    NO TROLLS Hawthorn Racism Review - Sensitive issues discussed. Part 2 control the narrative. If that case was a case big enough one for Ross Lyon to have lost his job over (remember it was in the midst of the #metoo movement) he would have been sacked. He’s since been employed in the media. As I said, if the investigation backs up what was written in...
  7. Makeshift Park

    NO TROLLS Hawthorn Racism Review - Sensitive issues discussed. applies in Australia. If you're seriously interested in this topic, there's a lot of scholarship that its not possible to replicate the #metoo movement in Australia because of our laws...
  8. Joffaboy

    No Oppo Supporters St.Kilda sack Brett Ratten

    Wouldn't this thread be insufferable to the lolnorfies and the druggies, lolnorfies cause they carried on about Clarkson, and Essendon because RTB basically said they were a rabble and f**k that s.hit. Wonder if some two headed inbred from WA will try and Clarko him with a #metoo complaint?
  9. C

    News The Hawthorn Allegations like to simplify especially to mobilise political support. Its bad but politics is a dirty game. All the unsworn shaming of celebs in #metoo was very unfair from a legal standpoint, but it did help bring down Weinstein when the legal system didn't. You can see why people resort to those...
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  11. Suspense

    NO TROLLS Hawthorn Racism Review - Sensitive issues discussed.

    Putting aside any race related issues, the main vibe I got from the leaked email was that she was being gaslit by the club. 2013 is pre #metoo and circa Gillard/Abbott gender war era - many of the public sensitivities that exist now simply weren't a thing back then. Clarkson/Fagan deserve to...
  12. Forward Press

    Banter RDT 174 - BigCoffee

    You misspelt aioli. Also 'attractiveness of wait staff' might not wash in the #metoo era. /pedantsjw
  13. austinnn

    Discussion 2022 General AFL Discussion think how many female sportspeople were coerced in this way. And that's just sport. Think of other entertainment contexts. What a can of worms. Could be another #metoo tsunami. Getting back to this issue, it's worth remembering that this was not "In the old days". We're talking 5-6 years...
  14. J

    Rumour 2022 Rumour Discussion Thread

    While I tend to agree, the #metoo movement was about about the power dynamic between individuals and I don't think that can be ignored.
  15. Shell

    FTA-TV Married at First Sight

    #metoo As in, I read it too. James Weir is usually a gun, but that wasn't one of his best if I'm honest.
  16. HairyO

    Long Live King Charles

    Hey #metoo
  17. HeathComeBack

    Play Nice Derailed, (The Place to Continue Off-Topic Discussion)

    ...content Kathy McCabe Follow @McCabeRadar 6 min read September 1, 2022 - 10:41AM News Corp Australia Network 00:45 Lisa discusses #metoo with Jaguar Jonze on The Project During a segment on The Project, Lisa Wilkinson sits down with artist Jaguar Jonze about her #metoo experience in the...

    2022 All Aus Predictions and Rolling teams

    LOL wonder how the tiggies are gonna try and hush this one up. 🤣🤣:embarrassedv1: #metoo

    Backfire Dusty is back baby! Read this and weep. Wow, waiting for the tigers’ response on this one. #metoo