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  1. C

    Toast 2020 "ChoppyGun" NM Poster of the Year

    🤣 #metoo On iPhone using mobile app
  2. Ghost Patrol

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 16: One-Hit Wonder

    Perhaps the #metoo thread is a better place for this distraction campaign of yours?
  3. spinynorman

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 16: One-Hit Wonder

    Another Lincoln Project creep exposed for being a creep. For the positives achieved by the #metoo movement, the most powerful people in politics remain relatively untouched by it, as whether it's Trump, Clinton or this guy, partisans will always deflect it as some partisan attack and never deal...
  4. simba_

    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 17

  5. CheapCharlie

    Rumour Jon Patton

    There would likely be dozens of players doing sending out penis pics and sexual photos. It's been normalized to some degree for many years How far down the #metoo hole this one goes is yet to be played out
  6. K

    Rumour Jon Patton

    Silly in the current climate, a professional athlete even an average one would be foolish to be doing that in the era of #metoo If he was a complete nobody not on an AFL list he would have been blocked and his pics deleted instantly, not surprisingly one of the outraged women kept his pics...
  7. La Dispute

    Rumour Jon Patton

    ...received an instant message from Jon Patton with a picture of his penis in my DM’s this morning. I replied with “Sorry Jonny, I’m not interested. Best of luck for next season” to which he replied “You Bigfooty posters are all the same” and promptly forwarded the pic on to 8 of my mates. #metoo
  8. P

    Rumour Jon Patton

    Another girl coming out alleging she is a victim, how many more have been harassed by this Hawthorn Football Club player? #metoo?
  9. Plugger35

    Taboo art work

    ...was a bit hard done by in all honesty, WA tore down all his artwork and ripped down statues on the basis of a couple of flimsy allegations #metoo He was nowhere near as bad as Jimmy Saville which people try to paint him as (pardon the pun) he was a good bloke that did a lot for WA for art...
  10. ferball

    Politics QAnon and Sovereign Citizens

    ...or the picture that caption at the end of the bit in italics refers to,) will have less credibility even tho that post has more in common with #metoo than with QAnon. And many who buy into Qanon are very critical of #metoo. Anyway I just saw that JH-S thing recently and found it interesting...
  11. Shell

    TV First Dates - Part 5: Even repeats are better than the 2020 eps

    Brilliant. Brilliant. #metoo
  12. phantom13

    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (5)

    #metoo where men are evil, stupid and weak... Probably shouldnt have bothered with the film in the first place really.
  13. sorted

    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (5)

    Pretty much agree with that. Good spooky stuff early on but then it got a bit silly. One of those movies that relies on people doing stupid things. Also the #metoo shtick where white men are evil, stupid and weak. Worth a look despite it's flaws. 5/10
  14. 84859300

    General Bombers Talk Non-Essendon Football Thread XIV

    ...removal from voting? These are all wrongs. Coming from the 1990's to the 2000 & 2010's the world has changed so much with Sorry, Gay Marriage, #metoo - Ausxtrlains have been more educated in the acceptance of all aspects. I feel that the Australian people have welcomed these scenarios and...
  15. K

    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    ...the Pies be comfortable keeping him on the list with a conviction next to his name? Yes I know Marlon Pickett and others but in the era of #metoo any type of violent or sexual act towards a woman..even if it was something tame Is pretty much considered worse than something like armed robbery...
  16. Metalcrusher

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Second Elimination Final: Baghdad Bombers vs Dragons FFC at Abdu Prison

    What the fu** has that to do with me? Are you suggesting I have diabetes? You heartless #metoo fu**!
  17. K

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade and List Management Thread III

    A convicted criminal has In the era of cancel culture and #metoo a violent or sexual crime against a woman of any nature is considered worse than what Pickett did. It will be hard for them to justify keeping him on the list if he is found guilty, even if what he did was tame. jump on Twitter...
  18. Metalcrusher

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Round 13: West Coast Wonders vs Las Vegas Bears at The Colosseum

    ...the most precious campaigner on this board, holier than thou attitude all the while looking down your nose. I truly do not understand why people think you are a quality poster at all. You are a nay sayer, hiding behind righteous indignation. You should be a liberal and screen with the #metoo...
  19. 84859300

    Review 2020 Season/Club Review

    "For a team to acomplish their goals, everybody has got to give up a little of their individuality" - Bill Bellichick, New England Patriots Speaks volumes re the current details of EFC players own little #metoo movement.