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  1. peternorth

    Golf Your latest Round?

    Me too mate I mean #metoo Was supposed to be gracing Pebble next month.
  2. Mr_Bojangles

    Entourage (movie) 2015

    ...get some steady role. Turtle will bang someone out of his league but be a businessman with a heart of gold that tries to defer from the fact he's sexual predator. Ari may finally get reported for his behaviour post #metoo. Jeez thinking of this I really ended up disliking all the characters.
  3. Mr_Bojangles

    Entourage (movie) 2015

    Will they ever do another movie or post #metoo it'll just be wrong on every level.
  4. Gene Simmons

    Roast Vents and Regrets (2020 Edition)

    If it makes you feel any better.. I did too! :mad: #metoo
  5. Santoz

    Roast Vents and Regrets (2020 Edition)

  6. Crash Davis

    TV MAFS 2020; where there's no relationship in I

    #metoo On iPhone using mobile app
  7. Bloodied52

    Official Team Thread Roys FFC Season 29 Community Rooms - Celebrating the Streak !!!!

    #metoo Boot me from the SLG, don't care. I confess a fondness for the Roys.
  8. mouncey2franklin

    News Coronavirus Thread

    #metoo and asap because that way I get in early, while the hospitals are still able to cope. It's the poor fools who catch it at its peak who will suffer dearly :(
  9. Mooch

    Media Season 29 TiFmedia Rolling All-SFA Team - 'Ant Bear Decides' Edition

    Me too! (not to be confused with #metoo)
  10. tenderwarrior

    2020 List Management Thread

    ... #metoo
  11. JB007

    Rumour Dayne Beams - will he or won't he retire?

    ...wanted since I was in primary school.......I did say weird yeah? Unfortunately Bond and even a Greek-Australian flavour wouldn’t be very #metoo compatible in this day of age. In all honesty to everyone this “Beams Thing” has challenged me as a person on this forum. As I told the Good Horse...
  12. peternorth

    BigFooty Death List 2020: Host GreyCrow

  13. S

    Darcy Moore Contract extension

    #metoo He is happy with our fitness people, seems to want the contract sorted and appears to be settled. He recently bought a house in inner Melbourne (Collingwood), so it would be disruptive to move interstate for instance. If he went elsewhere, many think that would be his reasonable...
  14. Taylor

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 11: Just Biden His Time

    This #metoo was the most open secret in Hollywood, they knew it goes on and they play the game to make their name. This isn't me saying they deserve to be sexually assaulted, it's me saying they are pointing their dirty fingers from their dirty hands and they should be called out for playing...
  15. Lethality

    Brisbane Car Fire Deaths

    Maybe the #metoo thing, where for a time people jumped to conclusions, or Matt Damon got in trouble for differentiating between different levels of bad behaviour.
  16. Scotland

    Society/Culture Are men being discriminated against in the workplace?

    Sleeping your way to the top (not that I think it occurs that much) is win win in 2020. If you do it and anyone finds out you just claim #metoo and it becomes the boss's fault.
  17. skam85

    TV MAFS 2020; where there's no relationship in I

    You'd also think with how massive the #metoo movement is they would have a heck of a lot of things in place to counter these kinds of things ever happening.

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