Usage for hash tag: metoo

  1. Punchy Bassett

    Matildas The Matilda's and the 2019 Women's World Cup Thread

    Didn't we have a good coach? Alen something? What happened to that guy? #metoo crowd hope you're happy.
  2. C

    General MFC Discussion 2.0

    ...women whereas Amy Schumer admits to raping a guy and no one cares. She's also terminally unfunny, which somehow doesn't matter either. The #metoo witch hunts typify the mob justice mentality popular with SJWs, and the cases of people like James Damore losing their job over a carefully...
  3. S

    Trades Round 13 Trades

    Alright let's get it trending. #imburgo #standbyburgo #metoo
  4. sorted

    Religion Pell Guilty!

    ...the entity they deem responsible. Catholics might give Pell the benefit of the doubt. Catholic haters assume and desire his guilt. Has the #metoo movement shifted the balance of proving innocence/guilt in such cases? WAs the police involvement neutral? The sensational media coverage. How...
  5. rfctiger74

    Official Team Thread The Roys FFC Season 27 Community Rooms

    She has been sexually harrassing me for two seasons now. Where is my #metoo movement??
  6. Event Horizon

    Opinion Commentary & Media III

    ...of that. Was king hitting blokes on the field a good thing? Of course not! But is the softness we are now seeing good for the game? Or the so called LT rule with sliding into Rohan's knee? The new rule as a result of that is absolute blight on the game! This whole #metoo stuff is out of control
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