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  1. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 17

    Half an hour till the Class War begins -. Silver Spoon Toff Tory Tottenham take on Leeds United, the people's club, for the working class of Yorkshire Can good defeat evil against all odds ? Time will tell, it always does #MOT
  2. Elmer_Judd

    The off topic thread 4.0

    ...SM :) 2020 was both a tragic year and one full of joy for Leeds United. All the best to everyone and their club(s) and families for 2021,(there is a lot of buzz around Melbourne City right now) As for me, hoping I can try get into less shitfights on this board over the next 12 months 🤡🤡🤡 #MOT
  3. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 17

    Just a friendly reminder that Leeds have won the league more times than Tottenham, and you will forever be in our shadow, sunshine #MOT
  4. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 16

    ...massive over reactions of Karen's to um, what Karen said. We don't need to have cancel culture in football thanks. And if you will do some research, the club has a history of doing these sort of banter tweets to pundits who wrote us off in the past. WE ARE LEEDS AND WE DON'T GIVE A **** :)...
  5. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 16

    ...especially after the Lucy Ward fiasco and a bona fide legend of the club Gary Speed taking his own life. The issue here that needs to be addressed is whether this type of tweet (even unintentionally) can lead to cyber bullying. And IMHO, it does.. We gotta be better than that Leeds #MOT #ALAW
  6. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 16

    Game, Set Match LUFC. Bring on Jose and Tottenham. We got our confidence sky high going into that tricky away trip. Anyhow back to sleep I go, will be having a lot of pleasant dreams I dare say #MOT
  7. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 16

    Mood at half time Most enjoyable half of football I have seen in a while .. Nice way to end 2020 #MOT
  8. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 15

    Leeds was the only team to get all three points on Super Sunday It's a small, petty gloat I know, but I will take it 🤡🤡🤡🤡 #MOT
  9. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 15

    Always good to be above the banter clubs like Arsenal on the table 👍👍👍 #MOT
  10. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 14

    Come on you Mighty Whites #MOT
  11. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 14

    ...been created yet at that time) Look I know I can be bit of a pain in the ass with my ongoing Leeds United Fap Fest, but this match means so much to me. And yes, I fully expect to cop it if we lose/cop a battering, but i am pretty confident we can get a result there. BRING IT ON 💛💙💛💙 #MOT#ALAW
  12. Elmer_Judd

    The on topic thread 3.0

    ...League Football, than the massive lows that followed, including relegation to League One and Administration. Then 2 years ago we threw promotion away, and then there was the glory of last year, which was the first major piece of Silverwear I have seen us win in my lifetime supporting Leeds...
  13. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 11

    Chelsea vs Leeds was probably English Football's most spiteful and bitter rivalry in the 70s (not just amongst the fans, but esp the players) This time it's personal (with Fat Frank in charge of Chelskil) BRING IT ON !!! #MOT #ALAW
  14. Elmer_Judd

    Leeds United Thread

    I love Kalvin Phillips. Bossed The Toffees around today. Great player. What a smash and grab win that was. #MOT
  15. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 10

    GET IN RAPHINHA !!! You little ripper #MOT
  16. Elmer_Judd

    US Election 2020: President Biden and VP Harris - The Aftermath

    ...totally Doris, honestly I believe by this point Trump knows deep down in his heart he lost, but needs to keep up appearances for his unhinged/lunatic fan base. Btw OT, you watching Super Leeds take on Arsenal on Monday Morning (Aus Time) Need to get at least a point out of this game mate...
  17. Elmer_Judd

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Round 13: West Coast Wonders vs Las Vegas Bears at The Colosseum

    I am hoping to put in a Bamford like performance against the Bears tomorrow sir ! #MOT
  18. Elmer_Judd

    EPL Matchday 5

    Did anyone actually watch Baggies v Burnley? Match sounded like it was more boring than Algebra class. Anyhow fire up Leeds ! #MOT