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  1. Capriati

    Analysis With so many clubs in jeopardy during the coronavirus, is it time for WA to bail out VIC again? the big 4. So your comment is really more suited to your mate who seems obsessed with us and Collingwood. I also love how I post and like clockwork, you reply within seconds.... There is a lot of empty space in this head of yours, I might just have to put my feet up for a bit. #rentfree
  2. Mofra

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 11: Just Biden His Time

    I clearly influence you. #rentfree
  3. SA Tiger RVZ

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    ...never worked out for you hey! But he is right. We are Richmond, not Hawthorn.;) Wish I was able to live like Richmond do in his head. #rentfree #obsessed The fact he came out and said he will never get over last years prelim is music to my ears! Not only does it show how obsessed he is...
  4. eipuorg_

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

  5. eipuorg_

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

  6. eipuorg_


    has #rentfree commented ?
  7. Grin

    Terrible Blokes

  8. joelsyt

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    ...has been why are they spending their time bitching about it? I don't know about some people but if i don't like someone or something I'll ignore them or it, why give it air time. Obviously cotchin affects them in some way, I'm sure he's honoured that he's in their minds constantly. #rentfree
  9. eipuorg_

    Oppo Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

  10. bh90210fan

    Stevie Simpson Cup West Coast Wags

  11. Runk

    Rumour Tarryn Thomas wants out

  12. Antonio BlueVein

    Media TiF News Exclusive: Bad News Bombers

    Geez, WFL living #rentfree if he made it into the convo at the polo club.
  13. Zidane98

    The Bigfooty Liverpool Army - Champions of Europe and The World

    Never dropped points from VAR - 2 points dropped from VAR against Utd Origi dived vs West Ham - LOL!!! Firmino - nah never a penalty. Ings though - blatant stonewall pen. The funny thing is City have had more VAR awards now in their favour then us! #rentfree #deluded
  14. NaturalDisaster

    manang Werewolf

    When are you going to start charging me rent?? #rentfree
  15. Tigerandy63

    Who remembers when Mr Treloar chose Lollingwod over Richmond?

  16. I Dont Care

    State of Origin Series XV Round 1 - Western Australia v Allies @ Perth Stadium

    Looks like I have a big apartment in your minds apartment block going by how large a font you used there Timber Utensil, #rentfree
  17. Capriati

    West Coasters Flag Prospects 2020

    ...that a 37 year drought could creep up again and being the laughing stocks if the comp again terrifies them. Feel free to go through my post history and quote a post I have made in a thread about the tigers. You won’t, because it doesn’t exist. #rentfree Sent from my iPhone using...
  18. Capriati

    West Coasters Flag Prospects 2020

    You sure do spend a lot of time discussing West Coast. I especially love how well prepared you are with your little pictures and tables. Good to see just how concerned you are about us next year. Can smell the fear. #rentfree

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