Usage for hash tag: rentfree

  1. Mister M

    State of Origin State of Origin XVI Round 2: Vic Metro vs Vic Country @ Mill Park Oval

    #rentfree Thank-you for taking such an interest in my Qooty career. It’s a shame that you can’t even read through the sim to realise I played a good game.
  2. Metalcrusher

    Adrian Dodoro: Football’s Biggest Fraud IMO

    #rentfree is the lamest form of #noyou there is mate. Can't think of a reply with facts ... go the #rentfree. You are funny, I'll grant you that.
  3. Jonesracing82

    Oppo Camp 2020 Premiership Salt Mine

    Yep! u chat to one & they come from all over. P.S she even admitted joining in again just to have a crack. She checks this thread too so send her a cheerio from the Penthouse suite where the view from the balcony of the MCG is amazing. #rentfree
  4. Mister M

    Media I'm no Squib. NYE Resolutions and a Challenge for Turbo

    #rentfree That’s how it’s done— isn’t it?
  5. Metalcrusher

    Media End of season shake up and JOVIAL chit chat - Las Vegas Bears

    Do you have a fetish for JWS? I think you have a hard on for him since he hasn't been here for 2 seasons. Talk about #rentfree And don't worry my friend, I will address the second part of your statement? Delusion? I will even put it all together with screen shots and quotes for prosperities...
  6. FireKrakouer

    Politics USA Elections 2020

    I'm on the Biden Bus now. Anyway, why are you obsessed with me, darl? #rentfree
  7. Yoda_

    Adrian Dodoro: Football’s Biggest Fraud IMO

    #rentfree eth-dog ?
  8. Tiger2709

    Richmond tigers. Best 22?

    What would that quest be without our Limpet like stalker HB, always the first responder to all things Richmond. #rentfree
  9. eth-dog

    Herald Sun Top 50 Cricketers in the World

    Literally nobody supports anything about the pair and someone asks if VICTORIANS support these two being on the list... #rentfree

    Oppo Camp Natural Disaster is corrupt and had no legitimate right or reason to move this.

    You wouldn't be the first to break new ground their. I'm living #rentfree in a lot of posters heads.
  11. PhenomenalV1

    State of Origin State of Origin 2021 Discussion thread

    #rentfree Also we'll see, I might be busy over summer...
  12. Mattdougie

    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    Hello Beerfish Keep trolling in the background you big brave boy Cut and paste this one to your parasite board 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 I love that you even bother to post our posts to your board. What was it #rentfree? #21goalsinarow #5881days #irrelevant #GUILTY
  13. Koopa

    Oppo Camp Delusional Pearlers IV

    What an odd and incredibly long bow to draw. #rentfree
  14. Tiger2709

    Top 10 worst contracts in the AFL

    Still on track HB, 2 down 2 to go to be the GOAT. Thanks for inspiring our b2b eagles and Magpies, couldn't have done it without you. I know the sleepless nights are back HB, still do try and stay on topic, not everything is about Richmond. #rentfree