Usage for hash tag: rentfree

  1. Kobe Gryant

    Who is your 2022 AFL grand final pick

    #rentfree Last time I checked you haven't won a GF in September in what? 60 years?
  2. BF Tiger

    Would a Richmond Premiership in 2022 make the team one of the best of all time?

    SotY running at +/-10% in a Richmond thread is about normal. Top work buddy. #rentfree.
  3. Mr Blicavs


    1:37am #rentfree #geelonglivesinyourdreams #geelongnightmares
  4. Punt rd end

    VFL R18 v Williamstown PRO Saturday 23rd July 2.05pm

  5. goyoucatters

    Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

    ...of a team that has actually been part of their pathway to victory in the only premiership glories most of them will be able to remember. And the only club they've beaten in all three of their successful finals series since '17. On the basis of all that, #rentfree is absolutely putting it mildly.
  6. Catman

    Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

    Just had a quick look at the Port post game thread and noticed quite a few likes from Tiger cretins on derogatory posts towards us. #rentfree

    Geelong and its Cheat Ground - enough is enough!

    But what cowardness it was!! Sent Richmond nosediving into a 3 game choking streak. :$ #rentfree
  8. Mr Blicavs

    Richmond fans are clearly hurting - time to sink the boots in!

    #rentfree Are you still wetting the bed and having bad dreams M7?
  9. winty

    Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

    From the Tigers autopsy thread.... #rentfree
  10. Mr Blicavs

    Hey Geelong you stupid old farts, stop cheating

  11. fpm84

    Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

  12. Senor M

    Media Sweet F.A. - S34 Beez award - Feedback requested.

    #rentfree in the emptiest cranium to ever figure out how to use a smart phone
  13. Has No Rules

    Spoon Coast E-gimps

    fair melt to mummy like glassjaw the thread was started by a freo flog..dimwit #rentfree

    Melbourne are s**t!

    Yet you keep coming back offering more bets and I love not taking them!!! 3 accounts you’ve been desperately following me around & offering bets on yet still trying to land a winner. 🤣🤣 #rentfree
  15. Tiger2709

    Dreamtime or Snorefest at the G?

  16. GoTigers2015

    Competitions Tex Walker and the Crow Stance

  17. TheInjuryFactory

    Official Match Thread Season 33 - Round 11: Dragons FFC vs Fighting Furies at Ljp86's Lair - grand final rematch

    Looks like you're the muppet who's been found out mate. #rentfree I'm sorry our beer chat and Buscemi Fridays upset you so much. I can see how that would spur you on to retaliate with memes denigrating the handicapped.