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  1. manangatang

    Competition The S29 SuperQoach Hub

  2. brahj

    The Rise of Multi-Wolf

    Smartest man on the internet actually not very smart. #scandal is gonna have a field day with this.
  3. brahj

    Media The Warning.

    I'll give you 20 minutes and then I'm posting it in #scandal
  4. brahj

    Media WIGMEDIA: The Unknown Soldier

    Oddly enough, what I posted in #scandal the other day was actually truthful, albeit censored.
  5. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    ...really confirm from here is: - The Underground Thirst Institute have declared today a day of mourning for no reason at all. - Like Christ, I have died and been resurrected. I did it all in about 20 minutes too. I'm considering capitalising the 'b' in my username for religious purposes. #scandal
  6. brahj


    #scandal have some funding set aside for a freelance contributor.
  7. Noobz0r

    Media Trust The Process - A Rookie's Guide For What To Expect When Joining the SFA

    Hi Bob, If you think the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 is applied here then you're dead wrong. #scandal in particular is an absolute hivemind of morally sketchy journalism. Yours, Noobz.
  8. The Filth Wizard

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    I'd like #scandal to run us into the ground until it chases you through a Paris tunnel.
  9. Noobz0r

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    I'd like #scandal to respect our privacy during this difficult time.
  10. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    👑👑👑👑👑 UPDATE: This is currently at levels of sass not seen since NaturalDisaster started wearing a weave. #scandal
  11. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    ...and Metalcrusher has put in for indefinite personal leave to pursue a career in riding the Bus and yelling at traffic. However, finally Gold City has also felt the heat of inner tension... This promises to a big one and #scandal will be following the story closely. More as it comes to hand.
  12. brahj

    Media The Tony Lynn 15 secret

    Oh boy, Mods are getting involved now. Wish you'd given this to #scandal loon.
  13. The Filth Wizard

    Event brahj @ 200 - unedited footage of a sloth

    ...Hotel, to laugh about the Sweet FA. He's an OG Boys Club member. He's one of the smartest and funniest posters in the league, not afraid of #scandal and sports an abrasive edge that has grown over time. On field he's just as decorated - Mobbs Medal. 4 x All-SFA. There are Hall Of Famers that...
  14. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 The League is currently beside itself as it comes to grips with facing the next 24 hours without the presence of Toni Lynn 15 #scandal currently has boots on the ground in the Royals/Bombers match thread and it's safe to say that there hasn't been an outpouring of emotion like this...
  15. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

  16. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER

    💔💔💔💔💔 #scandal was rocked today to find that it’s only registered contributor is now involved in a pretty serious case of plagiarism. It all started last night in the rules thread at about 8:45pm 15 minutes later, along comes Norma Leary to steal an idea that I had dedicated a valuable...
  17. brahj

    Media #scandal - HAPPY EASTER autocratic leader and let the rookie walk without committee consultation, or be a democratic leader and trust the committees judgment on the issue. You can't pretend to be one, and then be the other. So, the admin is letting the rookie appeal. I have one question here: appeal what? #scandal
  18. brahj

    Media Op Ed: Leadership

    Better get a #scandal post ready

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