Usage for hash tag: sobrave

  1. Elton Johns Wig

    Official Match Thread Season 32: Round 2 - Fighting Furies Vs Baghdad Bombers @ rfctigerarmy's hippodrome

    So, we now know he is "powered" by alcohol. Imagine squibbing it all day and then coming out to play when most of the scary monsters are asleep. #sobrave
  2. drcollossimo

    Autopsy AFL 2021 ROUND 19 - Demons v Dogs Sat July 24th 7:25pm EST (MCG)

    yeah man 25-11 Frees for #sobrave
  3. zackah

    Backfire Which club has the most feral supporter base?

  4. goldfinger

    Tom Mitchell - soft**** coward

    #sobrave of him to run through a bloke bending over to pick a ball up. Reckon he ran more than 5 meters. And #sobrave of him to retire before he could face his comeuppance. Always was a gutless sniper.
  5. Elmer_Judd

    Live Chat Devil Worshippers vs nobody cares

    Oh my way to the Royal Hotal for some Titillating pre match drinks with the Carlton Wog n Grog Squad. Lol at all the sad Mt Buller fans leaving the G. #sobrave
  6. zackah


    #sobrave of you to come back now friend :rainbow:

    2020 Richmond Supporter Safehouse

    Richmond think they were the only ones to play in a Covid affected season. #sobrave #kardashimond
  8. raffrox

    Opinion Dockers sailing under the radar

    ...complain about the venue or state a game is played in. Wondering if Kingy was as strong about choice of state and venue being important when Hardwick was complaining about driving across the road to Marvel or when the Vic media was writing about the #sobrave Vic teams heading to QLD last year?
  9. Banana Bread

    Live Chat Paperbaggers (unofficial) vs paperbaggers (official)

    Is this one of the famous #sobrave Carlton performances?
  10. Elmer_Judd

    Live Chat Corio v Footescray, Old campaigners vs the Bont.

    Aww Miss Piggy has a strain on his bra strap. #sobrave
  11. Mofra

    Live Chat Corio v Footescray, Old campaigners vs the Bont.

    We've been #sobrave tonight. Naughton, Dunks, Treloar - we're matching Geelong at their suburban shithole with three A graders out. Geelong are only playing 8 players over 30 tonight - youngest side they've had for a few weeks
  12. Elmer_Judd

    Zach tells everyone to GAGF!

    Here come the Essendon blow in Bay Flogs who aside from Big Z, have barely been spotted in the bay over the past 2 years #sobrave #WeAreEssingtin
  13. eldorado

    Autopsy Round 13, 2021: Hawks sink the Swans

  14. dwwaino

    Game Day Round 12 - Richmond vs Essendon @ Optus Stadium, 7.40pm

    Hahahahahahahaha "is this the closest 39 point pumping you've ever seen?" fu** me #honorableloss #sobrave