Usage for hash tag: tigeshaveinjuries

  1. SavDog23

    Preview Round 3 v Sydney MCG Sunday March 31st 4pm

  2. Coach_Required

    Injury Report - Season 2024

  3. chriso11

    Preview Round 19 v Hawthorn MCG Saturday July 22 1.45pm

    Only time those time periods move is when they change to “Season” #tigeshaveinjuries
  4. SavDog23

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs West Coast and changes for Gold Coast round 17

  5. B

    Game Day Geelong V Richmond at MCG Sun Jul 25 @ 320 pm - Rd 19

  6. damicky

    Preview Richmond vs Collingwood - MCG, Sunday July 11, 4.10pm. Rd 17, 2021

  7. damicky

    Game Day Round 16 - Richmond vs Gold Coast @ Marvel Stadium, 7.20pm

  8. SavDog23

    Preview Richmond vs Gold Coast. Thursday 1st July 7:20pm @ Marvel Stadium

  9. SavDog23

    Injury Injury Report: Round 11, 2021

  10. Tiges1229

    Autopsy R8 Roast & Toast and Changes for GWS R9

    It’s time for Rance into the middle #tigeshaveinjuries
  11. damicky

    Autopsy R8 Roast & Toast and Changes for GWS R9

  12. Brick Loosener

    Sydney Stack Discussion

    It's like losing Pendles and Grundy for the season. #tigeshaveinjuries
  13. SavDog23

    Preview Richmond vs Fremantle, Round 15, Metricon Stadium, 7:10pm

  14. SavDog23

    Preview R6 Richmond vs Sydney - Sunday 12/7 3:35pm @ The Gabba

  15. tora tora tora

    Player Watch #44 Sydney Stack

    Houli calf? WTF. #tigeshaveinjuries
  16. S

    Autopsy We ****ing did it again Richmond 2019 premiers!!!!

  17. BoxMatrix

    Top 8 vs Top 8

  18. Shazza_

    Game Day Round 19 Collingwood vs Richmond MCG Friday 26 July 7.50pm

    there is no room for rance in this team #tigeshaveinjuries
  19. biaseddustyfan

    Preview Round 15 2019: Saints vs Richmond - Sunday, 30 June, Marvel, 1.10 PM - Maddies Match Please Donate

    #tigeshaveinjuries update cotch arsebury shedwardo lambo could probably all play this week given the saints will come out firing and it's at sh!tihad we...
  20. joelsyt

    Game Day Round 13 2019 Adelaide vs Richmond AO 7.50pm (AEST)

    Lol why has no one posted the ‘everything is fine’ picture yet. Hopefully the Richmond staff were smart enough to keep Soldo away from the main playing group because it won’t just be #tigeshaveinjuries but also #tigeshavegastro

    Current injury list

  22. SavDog23

    Preview Round 13 2019: Adelaide vs Richmond - Thursday, 13 June, Adelaide Oval, 7:50 PM

    Hearing rumors that... #tigeshaveinjuries