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  1. Kurve

    Current 4yo Cleo Smith *FOUND! Rescued by WA Police & reunited with her family

    * UPDATE Cleo has been found alive and well in a locked room in Carnarvon. This is the absolute best outcome. Police are launching a major search for a 4-year-old girl missing from a campsite in Western Australia's North West. Cleo Smith was last seen at 1:30am in her family's tent at the...
  2. Kurve

    Unsolved Mark Dixie - Former Claremont murders suspect

    Mark Dixie, one of Britain's most depraved killer rapists entered Australia in the 1990s initially staying in Sydney before travelling to Perth where he was known to frequent the western suburbs clubs and pubs through the period of the Claremont murders. It was revealed later by DNA match and...