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  1. Trouto
  2. CaptainRisky
    CaptainRisky mightymalaka
    Yeah , im an old ballarat boy myself so i know a fair bit about them , Went out with all the boys after a game at the Whitten oval one night , ended up in Ablert park in some pub , shit it was messy , spud was jumping on cars , just nuts
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  3. CaptainRisky
    CaptainRisky mightymalaka
    I was never mates with him but i had the odd beer with Mick as well , nice guy
    The day they went up to Greg Burns place and got on the trotters was funny except Rod Owen ******* his knee up when he fell out the cart
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    2. mightymalaka
      The Ballarat crew were quite unconventional when it came to
      Rod Owen still burns deep though!
      The kid was an absolute star! Had dinner with the Doc one night. He was best mates with my ex father in law from Tassie
      Some of the stories he told me about the state of the list when
      he got there were disturbing to say the least.

      Said if it wasnt for Plugger, Nicky and Rod Owen
      Aug 14, 2018 at 9:09 AM
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    3. mightymalaka
      he would have caught the first ferry back to van diemens land lol
      Aug 14, 2018 at 9:10 AM
  4. CaptainRisky
    CaptainRisky mightymalaka
    Hi mate , When Plugger first moved to Melbourne he was living with an old friend of mine , the things he used to get up to that never hit the news were amazing
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    2. mightymalaka
      Cheers man...I can imagine lol
      would love to hear them
      used to know Mick Dwyer back in the day, he filled me
      in with quite a few stories about the crew back then.
      They were simply glorious times, except for on the field.
      Some of the stories about a young Winmar were quite eye opening too!
      Aug 14, 2018 at 8:53 AM
  5. go you pups
  6. Cyril says
  7. Goomba1973
    If Australia was in an underwater doily folding competition, I would be there face painted and screaming AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE
  8. SirKarl0s
  9. Zooper Dooper
    Zooper Dooper
    Name An Uncommon Phrase? --- Great Win By The Demons Today!
  10. Forever Blue
  11. DJ Dupree
  12. Jaeger
    Jaeger maryjames
    No Cyril no worries ;)
  13. Doss
    Doss grizzlym
    Good to see you back, grizz. I thought you were lost to these boards for a while there!
  14. bh90210fan
  15. bh90210fan
  16. USA 94
    USA 94 Freight Train
    Did you create the NSL '99 - Design Project ?
    1. Freight Train
      Freight Train
      Yep, sure did!
      Aug 10, 2018 at 4:52 PM
  17. A_F_L_Media
  18. boncer34
    boncer34 Howard Moon
    Couldn't resist. Imagine Stewart and Bruce :o
  19. Dynawhite
    Dynawhite dlanod
    Hey dlanod, did you end up doing a 2017 Lions AFL Fantasy results post? I'm pretty sure I won league 2 and was wondering if I get one of those spiffy badges. Cheers mate.
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    2. Dynawhite
      Is it okay if I make a badge to wear at home?
      Aug 7, 2018
    3. dlanod
      As long as it's just at home. You wear it outside and I'll send the BF police after you.
      Aug 7, 2018
    4. Dynawhite
      Fascist haha
      Aug 7, 2018
  20. Dockers v Channel7West
  21. Frank Gallagher
    Frank Gallagher
    Taking Bets Now.
  22. Tyruddanaut
    Might as well post everything in the unpopular opinion thread
  23. DERO
    DERO jmoo wan
    Jpoo 2
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    2. jmoo wan
      jmoo wan
      Sunday session?
      Aug 6, 2018
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  24. Port Adelaide 1870
    Port Adelaide 1870 SgtSchulz
    I'm trying to track down a better 1914 Flag image than the one on the site here.Some images simply are too poor to colourize effectively.

  25. Lord_Espos
    On the Worpedo bandwagon....