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    Qrownbet: A Subsidiary of BetQ65 - Round 9 Bets Settled, Sep 4, 2018
  1. The Half Back

    QrownBet are asses, bet with BetQ65 instead. The Jesus #amirite
  2. Hartlett ACL injury, Jul 24, 2018
  3. Ford Fairlane

    Haha me too ...

    In the words of The Boss

    You end up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Til you spend half your life just covering up

    #amirite RussellEbertHandball

    #notyourfault RossFC
  4. McGovern wants out, hates us now and wants us to BURN IN HELL!!!1!!!11!, Jun 20, 2018
  5. GreyCrow

    Thats higher than a CEO, still higher than a Mod

    Because nothing is lower than a Mod #amirite

  6. Non-Geelong football (AFL) discussion 2018, Jun 16, 2018
  7. catempire

    More like... lol’d Coast.

  8. Round 9 Discussion, May 18, 2018
  9. keithrichards

    McLean at 100%.

    More like McCLEAN #amirite
  10. Season 25, Round 8: Las Vegas Bears vs East Side Hawks at The Stadium in the Sky, Mar 20, 2018
  11. spookism

    He's definitely a better recruiter than Admin...

    #amirite or #amirite
  12. 2018 Head Coach/ OC/DC & GM News, Jan 6, 2018
  13. GreyCrow

    And Cleveland : The Front Office ''Bill doesnt fit our algorithms, he was here once he didnt work out -next''

    #amirite AmericanCrow
  14. Song Contest Part VIII, Host: Freofalcon, Theme: First Concert, Votes Due: Sunday 3:00pm AEDT, Dec 9, 2017
  15. GreyCrow

    This is a better song about The River #amirite OES

  16. Things that Shit me part XII - The Twelfth One!, Nov 28, 2017
  17. iluvparis

    Probably not the only thing she'll be scoffing ;) #amirite
  18. The BigFooty Guide to getting the woman of Your Desire (Part 8), Nov 16, 2017
  19. iluvparis

    And likes to keep it tight at the back #amirite ;)