Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 5, Nov 30, 2017
  1. wharfie_1870

    Didn't #godhatesfages say that if it didn't come from an official AFC approved media source then it is fake news. #balance
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  4. Grave Danger

    Mark Aiston wtf? Didn't take long for Sportsday SA to become fully Crowified. Jack Heverin obviously didn't meet the Corporation's #balance requirements.
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  6. wharfie_1870

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  8. VineValerian

    Interesting article in "The City" free mag about The Godfather of business in SA, Rob Chapman, who heads up Investment Attraction Australia.

    Getting multi millions of investment into the State and buddying up with Dr Geoff Raby (former High Commissioner to China) to get the intel on Asia and the Chinese market.

    No doubt about it! Crows will be knee deep in China soon enough. Fair enough too, it's a massive market and room for all.

    Just the hypocrisy of Fagan's rabbit hole throw away line.

    Maybe we should get in Hamilton Smith's ear and get someone on that board as well. Just for the sake of.....

  9. The media....*Shakes Head* Part 6, Nov 9, 2017
  10. wharfie_1870

    Having another AFC employee on Adelaide radio is clearly part of #godhatesfages plan to achieve #balance
  11. The media....*Shakes Head* Part 6, Nov 2, 2017
  12. wharfie_1870

    Maybe the CEO's wife could make a statement on radio or television regarding the lack of #balance in Kane and Rucci's comments.
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  14. drcollossimo

    Even the few remaining neutrals bothering with this thread would have to admit the number of posts coming from Camry Crows fans has exponentially increased following their 2017 mini implosion...

    Seems when the seas are choppy for Toyota corp customers spewing vitriol at port fans is the answer ...

    Never mind guys the west lakes rainbow factory will have you feeling good in no time wouldnt want reality to spoil the party #balance
  15. The media....*Shakes Head* Part 6, Oct 21, 2017
  16. LFC2010

    Kane and co are spot on with this.
    typical case of crers people not being able to handle any sort of criticism of there club.

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  18. OneGreatClub

    Fiveaa would never allow it surely. He would fail the #balance criteria.