Western Bulldogs slogan for 2019, Dec 7, 2018 at 10:22 PM
  1. philmb



    or just keep it as #bemorebulldog forever.
  2. Western Bulldogs slogan for 2019, Dec 5, 2018
  3. SteelF6


    But really should be #BeMoreBulldog best ever...
  4. Western Bulldogs slogan for 2019, Dec 4, 2018
  5. Dogs_R_Us

    And possibly beyond, if good enough.

    We all hated "The place where real strength lives" and we loved #bemorebulldog.

    Let's think of something that we will be proud to tag our posts with, and will carry us to our next glorious victory.

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  7. Dogs_R_Us

    Now, what about a decent slogan for this year. Bury "Real Strength" in the furthest paddock. Any chance of #bemorebulldog making a comeback?

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  9. DuckToaster

    Hopefully we can #bemorebulldog and hit form at the perfect time. Thanks for the kind words.
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  12. Dogs_R_Us

    We still can among ourselves.


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  16. Fossie 32

    We went to tonight a party tonight and not being a great socializer I wasn't talking to anyone much, but then met up with the father of the host who is Dogs supporter :rainbow::rainbow: ......... so no further lack of conversation. :p
    It was a little sad that his earliest recollection of following the dogs was going to see them play *Melbourne* in the 61 GF - and would not have it that it was Hawthorn.
    Just talking to him made me feel misty again, thinking how great it is that the boys did it for all our supporters, especially such long time followers as this.