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  1. Bluey24

    Multiple sources from clubmen at Uni Melb:

    Gillon McLachlan is done, caught having an affair (some suggesting it's a staffer)

    Apparently people have been trying to get the story published for a while, but kept getting shut down

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  3. Jimmae

    #Bluemour ?

    Honestly I think Fogarty has a lot more going for him, especially when you compare him to someone like Cripps. He runs just shy of a 13 beep, so there's a good chance with a clean run at things he can lose the puppy fat and get some more endurance into his game.

    Even if he only improves in that aspect by 10-15% in an AFL system, that puts him in Pavlich territory IMO.

    Are we adding a wing defence line to fit him into the 18?
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  5. TD2010

    From a mate who's part of a Pies coterie group: Lethlean was the preferred candidate at Carlton for the CEO role but talks broke down on the package. Pies have agreed to pay what he sought, yet to be announced.


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  7. Stamos

    Jack Silvagni has sustained a serious ear injury, #bluemour

    after my 4 year old nephew chewed it off, seeing him out for lunch today.
    Topics included that he should hate * more than Collingwood because they are cheats.
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  9. Dirty_banchez

    Rayner will go #1.

    Have heard Fogarty didn't interview well for Carlton. I heard he refused to confirm his name to SOS and at various times during the interview Fogarty would break out into whistling his favourite Nasheed. At the end of the interview, Fogarty was escorted from Carlton's office building. He reportedly intercepted a small child in the car park, looking to satisfy his bloodlust he proceeded to put on a pair of sunglasses and unleash a barrage of martial arts attack on the small child. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead due to extreme trauma. When asked later about the incident, Fogarty became visibly sexually aroused and repeated the same attack on the reporter.

    Later, SOS would describe the incident as "troubling" to an ASIO officer.

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  11. The Old Dark Navy's

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  13. ericpascoe

    Expect the new CEO to be named this week, perhaps as soon as today


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  17. Orlcarltonnose

    Rumour has it that the Captaincy is up for grabs...2 players in the mix not including the current, and will be trialed in the 2 JLT games. Solid source.


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