Predict the outcome of the 2018 Victorian State Election, Nov 6, 2018
  1. Elroo

    Even the AFR is laying the boots into the Vic Liberals over their election campaign;

    Who was it that said level crossing removals were a nothing rustbucket issue? GuruJane


  2. Predict the outcome of the 2018 Victorian State Election, Nov 6, 2018
  3. Elroo

    Wow, a supporter of a proposed LNP policy to spend taxpayers money to teach children that the earth is a few throusand years old, life started from 1 woman & 3 men (2 being her own son's), a talking snake, and that some imaginary deity planted fossils of dinosaurs and penguins and all sorts of animals walked across the globe and back due to a global flood!!!

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  5. Roovolution

    The old ‘Crows will struggle in September’ furfy now with West Coast thrown in as well. Crows got all the way to the GF in September last year and West Coast may get two home finals in September. You couldn’t be more wrong.

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  7. craffles

    Surely there has to still be some natural girth to achieve that level of cleavage? #clueless
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  9. Cockliff38

    I came here to post about the reports saying Gronk will play next year, however, he just tweeted out #Clueless with a shrug emoji...
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  11. Vikingblood

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  13. TBellicious

    Sorry to ask, but what does this all mean? #clueless
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  15. SydCrow

    Grabbed by the collar is now too high? #clueless
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  17. Twinkletoes

    i suspect the coach has their culture still forming in a petrie dish in the fridge. #clueless