Welcome to the SUNS Lachie Weller, Oct 20, 2017 at 2:44 AM
  1. vide0n

    Have seen a few comments from Freo fans to the effect of Lachie exhibiting good on-field leadership... one example being Wellers performance against Adelaide when the rest of the side was getting thumped

    Really hope that shows next year... could never have too many players stepping up when the game is on the line #culture #wearegoldcoast #showusyourbods
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  3. Ohhh Errol


    I think its going to take years to undo the damage this bloke and brad have done, are doing to the fabric of the club. Some pretty average decisions have gone down headed up by those two, filled in by a day to day general stench.

    We're a small club, the glue that binded us together was always the people. You piss off enough North Melbourne people through poor decisions, poor judgement, poor management, what have you got left? A sterile organisation with no....'spirit.'
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  5. ShaunDuggan

    I heard Troy Menzel didn't fill the toilet roll dispenser hence the reason he got delisted.

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  7. catempire

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  9. Bokonon_

    We aren't going to lose Tomlinson, unless we receive an offer too good to refuse. He extended to 2020 3 months ago. Clubs have to turn over least at 3 players a year minimum.
    Your post is nonsense.

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  11. Pack Specialist

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  14. Full Credit

    Don't get me wrong I've been more than critical of Joe the Jerker Jenkem and his outside KPF ways for a while now, but I must say I almost feel a bit sorry for the hammering he's getting at the moment from the sa great media and customers. Was far from the only passenger on saturday and seems way too easy a target, god forbid they stop bullying and scapegoating the margins and start pointing bonier fingers at the untouchables in the core group, i.e. the equally useless betts, walker, sloane etc

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  16. Zgope1

    mate! appreciate the mention and would normally love to, coming into a bloody hectic time though so might not be the best man for the job. hopefully i'm less hectic this time next year. I'll be sure to yap a heap about the Heat though and will love reading and responding to the preview. if everything falls through the arse i'll stick my hand up obviously, can't have there not being a preview for such an upstanding organization #culture #waitersisland #betonyourselfanddoubledown
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  18. eagle eyed

    I hear they're moving the trophy cabinet from Peel to Cockburn to fill the void. A logical step after Ryan posed in his Dockers gear at the request of the club. #culture

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