2017 List Management Discussion - Part 3, Dec 29, 2017
  1. GapInIkonPark

    2019 will be a very interesting trade / FA / Draft period and is when I think SOS will go all out for the big fish ... how he positions for it will be interesting ... FA is Shiel and GWS might match (although it has tight salary cap space). Not sure if SOS goes for Kelly too in a trade but I imagine the Shiel deal gets done first. 2020 picks could well come into play.

    2018 we have a solid draft hand with a first round pick (likely top 6) and 2 second rounders. Does SOS upgrade one of the second round picks using a player or a 2019 Pick?

    Think Casboult will be done by the end of 2019. With Casboult gone, then hopefully one of Phillips or Lobbe remains as back up ruck with just an (older) Kreuzer, and forward rucks in McKay and TDK ...

    Mullett, O’Shea and Shaw at the very least strengthen our VFL team which has the benefit of developing our bevy of young draft recruits.

  2. 2017 List Management Discussion - Part 3, Dec 29, 2017
  3. GapInIkonPark

    Surprised you have Kerr and LeBois in there.

    FAs first, just don’t see the point of going after Lynch, Sloane or Gaff. Neville Jetta IMO or perhaps Guthrie. 2019 is the year, Shiel as FA and SOS might make another play for Kelly.

    Draft picks. Ben I suspect even in a strong draft will be more highly rated than Jack. What I am hoping for is we use our first pick on an elite midfielder, and we need just the one second round pick to match the Bid for Ben and draft another player with the other second round pick, and use later or rookie draft picks on Manton and Hickmott.

    Another Garlett ... there has to be one out there first ...

    Interstate player for trade using 2019 picks ... I could see SOS using a 2019 Pick to upgrade a 2018 Pick, say a 2019 second rounder with one of our 2018 second rounders for a late 2018 first rounder.

    Chopping block

    Agree on Rowe, Thomas and Simpson (likely retirees) and Kerridge, Graham and JGM (likely delisted).

    Lamb I still have in the ‘Stiff not to be in the 22’ group - next 6 after the best 22- and so I am not sure why he is so maligned. If his 2018 is equal to his 2017, I think he stays.

    Phillips and Lobbe I understand have 2 years each. Both are back up if Kreuzer is injured, needs a rest, etc. TDK I see more as Casboul’s replacement long-term and I am not sure if McKay will do more than 10-15% ruck relief. So perhaps Phillips if a suitable trade is on offer and we think TDK will do more ruck ...

    Kerr (and Polson) to sign on again.

    Would love to see LeBois get a Senior List spot.

    Think ASOS could be in his last year too.

    O’Shea and Shaw get another year.

    So I have nominated 5 Senior List players to retire and be delisted, 2 rookies too, and Lebois the rookie upgrade. Either one FA or one in by trade, and 2019 is when SOS makes the big play.

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  5. zackah

    No * on our #1 draft pick, trade season domination, #destinationclub enhanced 2018 premiership friend :cool:
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  7. GapInIkonPark

    One big change over the last couple of years is that we are a destination club for indigenous players. It was a factor in Garlett coming on board that we have Pickett, Samo and Le Bois (and Jones) on the List.

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  9. Chappyuk

    So the Hawks couldn't even land Matthew Kennedy. Would rather go to the Blues.

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  11. GremioPower

    We will eventually get them. 2022 is not that far, anyway.

    #DestinationClub ;-)
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  13. sportsmaniac89

    I’m concerned that you had to count the number of days involved in your journey.

    Also #destinationclub

    More like #destination****ed
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  15. HaroLad

    I can also confirm that nahnah was offered captaincy at the Wonders about an hour ago but turned it down for a back-pocket spot at the Bombers.

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  18. 11sjw

    4 from other clubs.. #DestinationClub