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    If we lose a handful of youngsters along the way we should anticipate trade / draft value in return.

    If we have one or two too many KPDs or KPFs and they are doing ok, then we can trade one for trade / draft value in return. However, with Rowe and ASOS deep in the twilight of their careers and Casboult unlikely to play beyond his current contract (expires end 2019), I don’t see this as a great issue.

    The other side of getting experienced senior players / FAs is they have to want to come. It is no surprise that the only FAs we get these days are delisted FAs (Wright and Mullett, we have already turned over Gorringe). Who did we target at the end of 2017? Rockliff, Devon Smith, Saad and Kennedy.

    So, a little more on field success, maybe during 2019 and we should be more of a #DestinationClub. So maybe the way to go is to give up a 2019 first round draft pick and get a second, first round pick in 2018. Then back ourselves to improve in 2019 and to land Shiel at the end of 2019.

    # NoquickfixestoDestinationClub
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    Not at all the easy decision to say to your members and supporters that we will take some time to get back to being a top team.

    Far from it.

    But the right decision and many of us on BF furiously agree.

    How many have we traded out last 3-5 years? Gibbs, Tuohy, Henderson, Bell, Yarran and Menzel over last 3. Jeff Garlett 2014 (Robinson delisted went to Lions, Waite a FA out) and Hampson (Betts FA out and Laidler delisted went to Swans). How many playing AFL footy? Of the actual trades, 6 of the 8. How many of those are best 22? 4. (Gibbs, Henderson, Tuohy and Garlett)

    And for those 8 trades we got trade value.

    For the vast majority of players we delisted over the period, some who retired, we got zilch.




    There are also Dylan Buckley who was rookie’d by GWS, Holman who was picked up by Gold Coast and one of our rookies, Gowers, who has started well for the Bulldogs.

    The list was no good. Henderson, Yarran, Bell, Gibbs, Laidler, and Waite wanted out. We let Betts and Waite go. Grigg wanted out before then, and Kennedy was the wrong choice in the Judd trade ...

    So, we have reset. We are purging the periphery at a rate of 10+ a year as we develop what will be the core. We have to support the young players as they develop.

    When we can attract an FA who chooses us over other clubs, I think we can revisit how the culture has developed.

    One thing that is a noticeable improvement is that indigenous players want to play for us.

    FWIW, I haven’t heard the excuses from the club at all.

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    "Look - players DO want to come to Brisbane!"

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    Soapy V

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    You know it. Our recruiting is just AAA.

    Dont be salty.

    We brought in our best player for absolutely nothing.

    #culture #acerecruiting #destinationclub
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    2019 will be a very interesting trade / FA / Draft period and is when I think SOS will go all out for the big fish ... how he positions for it will be interesting ... FA is Shiel and GWS might match (although it has tight salary cap space). Not sure if SOS goes for Kelly too in a trade but I imagine the Shiel deal gets done first. 2020 picks could well come into play.

    2018 we have a solid draft hand with a first round pick (likely top 6) and 2 second rounders. Does SOS upgrade one of the second round picks using a player or a 2019 Pick?

    Think Casboult will be done by the end of 2019. With Casboult gone, then hopefully one of Phillips or Lobbe remains as back up ruck with just an (older) Kreuzer, and forward rucks in McKay and TDK ...

    Mullett, O’Shea and Shaw at the very least strengthen our VFL team which has the benefit of developing our bevy of young draft recruits.