45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 4, Feb 22, 2018 at 4:10 PM
  1. Maggie5

    Perfect example of interpreting what you want out of a post and also #fakenews.
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  3. Maggie5

    Here is a good example why I don't put all my eggs in one basket, believing one media outlet and not another.

    First article is from The Hill: A woman who ran a pro-Donald Trump Facebook group that promoted events during the 2016 election that have since been linked to Russia denied in a new interview that she was influenced by Russian trolls.

    This article on CNN's website shows the woman being interview but also shows another person:
    Harry Miller was paid as much as $1,000 by the Russians to build a cage that was used to depict a person dressed as Hillary Clinton in a prison cell at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida in August 2016.

    It is fortunate that I actually saw that interview live on CNN because depending on my political bias, I would have accepted the first without knowing who else was intereviewed and run with #fakenews.

    Seems to confirm to me that alot of interference was carried out BEFORE the election.
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  5. QuietB

    Disappointment sums Turnbull up perfectly.

    And of course #fakenews
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  7. Ratts of Tobruk

    But even then, are those movements news? Campion worked for News Corp and then as a media adviser for the Nationals. That isn't suss. We expect such things. She moved offices after the affair became a problem. Hardly a problem there either - most would think 'that makes sense'.

    (To be clear to the other people who may reply - we know the Joyce story is major news, we are discussing the allegations of media 'cover-up' which everyone is so keen to spread about every little thing in this age of Trussian-style politics)

    The main reason for suspicion, and the one which probably did cause the story to eventually come out, was due to Nikki Savva's comment in Aug 2017:
    Savva is a Turnbull fan, so journos would've noticed, but they also would've known she wasn't going to release the info herself - in order to protect the PM.

    But Savva's use of "entitlements" is followed up by "travel claims". It appears most people therefore thought that the 'smoking gun' would be in his travel claims. I still have heard reference to that after the story broke about staffing. The Jul-Sep travel claims came out in mid-Dec. And wouldn't you know it...
    So journos were paying attention, but due to the time it took the process to play out, this info didn't turn up until after the by-election, and even then, the 'smoking gun' was a big jump up in his expenses, which appears to be due to Joyce visiting and staying in Canberra at taxpayer expense outside Parliament sitting periods. That's something he claims was justified by his duties, even though we suspect he is stretching the truth majorly. Is the a big story without the staffing aspect? Staffing is still the most highlighted problem. And the bump-up in travel claims isn't revealed until mid-December.

    So onto the staffing aspect. There would not have been an obvious reason to think Campion wasn't being a useful employee for Canavan. I don't know when Savva first wrote her comment above (because it was part of her re-released book), but it was published in The Australian early August as an edited excerpt. That was after Canavan stepped down and at a time when Campion was temporarily back in Joyce's office. There's a good chance that the photo on the front page of TDT with Campion being alongside Joyce at an event on July 1 may have been part of the prompt for her comment. The PMO may have even been trying to get Campion's travel to go unclaimed so they didn't have the 'partners' working together problem. But that's pure speculation.

    The move to Drum is where it gets suspicious because Drum then had 2 advisers, and he was the Whip and not in Cabinet. By itself that story is a bit weak. You basically have to just question her credibility while saying 'you know she's had an affair with Barnaby'. Of course the Nats would say she was needed by Drum (they are still saying that). And it could well have looked like a demotion to journos. 'She caused problems in Joyce's office and is therefore going to a junior National'.

    The 'smoking gun' trigger for this to become a more substantial story came in Nov 2017. That's when Canavan returned to the frontbench and didn't replace the role Campion used to have. At this point you could say 'is she really needed by Drum, or is she getting paid for other reasons?'. Before that, you are accusing a woman of being kept around due to her relationship, despite her having a legitimate media pedigree. Sex lives generally aren't reported on, but they have reported it once the staffing info got out. We don't know if an FOI request revealed that, or if an Abbott-fan in the LNP revealed it.
    No, that isn't the point, Maggie. People, including yourself, are alleging 'cover-up' in the midst of reporting of the story, when more will keep coming out. And the timeline is #fakenews that is being cited as proof of 'cover-up' as part of a lot of big allegations on Twitter (allegations, Shelly, that are often BS - if you aren't following the Russia story). Erroneous reporting designed to rile people up and make them distrust the media should be combated.

    And, no, I have not noticed anything about Cash's office. I think you referred to her yesterday too? I haven't watched Insiders yet if they refer to her.
  8. Politicians having affairs- does it change your vote?, Feb 18, 2018 at 2:10 PM
  9. Ratts of Tobruk

    The problem Maggie is that AAP says Di Hallam was appointed to Inland Rail in Aug 2017. The version of events shown in ShellyG's post appears to be #FakeNews (it is being pushed around Twitter, after all). Not only does it use evocative language likely designed to influence people rather than inform them (e.g. "criminal event", or more pertinently for us, "a hush appointment"), but it seems to have errors. News Corp says from behind a paywall:
    Are we meant to believe that Twitter timeline which appears to have Campion on the same trip? Joyce's published claims about the trip are also almost half the $62K it claims. Unreliable.

    The widely-used AAP timeline I posted a few pages ago says in Dec 2016 "Hallam later quits to take up departmental role". I highlighted the confusion:
    Twitter's timeline changes that to her being given a "hush appointment" at that time, so it isn't even confident enough to say it was an official appointment then. There is little about Hallam online, but Credlin mentions being offered the vacated COS role "last year" and some Twitter types reckon part of the conspiracy is revealed by how 'sudden' the arrival of Di Hallam was at the inland rail project. It's definitely worth digging into, but as of today no-one on Twitter has clear answers that differ from the reports in the media, aside from unreliable speculation.
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  11. Maggie5

    Yep, #fakenews!
    Do a Google search and you will find her response.
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  13. iDon

    Doesn't the captain usually announce a prize signing?

    must be #fakenews
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  17. Wally Walpamur

    I don’t know how serious I can take you after you said that Logue was reading the play like a porno mag. I can’t say I’ve ever read a porno mag in my life, only flicked through the pages and had a good look, no reading.

    #fakenews I should report you!
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  19. GreyCrow

    Job done on the very first page

    Following the November 2016 election, President-elect Trump announced that his Justice Department would not pursue any further action against former Secretary Clinton—the voters had held her accountable.1 Chairman Johnson agreed with this decision and considered the matter closed.

    Oh wait it could be #FakeNews

    1. See Julie Hirschfeld & Michael D. Shear, Donald Trump drops threat of new Hillary Clinton investigation, N.Y. Times (Nov. 22, 2016).