Season 26 Second Preliminary Final: Fighting Furies vs East Side Hawks @ rfctigerarmy's hippodrome, Dec 6, 2018
  1. Agent93

    ... how did that white car remain unscathed?

    I think you are #fakenews TT.
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  3. Maggie5

  4. SFA Free Agency Central, Dec 3, 2018

    Tigerturbulance is only hanging out with Cadaver and Tandy because they gave permission to use the Bears Wi-Fi. He was taking up too much bandwidth at the Furies, no one could download their porn and Wacky Tiger punched him in the balls. Therefore, this is #fakenews
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    our van has "Grape Van" on it.
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  9. TheCount

    GC never played in the NEAFL before going into the AFL. They had an U/18 team play in the TAC Cup in 2009 (basically just a QLD team), and then the VFL in 2010 ... May wasn't a part of either team, he joined them for their inaugural AFL season. ;)

    I agree with your point tho, he'd given his all for 8 years (sometimes on his own in that regard), and as he himself has said, he'd have been unlikely to be still playing by the time they rebuild their list to have a crack at finals, it was his time to be selfish and chase some success. While that "selfishness" landed them a high end pick, who will still be playing when they join the finals race ... hopefully still for the Suns.
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  12. Portology

    Yeah you may want to have a look at the history of excessive “reaching” with proposals, the long list of actually approved plans, and the many failed project initiations there before watering that old #fakenews chestnut again.

    It is ironic that the most iconic “failed development” site in the CBD is also the one where the sometimes cantankerous ACC and the often cantankerous North Adelaide residents have the least share of blame.

    As for the AO hotel proposal does anyone else find it disgusting and ridiculous that the bloody SANFL in effect continue to partly run this show, to the benefit of their cronies rather than of the game? Anywhere else than SA an ICAC would have nipped it in the bud years ago.

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  13. 2018 AFL draft, Nov 24, 2018
  14. Edgepower

    News in WA reported 12 WA kids drafted but obviously counting rookies as well... To upsell the states talent
  15. Season 26 First Elimination Final: Coney Island Warriors vs East Side Hawks at Van Cortlandt Park, Nov 24, 2018
  16. Chappyuk

  17. SOS v Crows, Nov 23, 2018
  18. Chief

    Very Trumpy #fakenews