Season 26, Round 5 Mount Buller Demons vs East Side Hawks at Snow Dome, Aug 21, 2018
  1. Headless

    You want me to make one about #Headless350 #fanfare?
  2. Season 26 Round 3 - Las Vegas Bears vs Mount Buller Demons @ The Stadium in the Sky, Aug 7, 2018
  3. Headless

    #Headless300 #fanfare
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  6. Yakker

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    Established: Season 01 (as Team Pump, changed name to Mount Buller Demons for Season 03)
    Home ground: Snow Dome
    Colours: Red and navy blue
    Premierships: One (Season 18)
    Pre-season premierships: Two (Season 10, Season 11)
    Captain: Yakker

    Leadership Group Members: Tarkyn_24 (VC) sausageroll Headless cats2rise
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    Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners: BT (Season 03), cooney (Season 13), Eth (Season 14), lanky_wes (Season 17)
    EKA Medal winners: Gus (Season 12), Yakker (Season 24)
    AlfAndrews Medal winners: Juggalo Balla (Season 14)
    Deestroy Medal (Grand Final best on ground) winners: footyman (Season 03), doggies ftw (Season 14)
    Frankston Rover Award winners: Logger (Season 16, Season 18)

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    S26 Playing List

    1 Proper Gander
    2 sausageroll (LG)
    3 amos
    4 sante
    7 DemonJim
    8 Yakker (C)
    10 ABray10
    13 Tarkyn_24 (VC)
    15 Thetrader15
    19 FinBar19
    21 cooney
    22 cats2rise (LG)
    24 fancyscum
    25 deaneus
    28 Van_Dyke
    29 lanky_wes
    41 Headless (LG)
    52 Sir Hugh Percy
    18 manangatang
    333 brucetiki
    668 TheDarkDwarf
    66 Logger
    69 lion around
    00 Oddhawk
    21 Freo Hammer 21
    12 fleabitten
    17 tigland
    OUT: RodneyDangerfield (Royals) , Son of Skeletor (Retired) , roo2macca (Gumbies) , Wally Walpamur (Delisted) , GrandSun (Delisted
    IN: Manangatang (Furies) , TheDarkDwarf (Rookie) , ABray10 (Rookie) , Sir Hugh Percy (Rookie) , tigland (Furies) , FinBar19 (Rookie)

    Welcome one and all to Mt Buller for Season 26!! First of all I would like to thank cats2rise for all his efforts in season 25 under trying circumstances. I know he is disappointed not being able to manage the time to dedicate to the captaincy role that he had long aspired to gain. Also thanks to the S25 leadership group of sante , Van_Dyke , RodneyDangerfield and DemonJim for all of their efforts in supporting the club. As we all know it takes time to pull a season together and these blokes have given freely of theirs to make this place what it is today. Season 26 will see a new leadership group with all but cats2rise stepping down however it is confirmed all will stay on as senior players for this season except for Rodders who is currently weighing up his options. We hope he makes the right choice and sticks with us.

    The new leadership group for S26 is made up of Tarkyn_24 (VC) , sausageroll , Headless and cats2rise . We are looking to these guys help make season 26 one to remember and help us go deep into December!!

    Sadly, leaving us this season is roo2macca . R2M was a real utility player for the MBD. In S25 he played in various positions admirably as cats2rise mixed things up looking for any edge he could to keep us in finals contention. Roo joined the league in season 18 with the Dragons and enjoyed premiership success. He didn’t think highly of the Demons by the end of S23 as the following will attest -

    However he soon overcame those misgivings and signed up for S24. R2M is heading to a new club next season so we will still see him around the Sweet FA. All the best Roo, thanks for everything!

    Also moving on at this stage is Son of Skeletor. He started his Sweet FA career as a Wonder and won the rookie of the year there way back in S16. He came to Mt Buller during Van_Dyke’s tenure and has now decided to hang up his boots. Good luck SoS.

    By missing out on the finals, season 25 was not the one we had hoped for but there were some real positives that came out of it. I believe the strong core group from S24 became even closer last season. We saw some major milestones achieved. Headless racked up his 300th game amidst a flurry of #fanfare while Tarks punched out his 350th with little of the acknowledgment many in the league enjoy. Well done to both of you on these milestones. Our rookie from last season in Proper Gander will be tying the boots on again this season and we will look to see PG step up a gear in S25 and with any luck.

    Season 26 sees another Rookie signing from the Melbourne board with TheDarkDwarf joining us. He should be a formidable force in and around the contested ball with his low centre of gravity and aggressive style. Please get around him and make him welcome.

    The fixtures will be announced 13th of July 2018 and squad submission is 16th of July 2018. The first match threads of Season 26 is set to be posted on the 24th of July 2018. The LG and I are working behind the scenes to secure some fresh faces so please stay tuned for those.

    We are also looking to set up a practice match against the new look Gumbies led by their new captain Fryer Tuck (a previous Demons rookie) so look out for more info on that.

    So everyone, enjoy the next couple of weeks of down time and be prepared to come out fighting fit for Season 26 – The year of the Demons!!!
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  8. cats2rise

    Round 9 Mount Buller Demons vs Las Vegas Bears at Snow Dome

    The Dees were back at the Snow Dome after 2 games on the road wanting a big win to cement ourselves in the 8 to help celebrate Headless and his #fanfare for 300 games.

    Confidence was at an all time high as it appeared the MBD forward line had finally gelled after the young rookie Proper Gander had broken through to kick 4 goals and Rodders was rewarded with 3 timely goals in the previous outing.

    Alas it all went to shit and the MBD’s were never in it trailing at every moment of the match. The Demons were left shaking their collective heads after the 51 point drubbing. Not surprising, but still painful.

    Mount Buller Demons 10.9 (69) lost to Las Vegas Bears 19.6 (120)


    5 – sante, after a few quieter games was back to his best with 33 touches
    4 – Tarkyn_24 continued his recent form with 18 disposals and 3 goals to be a shining light.
    3 – sausageroll – everyone’s favourite meaty pastry managed 25 disposals and a goal
    2 – Yakker’s workmanlike performance resulted in 29 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal.
    1 – DemonJim laid a equal club high 4 tackles and 17 disposals and pipped the likes of Freo Hammer and cooney to a vote who kept their opponents relatively quiet.
  9. Mount Buller Demons - Season 25 Team Thread - Congratulations Yakker - #DeestroyS25, Jun 30, 2018
  10. cats2rise


    Welcome BLERN to the Mount Buller Demons Best and Fairest for Season 25.

    Fittingly, in a milestone season for the Sweet FA we have once again been mediocre. We started poorly, found some form and then lost it again relatively quickly and missed finals. However, we’ve all had a lot of fun, we’ve bantered, we’ve cried, and we’ve all celebrated some #fanfare.

    Tonight we will be celebrating and vying for a number of awards, including:

    § Deestroy Medal (Best and Fairest)

    § Goalkicking Award

    § Rookie of The Year (Best First Year Player)

    § Best Defender Award

    § Coaches Award (Best Clubman as picked by the club captain)

    § Eth Award (Players’ Player Award)

    Before we kick off, I would like to give special mention to the MBD players who have been rewarded with All-SFA Selection, being Headless , Tarkyn_24 and Yakker. All three have gained their first All-SFA guenseys in MBD colours and are well rewarded for fantastic seasons.
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  13. JoshWoodenSpoon

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    I am contractually obliged to type #Headless300 #fanfare Headless here. Two-time LVB BnF winner DemonJim was up and about early before taking a tumbling and mysterious fall. With a guaranteed Mateflon win on the line should they have kicked 11 goals, BombersFan93 fell marginally short, producing an admirable 2. Oh yeah we ****en smashed 'em.

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  14. Mount Buller Demons - Season 25 Team Thread - Congratulations Yakker - #DeestroyS25, Jun 14, 2018
  15. cats2rise


    Today marks the day the transformation is complete - @Yakkerhas transformed from a simpleton who used to fish for Magikarp on his crappy rod, but now stands before us all as the Mount Buller Captain for Season 26 onwards.

    His rise through the Sweet FA has been meteoric, as his value in the league continues to increase.

    After a quiet start, Yakker capped off a brilliant debut season in S24 to win the EKA, and has continued on with a brilliant S25, which is likely to end in an All-SFA honour and various other individual awards.

    All are welcome to celebrate this occasion.

    I for one welcome our new fisherman overlord. I'd like to remind him as an overrated Sweet FA personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in his underground sugar caves.

    He may not be perfect, but he is the best captain Mount Buller have.

    For now.

    It has been an honour and pleasure to captain my childhood team. I sit here, still at work at 9:41PM on a Thursday and note I am kidding myself if I think I can give the gif the attention it deserves moving forward.

    You are all fantastic and deserve better. Please welcome Yakker to the role and keep up the #fanfare
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  17. cats2rise