The media....*Shakes Head* Part 6, May 19, 2018
  1. PropertySteward

    Good to see Elspeth back on the news tonight doing what she does best.... interviewing grown women and young girls dressed as princesses at a Royal Wedding party.

    Throw back to newsroom.

    Jessica Adamson: "you look gorgeous"

    #feminism #makebelieve #howisthistillathingin2018?
  2. Round 5 - ANZAC Eve - Melbourne v Richmond, Tuesday 24 April, 7:25pm, MCG, Apr 24, 2018
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  4. Legends Of Tomorrow, Nov 13, 2017
  5. Banana Bread

    I have more respect for it because it hasn't tried to force a message on us like #feminism or gun control laws and it does have 2 of the best characters in the cw universe (white canary and heatwave). I still have a hard time believing Firestorm couldn't just **** up any villain they encounter all on his/their own though.

    With Deathstroke center stage again tho I think Arrow pips it but only just. That character just makes it more compelling viewing. Rehashing Darkh as a villain for his 3rd go around is lame as **** and is a reminder of the lowest point in the Arrow series.

    It shits all over Supergirl and Flash tho. Like huge steaming piles of excrement.
  6. The Flash, Nov 9, 2017
  7. Banana Bread

    I don't know about you guys but I want to see Barry run fast and punch people in the face. He did this for 2 seasons. Season 1 was great and season 2 was good.

    There was a dangerous trend last season where the story was just plain dull, frustrating and at times just downright stupid (ie cold tits pinging black zombie flash with a direct hit to kill it while it was moving at speed) not to mention a million other inconsistencies. Also how many times do we see Barry fall over and villains escape within the time the camera takes to pan away and back again? Yet we endure.

    Season 4 rolls around and we get shit metas (good luck girl, sleaze ball bargain bin mr fantastic and some asshole that cries a class A narcotic which doesn't actually appear to affect the users in any way?!?), an absent villain who sits around talking shit to some bitch we have not seen develop or really do much of anything other than to "think", couples therapy and now a #feminism ep... **** me dead.

    How Cecile can just send 2 cops at a dangerous meta and get them killed with NO repercussions or mention of it later just boggles the mind. THEN THEY LET THE COP KILLING DRUG DEALING EVIL META WALK AWAY AT THE END OF THE EPISODE?!? WHAT THE ACTUAL ****?! How is this in any way conceivable?! Put a god damn bullet or icicle in that bitch for ****s sake. I wonder what would have happened if the steel glove bitch was a man... Other than Barry's mum, has a female ever died on this show? I genuinely can't remember...

    Stretch dude was the only one involved in the punch up at the strip club... How did they all get arrested?! Especially Joe and Barry who would have just told the cops to pull their heads in we solve 90% of real crime in this ******* city.

    Also is stripping empowering to females or whatever? I can't remember what this episode tried to tell us by the end of the shit show.

    I purposely avoid Supergirl because IMO its a cringey teenage drama wrapped in feminist movement with occasional superhero elements which has no appeal to me. I believe they could have sent a girl power message and made an actual watchable show there but whatever. People don't want messages rammed down their throats they want to switch their brains off and enjoy their television. That's not the point of these type of shows. That means I have no idea if I'm missing anything important developing in the "arrowverse" due to one unwatchable product they're putting out and will undoubtedly be confused during the crossover episodes by some things happening. Flash is now in serious danger of following suit here.

    As I said this show was once good but the rise of Iris has weakened it. They had a golden opportunity to kill her off and for there to be actual consequences and stakes to being a hero. Barry hasn't lost shit as an adult. Instead they kill the worst version of Wells we have seen from some Universe we don't give a **** about leaving no impact what so ever only to immediately bring back Earth 2 Wells with one of the most contrived, unbelievable reasons in television history. As if his daughter wouldn't want him around and as if he would just abandon her after all they've been through. Also what a bitch Jessie Quick is to dump Wally via Wellsmail. I hope a meta punches her in the campaigner.
    Barry spends 1 episode in the speed force before they bring him back meaning all the drama and tension of him going into it at the end of last season was for nothing. Just like the waste of a great opportunity for Flashpoint to have real consequences and a lingering actual impactful effect at the start of season 3. Poor writing is destroying this show. Also Wally decided to stop being a hero because some girl from a different planet broke his heart? Come on now...

    This show is in amber alert stage. Arrow plummeted to these depths and was salvaged which is the only reason I have hope Flash can recover. If I didn't enjoy the first two seasons and it wasn't attached to 2 other shows I watch, I would find it almost impossible to watch this.
  8. The Flash, Nov 9, 2017
  9. HenrikLundqvist

    Wrong. If that episode taught you anything at all, it is that anything a woman does (including showing off some serious cleavage) can be considered #feminism.

    Thanks Flash for teaching me how to be a #feminist.
  10. The Flash, Nov 8, 2017
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  14. dales.girl38

    The girl who wins will earn more money than the bachelor (assuming it's not an intruder). Yay #feminism!
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