What They're Saying - The Bulldogs Media Thread - Part 2, Oct 8, 2017
  1. Fossie 32

    Those were the days - umps supporting us, as it should be. Now we get stooged every week :mad:

  2. What They're Saying - The Bulldogs Media Thread - Part 2, Oct 7, 2017
  3. Dogs 13

    Brad Johnson is the guest programmer on Fox Footy at the moment. They just had Round 4, 1997 against Melbourne. Obviously according to Bruce and Watson it was #freekickbulldogs even way back then.

    Schwarz looking devastated in the coach's box, must have backed the Dees.
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  5. Andre

    So a usual Vic side vs interstate rather than a #freekickbulldogs so far.
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  7. Scotland

    I love footy.

    Sample size of one year: it's the worst, get rid of it, #freekickbulldogs
    Sample size of two years: see it makes no difference
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  9. Andre

    LOL, like everyone here wouldn’t be happy to give them the next 59 AFLW premierships to not win next week.

    Adelaide by plenty. If it was anyone else as Richmond’s opponent I’d say they’d get a #freekickbulldogs run, but Adelaide always do well with the umpires, even in Melbourne. And Gil is in tight with the SA old boys network, so he’ll have the direction from above to just let it play out fairly. Richmond are getting flogged. Adelaide could top 119, but they won’t. It’s so Crows they’d rather us be on the wrong end of the worst AFL GF result then them be on the best side of the that. Adelaide by 83 points to complete the shittiest, most boring finals season in living memory.
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  11. My name geoff

    Fair few neutrals would argue that #freekickbulldogs
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  13. chachi11

    Crows are favourites, but I'd give Richmond half a chance at the G...the tiger supporters will be up and about. After witnessing the #freekickbulldogs last year it's possible..
    GWS on the other hand would get slaughtered.
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  15. hutchy31

    I doubt it too. But even if there was broad acceptance that it wasn't the key factor, they'd all still have #freekickbulldogs to fall back on.

    The only reassuring thing is that whoever wins the flag this year will get similar shit. Something like GWS been gifted it (which is true), Geelong the best player in the comp for way unders, Adelaide dream run with injuries and Richmond benefitting from an easy draw.

    Except flags are hard to win. Let's just focus on the positive first.

    Unless the plastics win, in which case ******* fire them all.
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  17. Syd

    Welcome to a Swans supporters life

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  19. Number37

    The umps will be confused as F, one will be blowing the whistle for #freekickhawthorn, another will blow the whistle for #freekickbulldogs. The other will call play on.

    First GF where no team gets a free kick, will be like that time when Essendon didn't dope.