A Brief History of Devaluing Premierships, Jul 16, 2018 at 11:23 PM
  1. Blueyboy74

    Just presenting the facts mate and was actually agreeing that the #freekickhawthorn business etc is simply salt from those still in denial.

    In any event, the Pol Pot analogy is completely lost on me. Clearly you have never visited Cambodia as if you had, you wouldn't be comparing the atrosicities committed there under his regime to barely anything, let alone anything AFL related.
  2. A Brief History of Devaluing Premierships, Jul 15, 2018 at 11:54 PM
  3. BF Tiger

    AKA - the salt mine.

    Am I remembering these correctly?

    2000 - Essendon: only won one premiership when they should’ve won three.

    2001, 02, 03 - Brisbane: intravenous saline drips, Anthony Rocca not being paid a crucial goal in 02, Port Adelaide superior during 03 H&A, Brisbane never minor premiers in their three-peat years.

    2004 - Port Adelaide: Brisbane playing home PF at the MCG on Saturday night when Port played home PF at home on the Friday night.

    2005 - Sydney: COLA, Barry Hall at the tribunal.

    2006 - WCE: drugs.

    2007 - Geelong: the Weapon, father-son freebies.

    2008 - Hawthorn: rushed behinds in the GF, Geelong far superior throughout the season.

    2009 - Geelong: Tom Hawkins poster paid as a goal, father-son freebies.

    2010 - Collingwood: would’ve lost in extra time.

    2011 - Geelong: Collingwood only lost to Geelong in 2011, father-son freebies.

    2012 - Sydney: COLA.

    2013, 14, 15 - Hawthorn: GCS and GWS entries into AFL impacting the draft, GCS and GWS entries making a team st the top a more attractive destination club, raiding free agents, #freekickhawthorn

    2016 - Footscray: played their best four weeks of footy in September, premiership hangover in 2017/18, AFL contrived fairytale, bye between H&A and finals negatively impacted better placed teams while working in Footscray favour.

    2017 - Richmond: undeserved home ground advantage(s), umpires blessing, Cotchin and Ellis should’ve been suspended.
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  5. Buzzasto DaSilva

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  7. Dinner Plate

    How is this level of umpiring even possible? It's comically bad, like our performance.

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  9. TW Sherrin

    Mate the #freekickhawthorn days are over.
  10. Round 17, 2018 - Hawthorn vs. Brisbane Lions, Jul 14, 2018 at 4:03 PM
  11. TheBrownDog

    Sorry Hawks, you used all your #FreeKickHawthorn tokens in the first three quarters.

    If you wanna win this you will have to earn it.
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  13. Jpw22511

    How the **** was that HTB against zorko? The ball was behind him

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  15. LicoriceAllsorts

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  17. GROTTO

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  19. Waspy79

    After Hawthorn beat Brisbane and one of Eagles and Pies lose this round, Hawthorn could well be 5th and knocking on the door of the top 4 with games against Carlton and Freo to come.

    It really shows what a shit state the competition is in, but I do prefer an even comp to one with a few dominant clubs.

    It also shows that when you play teams is incredibly important - they caught out of form Melbourne and Collingwood early in the season, the Crows injury ravaged, and only beat us due to #freekickhawthorn.

    Maybe they are better than I give them credit for.