Hawthorn Blocking the Man on the Mark, Apr 19, 2018 at 8:09 AM
  1. HawkMongrel

    Mate, we all have to focus on #FreeKickHawthorn.

    Just look at the Geelong fans saying “look over there, Hawthorn are doing something!!” every time one of their god-like midfielders avoids being penalised or quacks.
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  3. Niximus

    Teams that win flags can lose game and can be flogged. They don't consistently and repeatedly absolutely fail to show up though.

    Those 3 teams that you mentioned also got to play a home GF against a higher rated non-Vic side.

    You can't do anything to change it. It needs to come from the players. I've kept expecting each horrible loss and poor finals exit to be the catalyst for some determination but the pissweak efforts kept coming. If any game was going to ignite that fire then the GF had to be it, and it hasn't.

    Dangerfield told us all how the players see things. This is their job, they are in it to make choices that best advantage themselves. We like to think that the players are hurting as badly with us when we blow golden chances, but they aren't.

    We wouldn't get #freekickhawthorn treatment for a month before the uproar flipped it back the other way, let alone half a decade of it.
    Average Victorian teams can pop up and win a flag, it doesn't happen for non-Vics though.
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  13. BRWB

    Funny post from #freekickhawthorn

    Umps give frees to good teams - they are human and appreciate awesome just like anyone else.
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  15. Great 2008

    Don't disagree entirely.

    Re point:

    1. We looked flat early and it was hot. However, both teams kicking was deplorable. Richmond's run, handball, tackling and pressure was a bit better than ours. Watched the first half last night. Yet again we blazed away at goal. Hendo missed an easy shot straight up. Somebody hit the post. Cyril just blazed away and looked shot by half time. If we had taken our relatively straight forward chances we would have quite justifiably been level at half time. Without having watched the second half yet, I can guess if scores were level at half time the games outcome would be very interesting.
    Bad kicking cost us a better looking win over the Cats as well.

    2. Yes all clubs think they get the rough end of the pineapple. However, the umpiring we got v Geelong in the last quarter raises eyebrows. Also the fact we did not receive 1 free kick in our forward 50 against the Cats? These are not isolated occurrences which over time amount to people considering a greater agenda. Pick 19 for Buddy etc. #freekickhawthorn, the FIXture, unsociable Hawthorn tag, Bruest gets manhandled every single game and nothing. I think you may underestimate the desire of the AFL for each club to have a bite of the cherry which undermines a fair competition.

    3. Agree re Sicily. If we are so reliant on one player we are in trouble. Richmonds outs were more significant than ours imo.

    4. Re Rance a fine is about right. Was a 50 paid? If not puzzling. (have only watched the first half)

    5. Sicily dropped his knee. It looked bad. He was always going to go. If Selwood had not had hold of him he would have got 4.