David Koch & The Vanillarisation of Port Adelaide, May 28, 2017 at 12:50 AM
  1. portly

    The resilience argument is a good one, but I haven't seen the frequent whinging of Clarkson and Scott brothers causing their players to be soft, the reverse in fact. Well maybe not NM sometimes. Making a public statement, putting it out there even when we just think they are having a lend of us, causes the players to arc up over the injustice of it all and the umpires to think twice about giving frees against them. An angry Westhoff is more likely to kick those goals, surely.

    Years of keeping quiet (and if he really believes what he is saying then heaven help us) as Ken and the club are doing have not changed a thing in my opinion. We are still getting reamed. Selwood being gifted frees in good positions for years, probably more often than any other player, indeed tells us that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. That's reality.

    I'm tired of Ken being nice, especially going the extra mile and absolving the umpires - as if that has worked! Ken says publicly that he can get tough, real tough, so do it! Stop being timid. Be a proper Ports coach.

    In the next pre-match interview, #freekickHawthorn as it turns out, say that you are looking to get the same home-game bias as was exhibited last week. Don't hint, say it. Say you would like Robbie Gray to get the same protection from the umpires as the Selwoods get.

    Talking about ducking, how about examining the rules in order to extract an advantage from them. I think it was Clarkson who said that when any new rule or interpretation comes out he spends a lot of time working out how to use it to his advantage. And then schools his players to do that.

    Get the players to complain to the umpires in a a more arrogant way. Work out what to say that won't get a 50m. And rather than sounding like a whinge, make it a demanding tone. Make the umpire think twice about next time - Selwood seems to have mastered this.

    Dot the i's and cross the t's Ken, then demand the players "are compliant" (what a stupid term that is).
    - For instance, surely every player, especially Westhoff, has a carefully thought out and practiced routine for kicking at goal, to have consistency, to take the nerves out of the equation (concentrate on the journey and not the destination) and to prevent cockups like Charlie going over the 30 seconds. (I also am annoyed about the clock being started early).
    - Practice throwing a football to a player, especially in close games Broady.
    - Teach them how to block, and practice it. Maybe Dangerfield's goal might have been touched.
    - Lower the eyes when kicking into the forward line, and anyone who can't kick to advantage needs to prove they can, fast.

    Clarkson wins many close games. I suspect that he has a plan for each close end-game situation. And I really do wonder if Ken does too. The Squiggle's Final Siren says that close games are a matter of luck. I agree, all things being equal, both sides having excellent routines.

    I'm getting very frustrated with this mediocre, vanilla reaction to losing 9? close games on the trot. Impressed with the defensive side of the game plan though.

    And I have gone off-topic, again, sheesh.

    Anyway, grow a set Ken.

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  3. Mitchell Madness

    Watch the replay.
    Ball is clearly stationary in one hand, and punched out with the other.
    Even Ling (who had spent the entire night trying to restart #freekickhawthorn) questioned whether it actually was a throw
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  5. danstar

    #freekickhawthorn won them the match last night
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    #freekickhawthorn definitely is back tonight :rolleyes:
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    #freekickhawthorn back in vogue tonight, umpires probably trying to make a game of it.
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    #freekickhawthorn in full swing already, following hot on the heels of #freekickgeelong last night
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  16. Chism

    lol dat free.