Geelong should politely step aside until their Cheat Ground cheat is cancelled out by the AFL, Jan 5, 2018
  1. Chappyuk

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  4. Papa G

    #freekickhawthorn wasn't an AFL directive?

    Also, Graham Cornes is never right.
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  6. Gralin

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  8. Spazz Cat

    Why do your ressies have a problem with them?
    All grounds are cheat grounds when you play #freekickHawthorn
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  10. Crankyhawk

    Will this at least kill off #freekickhawthorn?
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  12. HairyO

    I hope you never #freekickhawthorn'd...
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  14. Thetrader15

    Draft tampering? #freekickhawthorn
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  16. The Karma Bus

    They only got to that GF after one of the most cheat filled Prelim finals ever too. As all the neutrals cracked the shits at as well.
    Non-Vic teams getting the rough end?
    Hawthorn getting a ride from the umps?
    Well I never..
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  18. benblinkau

    I hear you! Moving back next year after seven and a half years interstate.

    Ill actually be able to see some of these self-entitled crows tosspot supporters face-to-face for a change. They were pretty quiet on stalkbook today, especially after 6 months of blowing their own trumpet incessantly.


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