Pick 1 or 2, 2019 Draft: Who Do AFC Target?, Nov 25, 2018
  1. Shaz2012

    I actually hope he is better than Walsh. Carlton are too pathetic to hate. I’ll save mine for Port, Geelong and #freekickhawthorn.

    Carlton were looking like taking pick 1 and then 80 something into the draft. They would have deserved serious criticism if they did that. In the end they took a loss on a trade to convert a top 5 pick into 2 firsts. Allowing them to put an extra year of development into one of them. Despite having clueless idiots like gardiner stand polluting our board now, I think you have to take your hat off to them for this trade. It’s truly win-win. When you factor in we got Carltons 2nd for free, since we were taking Hamilll anyway, we can’t lose.

    Pick 16 and Hamill vs Pick 1-5, pick 19-24 and Hamill.

    19-24 unlikely to go out by as much as they did this year either.
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  3. PhatHQ

    I think that something like this will be the case.
    If there is a genuine top 15-20 slider that the Hawks love they will jump on it I recon in the 30s.
    It’s a pretty exciting way to draft & leaves the top tier clubs an opportunity with a late draft position to move up.
    Clubs like the saints & Roos will stay the same, make dumb decisions & throw away picks to try to win the draft.
    And yet again #freekickhawthorn for being a better club with foresight over most of the competition.
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  7. ArgusTuft

    #freekickhawthorn still sticks in my gullet.
    2012 Prelim Final where according to the Geesh (Umpires Flukey) the shitstains were afforded “free” passage into the big dance to the tune of 11 reach-arounds by the maggots.o_O
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  9. Pessimistic

    Finish top 4/5 and dont get a top 6 team till round 7, or a top 3 team till round 9

    Only eagles from top 6 twice? #freekickhawthorn
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  11. Look2Me4Guidance

    He is does it all in slow motion. Like Pendlebury. Must have a basketball background.

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  13. HairyO

    For us it was the Future 1st and Future 2nd/3rd/4th rule where you can only do one or the other.

    The AFL ended up deciding that replacing our Future 2nd with someone else's Future 2nd was enough to be okay. Mostly because they had already signed off on the deals.

    And while #freekickhawthorn may be what people are thinking, what they really should be thinking is: why not just have simple rules and enforce them properly.

    The AFL lives for grey areas.
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  15. kirky

    But you watch him get those free kicks paid at Hawthorn, nothing surer.