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    Official Bigfooty NBA week 1 thread, (The), Oct 22, 2018 at 7:13 AM
  1. Look2Me4Guidance

    He is does it all in slow motion. Like Pendlebury. Must have a basketball background.

  2. Collingwood are in danger of breaching AFL's 1st round rules, Oct 19, 2018 at 12:44 PM
  3. HairyO

    For us it was the Future 1st and Future 2nd/3rd/4th rule where you can only do one or the other.

    The AFL ended up deciding that replacing our Future 2nd with someone else's Future 2nd was enough to be okay. Mostly because they had already signed off on the deals.

    And while #freekickhawthorn may be what people are thinking, what they really should be thinking is: why not just have simple rules and enforce them properly.

    The AFL lives for grey areas.
  4. Early winners and losers of trade period / free agency, Oct 18, 2018 at 9:55 AM
  5. kirky

    But you watch him get those free kicks paid at Hawthorn, nothing surer.

  6. Tom Scully, what a mercenary cunt, Oct 17, 2018 at 1:26 PM
  7. Laphroaig

    As far as I can work out it's #freekickHawthorn.

    If they can get him physically right then it's a great trade. And my information on the rules is, if they can't get him near 100% all they have to do is make sure he never comes of the long term injury list. They still have to pay him, but it doesn't count in the salary cap.
  8. Hawthorn Trade and FA news discussion NO OPPOSITION SUPPORTERS, Oct 11, 2018
  9. Jack Gun Cyril Stun

    Wasn’t Landsberger one of the #freekickhawthorn spuds?
  10. Hawthorn Trade and FA news discussion NO OPPOSITION SUPPORTERS, Oct 10, 2018
  11. palmomagpie

    One thing i never understand is that Hawthorn seems to be "chasing" every player that becomes available, yet we never say a word. We miss out on said players, again, don't say a word. We then get slammed and called a rabble? Could it just be that half these media knobs just throw our names in the hat because they know it triggers the facebook campaigners who froth over "#freekickhawthorn / #freetradehawthorn #coffeewithgill" ? Surely we aren't North Melbourne desperate and jumping at anything that moves?
  12. Bluemour Discussion Thread XIII - Facts Not Welcome, Oct 7, 2018
  13. thylacine60

    throw in #freekickhawthorn and is it any wonder they never lose!
  14. The most annoying thing said about your club?, Oct 5, 2018
  15. Leather Poisoning

    #freekickhawthorn annoys the hell out of me. (and it shouldn't).

    I hate free kick whinging at any time. I think it's pathetic. But Free Kick Hawthorn came out of a couple of close games in a row where hawks got some calls/non-calls close to the end of games.

    One was against Adelaide where Puopolo fumbled/dropped a mark right at the end and was also somehow pushed in the back and taken high at the same time, but because it was a close game and right at the end it was "ooooo won it with a free kick"

    Soon after in a game against the saints it was close and the saints were chipping it around their backline and stuffed it up. The umpire said one of the kicks wasn't 15m and Jordan Lewis pressured and kicked a goal. It wasn't even enough to put the hawks in front. There was still 15 minutes left in the quarter. Apparently not long enough to overcome the injustice and maintain a lead that you've had the entire game.
    - but it was after these two games that the free kick hawthorn thing hit fever pitch and morons hold onto it until this day.

    People still whip it out as soon as Hawthorn have a good run. It's the most irritating form of confirmation bias.
  16. Your best team based on players you've seen., Sep 26, 2018
  17. MagicGnome97

    I'm only 20 years old, so while I do have a few memories from earlier on, my memories about footy really start from around 2004-2006. I may be a little biased as I am a pies fan:

    B: Matthew Scarlett - Darren Glass - Corey Enright

    HB: Heath Shaw - Alex Rance - Luke Hodge

    C: Dustin Martin - Dane Swan - Scott Pendlebury

    HF: Alan Didak - Lance Franklin - Paul Chapman

    F: Eddie Betts - Brendan Fevola - Jarryd Roughead

    Followers: Dean Cox, Chris Judd, Gary Ablett Jnr.

    I/C: Adam Goodes, Sam Mitchell, Leon Davis, Nat Fyfe

    Explaining some of the selections:

    Scarlett, just a gun, same goes for glass, great captain and leader too, enright was consistently in the AA team for a reason.

    Heath Shaw, great run from the back, Rance, a gun when he can roam around the back line with some freedom. Hodge, great captain, very good player, had to fit him in somewhere.

    Martin, gun, big game player too, exciting to watch and quite durable, Swan, around 2010-2011 he was a freak of nature, most ball magnetic player I have ever seen, pretty damaging too, absolute machine and he scored goals too, Pendlebury, Scott "the matrix" Pendlebury, dude can jog his way from the centre square to the 50m line through traffic and somehow everyone just seemed to run around him and then Pendles would make a great pass and pick out a player making a nice lead.

    Didak, my all time favourite player to watch, simply magical, spades of x factor, could play in the midfield as well but was more useful perhaps up forward where he could score from anywhere and barely ever missed a set shot or chance on the run, shimmy shimmy, Franklin, no explanation needed, amazing at leading and taking marks, dude kicked over 100, enough said, Chapman, theres a reason why he was THE best forward in AFL supercoach for a few years, super hard to tackle and a great snapshot on goal, I always thought he was a really good player.

    Betts, excitement machine, scores wonder goals all the time, fairly prolific for a small forward too, always seems/seemed to score against my team the pies too, Fevola, growing up in primary school hes all the Carlton fans talked about, Fev this Fev that, he scored a lot of goals, nearly 100 once in fact, that scandal doesn't change the fact that he was a super player, Roughead, there was a certain point in around 2014 I reckon where he just seemed unstoppable, best player in the comp, seemed so damaging and like he was everywhere both in the ruck sometimes and scoring goals, the whole discussion about how to stop Hawthorn seemed to centre mainly around him at this time, he also had a crazy knack of getting bs free kicks, #freekickhawthorn.

    Cox, best ruck of his generation, awesome ruckman, Judd, according to my dad the best 1st year player hes ever seen, according to me a superstar, dual brownlow medallist (2nd was bs but still), super quick, had that trademark burst of pace to get out of packs, Ablett, GOAT, best player I've ever seen.

    Goodes, very versatile and dangerous player, I pretty much missed his absolute best years but still got to see a really damaging player who could play midfield, ruck, forward and be very good in all 3 positions, a bit of a sook but a wonderful player, Mitchell, super clean player, ultra efficient and a master at pinpoint handballs out of contests and pinpoint passes to Lance Franklin (or any other hawthorn forward) leads, Leon Davis, gun small forward, sick player to watch and ultra skilfull, then in his last season he was the best running half back in the comp, by some margin imo, amazing run out of the back and the best kickout from the goalsquare that I have ever seen by a mile, Fyfe, unstoppable in 1 v 1s, capable of playing up forward as well, that 2015 from him is some of the absolute best footy I have ever seen from an individual, I couldn't not put him in here.

    Unlucky to miss out:

    Burgoyne, most clutch player I have ever seen.

    Reid, peaked in 2011, was all australian at only 22 years old, Ben Reid was pretty astonishingly good that year imo, super centre half back, it was only a season though, injuries have really derailed his career though unfortunately, since the start of 2013 he has been injured so much, his career from when he was age 24-29 years old has been spent basically constantly injured aside from in 2017 where he was able to contribute fairly well, playing more up forward though, oh yeah, he is quite a good forward too. its a shame that his theoretical peak years have been spent on the injury table.

    Selwood, self explantory, very good captain but not quite for me to put in the team, just not quite, the head ducking thing helped that decision too.

    Dangerfield, super player but massive choker in finals.

    Brian Lake, really good defender, took a ton of grabs, unlucky to miss out.

    Nick Riewoldt, really good player, I never quite rated him as highly as some others did though.

    Cyril Rioli, I didn't rate him until 2015.

    Josh Gibson, I thought he was a really good player, unlucky.

    Sandilands, it was either him or Cox and I chose Cox, that is all.

    Daicos, never watched him but seen lots of old highlights of him, didn't put him in cos I wanted to be consistent with having more recent players, my dad's all time favourite player, he pretty much invented the technique of bouncing a ball into the goals from the boundary line according to my dad.

    Gary Ablett Snr, the GOAT, according to my dad, not consistent with my team though in terms of being players really from about 2004-2006 onwards.

    Dunstall, I watched some old games with this guy and he seemed like pretty much the best set shot I've ever seen and from decent distances too, before my time though.

    Peter Hudson, the guy my grandpa on my mum's side raves on about all the time.

    Buckley, was my favourite player when I first started following the pies when I was about 6-8 years old.

    Akermanis, a bit before my time.


    Edit: With some of the older players I only saw highlights or past games on TV, wanted to shout them out anyway. For the actual team I just want to add, versatility was a key factor in my decisions for the interchanges. Leon Davis able to play as a small defender and forward at a really high level, fyfe in the middle or even up forward, goodes is just versatile, self-explanatory, mitchell, idk, just wanted to fit him in but I reckon he could do well maybe in another line.
  18. 3 Votes. Tom Mitchell!, Sep 24, 2018
  19. 09 Cats

    Just proves the umpires are the biggest cheats in the game #freekickhawthorn