Ben Brown Coleman choke watch: Saints vs Norf, Aug 26, 2018
  1. Plugger35

    Umpires bending us over as per usual #freekicknorf
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  3. MagpieBat

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  5. MarcMaverick

    That was such a Melbourne result. Norf that is.

    lol #freekickNORF
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  8. The Sim Dog

    So unfortunate. After the win against #freekicknorf I really believed this was the best Chris had coached since 2011. Found a useful spot for Blics, got the best out of Kolo, successfully challenged Stanley to be better and playing Kelly, Fog, Henry etc each week rather than cycling them and others in and out every week. Things looked good for this year and the future.

    Then came selection for the Tigers game (and eventually the Bulldogs one) and he managed to completely derail and #### up his own good work completely. Needlessly dropped Buzza who despite not setting the world on fire was doing better than his stats indicated and was vitally important in allowing Blicavs, Kolo, Hawkins and Stanley to be influential and giving our smalls something deep to play around. Just utterly ridiculous. Then to make it worse brings in two of his favourite skinny boy flakey flankers in Parsons and Zuthrie.

    Suddenly we were near completely denied any opportunity to play like we had been. Looking back did amazingly to stay with Richmond.

    So surely rectify it this week and have us ready to go? Nope. Parsons remains who along with Murdoch is too many soft, stupid, do nothing footballers for us to carry. And the useful but now sadly unnecessary Taylor comes in rather than Buzza who whilst not as good as Taylor individually allows other fellow big players to be better.

    And rather than brutally attacking the man and contest like v North it's back to a slow, reactive, timid, soft bull shit effort at the contest and a pathetic, sagging zone that shows little interest in getting the footy back or achieving any real pressure and invites even the worst sides to tear us apart. A remarkably stupid and ignorant fool is our coach I'm afraid who just dead set can't help himself but revert back to shit that just doesn't work. Also little wonder Kolo has been so horrible since we needlessly interfered with a spine that was working.

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  10. Pack Specialist

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  12. And_ROOS

    Norf must have sent Sooz to the umpires room prematch.

    #freekickNorf #paidtheumpinsoozbecausetheyhavenomoney
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  15. Premiers04


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