Rory Sloane Signature Watch, Jul 13, 2018
  1. Byron Porkett

    Yep, old Racistru unanimously voted the worst poster on the Forum. And backed up the daily double with a FOTY title.

    #genous :D
  2. Port Power at Adelaide Oval home crowd watch: 2018 edition, Jul 3, 2018
  3. JimmyBeerCans

    Makes it easier for her to pinpoint her 5000 edits #genous
  4. Poort feral goes bananas, Jun 24, 2018
  5. Byron Porkett

    Given BigFooty is a form of social media and if the Wench is using social media as a baseline of truth, that would suggest subaru is indeed the biggest flog on the site and the more humourless, boring shit truck on the site :D

    #genous :$
  6. Power Pick Powell-Pepper, May 4, 2018
  7. JimmyBeerCans

  8. Port Adelaide: We Exist To Win Sponsorships, Feb 21, 2018
  9. JimmyBeerCans