Will the Hawks end up landing a big fish?, May 10, 2018
  1. tige19

    We are without the doubt the most attractive footy club in the land... Look at us from an outsiders perspective -

    * Clarko as coat #GOAT
    * Powerhouse financially
    * Huge supporter base
    * Most successful footy club in the land
    * Prestigious
    * Proven track record in terms of footy department

    No club can tick off every single important point like we can, I guarantee that we can get him for far less than Richmond, we did it with both Tom and Jom
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  3. SloaneysDanger

    JR Smith 0-8 fg, 0-6 3pt fg, 0 points in 32 minutes.

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  5. PeanutButter Pies

    Aron Baynes dropped 26 #goat
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  7. ThePhreshOne

    Will trade first round picks for 10 years for Ben Brown #GOAT
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  9. Lethality

    Handy knock by Lyon here. #GOAT
  10. #34: Jack Graham, Mar 23, 2018
  11. blackcat

    James had talent. Derm was right, with Fyfe/Hird's work ethic, he coulda been Carey, but IF Lance Whitnall had their work ethic PLUS a ped program from Stephen Dank, Whitnall would have been #GOAT and superior to Carey. The game was simple and came too simply/simple to Aaron James so he never worked hard at it
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  13. Magpiespower


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  15. Leachenrower

    Hey guys, new to Bigfooty. Huge Portland fan, and also a Lebron Fan #GOAT #RipCity
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  17. okeydoke7


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  19. Doctor Gero

    Please form an orderly queue to bow at the alter of Wade.