Best striker in the world?, Oct 1, 2017
  1. typeclub

    Would be really cool if he can play Apoel and Huddersfield every week for the rest of the season. #GOAT
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  3. RossFC

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  5. Makeshft_Mauler

    My favorite stat for this year is Dion has played in 1 final, and 1 friday night game in his entire AFL career

    undefeated in both categories #goat
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  7. RookiePick

    The unparallelled, myriad subcontinental flavours of the #GOAT
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  9. LicoriceAllsorts

    He didn't miss-kick, Tom Brady willed the ball out of bounds as it flew through the air.

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  12. StKing11

    F*** I love watching that video #GOAT

    Those casual 360 shrug offs he does while gliding through traffic are amazing! And while he can at times be a very scrappy kick, as shown in the video he is a good kick inside 50. Hope he has a great game tomorrow night, just need to persevere with him and get him to that 50+ game mark.
  14. Wacky Tiger

    Morning Bomdits. Looking forward to today's shenanigans :thumbsu:

  15. Gary Ablett Jnr - 300 games, Jun 19, 2017
  16. Doctor Gero

    The Little Master - Not presently our player but he'll always be remembered for his time here.
    Twice a Best and Fairest winner in premiership years is no mean feat and holds esteemed company with Corey Enright.

    The player with the most 30 touch 2 goal performances in history and recorded 30 touches for the first time in game 103. He's gone on to do it a further 112 times in his last 196 games #GOAT

    My all time favourite moment would have to be in the 2007 Preliminary Final.

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  18. Scotland

    Richmond fan. Last 30 years.

    By my count that's 9 finals, or 'as many as Freo since 2012'.

    0/3 since Rance has been in. But he's better than SOS, Scarlett etc. Better than Jakovich who kept Carey to 2 goals in 3 finals, too. #goat