Richmond vs Essendon, MCG, Saturday 27/05/17 @ 7:25 PM, Dreamtime at the 'G, May 26, 2017 at 6:16 AM
  1. Yoda_

    Who does the #GOAT FB goto?

    Daniher? Stewart? Hooker?

    Really looking forward to Hurley at the other end to show people how brilliant he is.
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  3. Wacky Tiger

    Beware the poisoned chalice :$


    Fantastic effort my fellow Furies on the minor premiership. We truly have had a dominant season.

    Now from experience the minor premiership has been a terribly unlucky award to win

    But we've been bucking trends since S17 so let's go bull at a gate a win the whole ******* lot

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  5. jod23

    He was still bloody good at 40. #freak #goat
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  7. UnitedWarrior93

    Just enjoying the #GOAT go about his business.
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  9. catempire

    Tone it down Gaz. We don't want Crazy Cochrane getting all crazy in the way of this deal.

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  11. Kadog

    GAJ 209.

    Thank you so very much for restoring my faith. SC was fun again for the first time in a long time. #GOAT
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  13. RossFC

    Messi is the King. The #GOAT.
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  15. RossFC

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  17. typeclub

    Childhood is idolizing Messi, adulthood is realizing Cristiano is true #GOAT.
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