West Coast vs Richmond - Top of the Table Clash, May 19, 2018 at 9:26 AM
  1. rmcq

    Putting out there right now. If West Coast win, it will be because they scored more points than us. Which by any measure of success in football, means they were the better team.

    Note that any other comments regarding injuries, etc. go to our potential against future teams, and help in tipping winners of future rounds.

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  3. 17Dream

    Higgins likes his sausages and Graham likes his meat pies! :p #gotiges #RFChampions
  4. AFL 2018 - R1 - Richmond v Carlton, 7.25pm, MCG, Thu, Mar 22, Mar 22, 2018
  5. captain blood 17

    Blues were good tonight. Had a fair dinkum crack at it. Happy to bag the points and move on to the crows next week.

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  6. 2018 Richmond Board Player Sponsorship, Mar 17, 2018
  7. Foley#41

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    Just home from the season launch. Many thanks to Sterge for organising things from our end.

    Firstly, highlight of the night was definitely hanging with Grockadoc and Sante, and later also Ancient Tiger, balmain and Kiwi Tiger. All excellent chaps, passionate supporters, highly knowledgeable, well connected, well hung, and raking kicks off both sides!

    Essentially four parts to the evening:
    • cocktail reception with our sponsored players in the Maurice Rioli Club
    • season launch down in the sports hall
    • a bit of kick-to-kick on PRO
    • off to the Richmond Hotel for a lager and a debrief
    Met Grock and sante outside the club and after a slight security scare went up to the MRC. Up there we had a good chat with our players Connor Mededue and Kamdyn MacIntosh and a brief interaction with Bachar Houli.

    Connor naturally hoping to break into the best 22, feels he is close. He is training as a half back player so probably a good fit for a Broad-type role, and believes his speed is his best asset. Appeared genuinely stoked at the club success even though he wasn't on the ground on the big day. A bit shy at first but warmed up considerably over time.

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    Kamdyn is the sort of guy you'd like to have around if you were marooned on Gilligan's (or anyone else's) island. Always smiling, very chatty, just good company. Asked what gets him out of bed now that he's already got a premiership and he replied that he just loves spending time with the other guys. Had a good break back in WA over the summer, but really feels at home in Melbourne and no desire to leave. When asked who could replace him if he got injured = 'no-one'!. Still living with Ben Lennon, used to live with Liam McBean too.

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    Down in the season launch area we had a brief chat with Dimma. Thanked him on behalf of all Bigfooty Tigers and explained about the forum and sponsorship group. Asked who would replace Jack (Riewoldt that is) if he went down and he confirmed that Callum Moore is the current front-runner.

    The season launch bit included some inspirational video followed by a Q&A with the new recruits. Trent was still on personal leave but there was a nice speech from Dimma who highlighted the level of 'connection' around the club and earnestly stated that the best is yet to come. The players were all presented with jumpers - Rioli is walking freely if nothing else, Dusty is still reserved in public (people mostly left him on his own although Grigga sat with him during the speeches) and Rancey is still a clown!

    That's about it for tonight. I'm sure the other boys will have more to say when they get the chance, but a good night, and I think we are in for more joy in 2018.

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  10. Tiger_4_Life

    Just use a heap of Tiger hashtags on twitter, most will find it that way and should spread through retweeting hopefully. #dustinmartin #cotchin #premiers #gotiges #tigers #richmond etc etc
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  12. _jrtp09_

    What ever. [emoji849]

    Premiership hangovers are the best hangovers to have! You should try one.

  13. 2018 Membership, Nov 29, 2017
  14. TigermanM2

    I know cash is hard to find for some families but if you can afford it there is absolutely no reason not to be a member in 2018 after the joy and happiness the Tigers have given us this year. None. Nada.

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