Season 26 Round 3 - West Coast Wonders vs Fighting Furies @ The Colosseum, Aug 10, 2018
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    If that is an offer for me to become on of your elias' you are going to offer a ****ton of #JTMedal votes for me to even consider it
  2. Season 26 Round 3 - West Coast Wonders vs Fighting Furies @ The Colosseum, Aug 8, 2018
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    I mean, I was talking about the #JTMedal, not the JT Media Player of the Year, which are two completely seperate things, so...

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  4. Season 26 Round 3 - West Coast Wonders vs Fighting Furies @ The Colosseum, Aug 8, 2018

    Have you won a flathead?
    Also, what was trending higher #TeamEAD or #JTMedal ?
  6. JT Media - Round 2! Welcome to the Pressure Cooker! #FeelTheHeat pg. 2, Aug 7, 2018
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    Welcome to round 2 edition of JT Media, where we will cover all the big news that took place over the weekend!

    We will start with a brief:

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    Sin City Swamprats 12.12.84 def. by Coney Island Warriors 16.7.103

    The Warriors got the better of the Swamprats to start the season 2-0, leaving the Swamprats looking for their first win after to tight losses to start the year.

    The votes -

    BigJoeD_ (CIW) 8
    GotTheGoodes (SCS) 8
    candiehappy (CIW) 7
    DapperJong (CIW) 7

    BigJoeD_ kicked 6 to help get the Warriors over the line, GotTheGoodes amassed 34 touches, candiehappy had 25 and goal while DapperJong had 28 along with a few tackles and nice grabs.

    Dragons FFC 10.9.69 def. by Roys FFC 13.10.88

    The Roys jumped out of the gates in this one and left the Dragons chasing all day. An admirable effort by the Dragons to claw back and nearly take the lead at one stage, but it wasn’t enough.

    The votes -

    Stoods (ROY) 9
    Wayne's-World (DRA) 8
    Broken (ROY) 8
    PhenomenalV1 (DRA) 7

    Stoods was phenomenal for the Roys, racking up 30 touches, kicking 2 goals and taking 10 marks. Wayne’s-World was clearly the best from the losing side gathering 31 possessions, kicking a goal and taking a bunch of marks. Broken was great kicking 2 goals and picking up 28 touches, while PhenomenalV1 kicked 5 of the Dragons 9 goals to keep them within striking distance.

    Fighting Furies 20.18.138 def. Baghdad Bombers 12.6.78

    The Bombers putrid start to the season has continued against the Furies, as they’ve gone down by 10 goals to the Furies. But hey, at least the Bombers kicked more than 2 goals this week.

    The votes -

    BEEG (BOM) 9
    Lsta062 (FUR) 7
    OES (FUR) 7
    Tigerturbulance (FUR) 6

    Despite the loss, BEEG managed a bag of 7 for the Bombers in a dominant display. Lsta062 kicked 5 for the winners, OES had 24 touches and a goal, while Tigerturbulance tried hard managing 18 touches, 2 goals and 17 hitouts.

    Mount Buller Demons 12.13.85 def. Gold City Royals 12.6.78

    In one of the more enthralling contests of the round, the Demons edged out the Royals in a thriller. The Demons got off to a hot start, leading into the first break, but it didn’t take long for the Royals to square the ledger, going into half time all square. The Royals looked to have asserted dominance in the third, racing out to a 17-point lead heading into the last, but it would be the Demons who would have the last laugh. The Royals managed a measly one behind in the last quarter as the Demons snuck past for a 7-point win.

    The votes -

    MWPP (GCR) 8
    DemonJim (MBD) 7
    Tarkyn_24 (MBD) 6
    Blacky (GCR) 6

    MWPP amassed 18 disposals and kicked 4 goals, DemonJim had 23 possessions, 7 tackles and a goal, Tarkyn_24 was a tackling machine with 12 tackles, 15 disposals and a goal, while Blacky kicked 4 goals in a game with few standouts.

    East Side Hawks 30.6.186 def. West Coast Wonders 15.6.96

    The Wonders again had 30 goals kicked on them this week, proving that they currently have the worst backline in the league. The Hawks were dominant from the word go and the Wonders never really had a chance to catch up.

    The votes -

    Agent93 (ESH) 9
    The Jesus (ESH) 8
    Sab22 (WCW) 8
    Cactus_ (WCW) 8

    Agent93 was instrumental with 28 disposals and 3 goals, and The Jesus had 26 possessions, 22 hitouts and 2 goals for the winners. Sab22 managed to get 30 touches and kick 2 goals for the losers, along with Cactus_ having 28 disposals, 2 goals, 5 tackles and 4 marks.

    Las Vegas Bears 12.8.80 def. by Gumbies FFC 15.6.96

    A great contest here saw the Gumbies emerge victorious over the Bears. The Bears jumped out to a great start, leading by 4 goals at the first break. It’s fair to say that the old Gumbies would generally lay down and allow the Bears to roll over them, but that wasn’t the case here as the Gumbies rallied back to be down by just 9 points at the half. The game looked primed for a thrilling last quarter as the Gumbies hit the lead heading into three-quarter time and it didn’t disappoint, with the Gumbies running out 16 point victors.

    The votes -

    BLERN (GUM) 8
    BRAB (GUM) 7
    LeverPuller (GCR) 7
    Jivlain (GUM) 7

    BLERN had 25 disposals, 7 tackles and a goal, while teammate BRAB was a pressure beast with 21 touches and 9 tackles. LeverPuller had an impressive game kicking 5 goals and having 13 possessions, while Jivlain kicked 6 goals for the winners.

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    This week’s Player of the Week is Stoods.

    View attachment 539406

    Stoods played a great game for the Roys this week, racking up 30 disposals, kicking 2 goals and taking 10 marks and was instrumental in helping the Roys get over the line against the Dragons. Congratulations Stoods, you now go into the running for the JT Media Performance of the Year.

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    A leaderboard update:

    BigJoeD_ (CIW) 16
    BRAB (GUM) 15
    Tigerturbulance (FUR) 13
    Blacky (GCR) 13
    gym4life (LVB) 10

    Just four players who polled last week backed up their round 1 shenanigans, with last week’s Player of the Week gym4life rounding out the top 5.

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    This segment will explore which team(s) are under the most pressure to perform this week.

    In this first edition of The Pressure Cooker, we will be putting two teams under fire.

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    The Baghdad Bombers had one of the worst starts to a season in recent memory, managing just two goals in their opening round encounter against the Gold City Royals. While the Bombers did manage to score 12 goals this week, they conceded 22 to lose by 10 goals for the second week in a row. The Bombers will want to lift this week or their could be some Heads on the chopping block.

    View attachment 539410

    The West Coast Wonders haven’t had any issues scoring to start S26 - their issue is, of course defence having conceded 60 goals in just two rounds of qooty... And also that they’ve lost their first two games by a combined total of just under 200 points. The Wonders would want to shake up their defence if they want to avoid being on this segment again.

    That is all we have for the round 2 edition of JT Media! Tune in next week for more news out of the best media team in town!

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  8. JT Media - Round 2! Welcome to the Pressure Cooker! #FeelTheHeat pg. 2, Jul 29, 2018
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    Welcome to the round 1 edition of JT Media!

    We will cover all the big qooty news and action from today and throughout the week here exclusively on the number 1 news outlet in the SFA, JT Media.

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    Sin City Swamprats 10.6.66 def. by Fighting Furies FFC 14.8.92

    The Furies got off to a quick start, kicking the first two goals to open proceedings at the Underground Stadium. It wasn’t long before the Swamprats struck back however, having control of the play for the remainder of the quarter, kicking 4 out of the next 5 goals to go up by 5 points heading into the first break.
    The second quarter was very free flowing, with many ebbs and flows in momentum with both teams leading by double figure margins at times throughout the quarter. It was the Swamprats who again took the lead in at half time, by just 4 points in what had been a free flowing affair up to that point.
    After half time however, things got ugly for the Swamprats, as they failed to score in the third quarter. The Furies ran out to a 4 goal lead and never looked back, running out 26 point victors over the Swamprats.

    Now is probably a good time to introduce another segment - the JT Media Player of the Year will go to the player who receives the most votes throughout the season. Voting will be done in a rather untraditional way with the best 4 on ground being given scores out of 10.

    So now, to the votes -

    Sterge (FUR) 8
    Tigerturbulance (FUR) 7
    philreich (SCS) 7
    TJASTA (FUR) 6

    Sterge was prolific for the Furies kicking a solid 5 goals to help get his team over the line, while both philreich and Tigerturbulance kicked 2 goals and racked up plenty of possessions. TJASTA tried hard in a game with few standouts.

    Coney Island Warriors 23.13.151 def. Dragons FFC 6.3.39

    In what was pretty much a walkover, the Warriors defeated the Dragons by 112 points. The Warriors started the game hot, going up by 34 points at quarter time and never really looking back. I wish I could say there was at least a mini fight back from the Dragons at one point, but there really wasn’t. Embarrassing loss for the Dragons really.

    The votes -

    CM9000 (CIW) 9
    BigJoeD_ (CIW) 8
    zackah (CIW) 8
    Itsmyshow (CIW) 8

    CM9000 was brilliant for the Warriors, racking up 22 touches, laying 11 tackles and kicking 3 goals. BigJoeD_ kicked 6 goals in the domination, while zackah and Itsmyshow both racked up plenty of the ball and kicked 3 goals each. Honourable mention goes to Blaze Storm who racked up 30 touches in a side who got absolutely destroyed.

    West Coast Wonders 16.9.105 def. by Las Vegas Bears 30.13.193

    A high-scoring thriller took place at the Colosseum with the Bears running out eventual 88 point victors. The game had a very fast start with the Wonders going in ahead 47 to 35 at just quarter time - yes, you heard that right, the Wonders actually lead this game despite nearly going down by 100 points. The game continued to be a tight affair in the second quarter, with the Bears going in ahead at the half by 15 points, after being down by 4 goals halfway through the quarter.
    It was in the second half where the Bears began to assert their dominance. They ended up being ahead by 53 points at three quarter time, leaving the game all but over.

    The votes -

    gym4life (LVB) 10
    kdavva74 (LVB) 9
    JoshWoodenSpoon (LVB) 9
    brahj (LVB) 9

    gym4life was absolutely dominant in the ruck, with 17 hitouts, 32 disposals, 5 tackles and 3 goals. kdavva74 kicked a lazy 8 goals on debut, JoshWoodenSpoon had 33 touches, 11 marks and 3 goals, whilst brahj had 38 possessions, 3 goals and 6 tackles. Cactus_ was best on for the Wonders with 30 touches and 2 goals, but there were too many Bears ahead to give him votes.

    Gold City Royals 11.7.73 def. Baghdad Bombers 2.4.16

    Going from a super high scoring affair to this is quite underwhelming. The Royals absolutely dominated the Bombers, with the Bombers being unable to score a major until the third quarter. Much like the Dragons, there really aren’t any positives for the Bombers this week.

    The votes -

    Blacky (GCR) 7
    Ulahoopski (GCR) 6
    TheCoach16 (BOM) 6
    CakeEater (GCR) 6

    No serious standouts in this one. Blacky was great with 4 goals, Ulahoopski found a bit of the ball and kicked a goal, TheCoach16 was a tackling machine with 12 tackles, and CakeEater had 20 touches and 7 marks.

    Gumbies FFC 16.6.102 def. by Mount Buller Demons 18.9.117

    The Demons got an early break in this one, kicking 3 of the first 4 goals. The Gumbies fought back to be done by just 7 points at quarter time, and it seemed quite clear early on that this one could be going to the wire.
    The Demons again kicked away at the start of the second however, and continued their momentum into half time, going into the main break up by 6 goals.
    It seemed like it would be hard for the Gumbies to come back, and that proved to be correct as the Demons retained their lead going into three quarter time, being up by about 5 goals.
    The Gumbies made a valiant comeback in the last, making the scoreline more visually pleasing as they lost by just 15 points.

    The votes -

    BRAB (GUM) 8
    Proper Gander (MBD) 7
    TheDarkDwarf (MBD) 7
    cooney (MBD) 7

    BRAB was a clear standout for the Gumbies in this one, racking up 24 touches, laying 7 tackles and kicking 3 goals. Proper Gander had 21 touches and 2 goals, while the TheDarkDwarf had 26 touches and a goal in solid performances. cooney kicked 3 goals to go with his 7 marks and 16 touches in what was an impressive display.

    Roys FFC 11.9.75 def. East Side Hawks 10.11.71

    The Hawks were well on top of the Roys in the first quarter with 8 scoring shots to 2. Unfortunately for the Hawks, inaccuracy ruined their strong start as they lead by just 6 points heading into the first break.
    The second quarter was much of the same with the Hawks continuing to be the better team. They straightened up their kicking however it was the Roys kicking that was keep the game close, having not kicked a behind, leaving them just 13 points behind and well within striking range.
    The third quarter saw the Hawks briefly claim a 20 point-lead before the Roys got on a roll to go up by 3 points leading into last, setting the game up for a grandstand finish. The teams went shot for shot (mainly behinds) before the Hawks claimed a 7 point lead late. The Roys struck successive blows straight back however, to lead by 5 with little time on the clock. With just seconds remaining, Noobz0r had the chance to be a hero.
    He missed. Roys win.

    The votes -

    3KZ is Football (ROY) 8
    TedDougChris (ROY) 7
    Azarole (ROY) 6
    NinjaSwan (ESH) 6

    3KZ is Football had a great game with 27 touches and 2 goals, TedDougChris found plenty of the ball and had 9 tackles to go with it, Azarole tried hard and so did NinjaSwan who also kicked a goal.

    View attachment 535064

    View attachment 535072

    This week’s player of the week is gym4life.

    I’ve already gone over how he had an absolutely incredible game against the Wonders this week, but I’m going to do it again anyway.

    17 HOs
    32 disposals
    5 tackles
    3 goals

    Congrats on a great game, you will now go into the running for the JT Media Performance of the Year award.

    View attachment 535063

    Now we will have a leaderboard update for the JT Media Player of the Year.

    gym4life (LVB) 10
    CM9000 (CIW) 9
    kdavva74 (LVB) 9
    JoshWoodenSpoon (LVB) 9
    brahj (LVB) 9
    Sterge (FUR) 8
    BigJoeD_ (CIW) 8
    zackah (CIW) 8
    Itsmyshow (CIW) 8
    BRAB (GUM) 8
    3KZ is Football (ROY) 8
    Tigerturbulance (FUR) 7
    philreich (SCS) 7
    Blacky (GCR) 7
    Proper Gander (MBD) 7
    TheDarkDwarf (MBD) 7
    cooney (MBD) 7
    TedDougChris (ROY) 7
    TJASTA (FUR) 6
    Ulahoopski (GCR) 6
    TheCoach16 (BOM) 6
    CakeEater (GCR) 6
    Azarole (ROY) 6
    NinjaSwan (ESH) 6

    *In future I’ll probably only list the top 5 as this will get ridiculously long.

    That’s all for today’s edition of JT Media... We still have plenty more news and content to be revealed over the coming days, including the return of the #JTMedal and much, much more!

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  10. Season 26 Round 1: West Coast Wonders vs Las Vegas Bears at the Colosseum, Jul 23, 2018
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    The #JTMedal will return with the birth of JT Media.

    Sometime this week.
  12. Media Watch - Captains Rated - State of the league, Jul 21, 2018
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    Self promotion? If you wanted to pick out my media as self promotion, I feel like the #JTMedal is a better place to start...

    Also, it’s still the off-season so my media team are on holidays.
  14. JT Media - Round 2! Welcome to the Pressure Cooker! #FeelTheHeat pg. 2, Jul 10, 2018
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    Following the great success of the #JTMedal, I, JT_the_Man have decided to expand my empire...


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    JT Media will cover all SFA events like you have never seen before - with this new innovative and streamlined media service set to be at everyone’s fingertips the SFA will never be the same...

    Stay tuned for many announcements over the coming days about the exciting features JT Media plans to bring on a weekly basis...
  16. Sweet F.A Players Association - beez Trophy - S25 - winner pg. 15, Jul 9, 2018
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    The #JTMedal never really took off did it...
  18. Sweet F.A Players Association - beez Trophy - S25 - winner pg. 15, Jul 9, 2018
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    The #JTMedal will return for S26 despite this criticism.