Political Correctness is the Scourge, Dec 16, 2018 at 11:20 PM
  1. CM86

    You're not calling for me to be arrested. Nor are you calling for members of the WBC to be arrested. But you're personally "ok" with them picketing a funeral, while you have a problem with me calling out new accounts of banned posters.

    Neither situation involves the law.

    Picketing the funeral of a loved one is much more significant than calling out an alias on bigfooty. But you're OK with one, and upset with the other.

    The distinction being that one personally affects you, and the other doesn't.

    Deep down, you agree with me that there should be limitations on free speech.

    If a woman followed you around for weeks, screaming that you raped her. Would you want the law to get involved, or would you support her free speech and let the market decide?
    Do you support the #MeToo movement?
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  3. Donkey Magoo

    Yeah #metoo

    I feel though that it’s the year for it though. A lot of decent injury recovery projects or people in new clubs with new roles.
    Like Newman not good enough to play in Sydney but is a scorer and will be a superhero at Carlton.
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  5. Deliverance

    Isn't that song banned? #metoo
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  8. rfctiger74


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  10. Mr_Bojangles

    So how does this show hold up post #metoo? Can't see Hannah Gadsby doing a cameo if they make a second movie.

    It's sex and the city for dudes.
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  12. Maggie5

    As an anti-trumper (thanks PurpleEyes) I think Tillerson sums it up pretty well and is the significant difference between me and pro-trumpers.

    Tillerson and the president don’t “have a common value system”. #samesame, #metoo.

    The End.
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  15. maryjames

    Nup this case needs to be reopened. #metoo
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  17. CheapCharlie

    Feminist and self described comedian Hannah Gadsby in another of her man hating rants.

    Hannah Gadsby slams 'good men' in #MeToo speech in Hollywood