Political Discussion, Feb 18, 2018 at 7:50 AM
  1. Wayne's-World

    If we started a discussion on #metoo would probably go on & on .....chick or the egg discussion

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  3. NinjaSwan


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  6. Helen Wheels

    You have no idea how much your casual insult to akkaps hurt me.
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  8. The Filth Wizard

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  10. radiojake

    Mate I dont want to get into an argument with you on here because ive seen you rabbit on for pages about all sorts of crap so there is no point -

    Your personal experience would have sucked and I feel sorry for you there - and of course no one is trying to say that men arent victims of DV but what on earth has that got to do with this thread??

    A couple divorce and suddenly the thread turns into a mud slinging match about the legitimacy of #metoo and how footballers wives are golddiggers - then you jump in with family court bullshit

    Fmd this thread shouldn't even exist as it's not a story but given an inch a lot of you paranoid neckbearders have turned it into anothet mra counselling session
  11. Political Discussion, Feb 12, 2018
  12. CrowsB4hoes

    Well that’s true, on all sides.

    Seems Lamb is quite keen to use her personal circumstances to excuse her from obligations expected of others.

    What can never be known is that whether it is worthwhile justification or not. Anyone dare question it is a monster, especially in this #metoo time we’re in.

    But we’ve had the mum and stepmom call out untruths, and her dad’s death which was “over 20 years ago” was found to be 14 years ago.

    What we also don’t know is what other politicians have had to go through to abide by the same rules.
  13. Political Correctness is the Scourge, Feb 12, 2018
  14. Snake_Baker

    Warner Bros. must banish sexual predator Pepe Le Pew

    Since 1945, millions of children have grown up watching the Warner Bros. cartoon character “Pepe' Le Pew” force unwanted advances on "Penelope Pussycat," a female cat whom he mistakes for a skunk. With the long overdue rise of the #MeToo movement, we are all now faced with the mighty task of examining when, where and how society still informs us that it is okay for men to force non-consensual intimacy on women. “Pepe’ Le Pew” shows us that this habituation starts in childhood. Disturbingly, it was revealed at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con that Max Landis is currently penning a new Pepé Le Pew feature film for Warner Bros. This is unacceptable. Accordingly, we invite Warner Bros. to seize the moment, learn from it, stop perpetuating violence against women and demonstrate through responsible action that large corporations are capable of evolving for the good of all. Until this happens, we will boycott all Warner Bros. products and services.
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  16. La Dolce Vita

    oh dear
    A leading advocate of the #metoo campaign has been accused of sexual harassment by two men.
    Unlike the current trend these incidents were reported at the time and corroborated by 3rd parties.

    of course when hearing of these complaints she demanded Due Process
    something she raged against been offered to men accused of similar acts

    No one does hypocrite like feminists
  17. Anthony Mundine Makes Racist Comment About Jeff Horn, Feb 11, 2018
  18. YEWNIT

    Look at this regressive left/SJW article for example....

    Plenty of talk about #metoo and homophobia, but ZERO mention of his racist comments against whites.