The media....*Shakes Head* Part 6, May 23, 2018 at 3:18 PM
  1. Papa G

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  3. Procrastinator35

    The details are classified, but he's been directly implicated in the scandal to the same extent to which Clinton has.

    The entire #Metoo campaign has been a Western MSM cover, ploy & distraction to detract from the fact that Pizza-Gate merely scratches the surface of what's been going on in Washington DC, these past 50 odd years or so.....Do you really wonder why they want Assange dead?

    George Bush senior was directly implicated in a scandal & expose himself in the 80's......A story that was pulled from airing at the last minute, at the behest of the powers that be.....The scale & extent of the cover-ups is absolutely monumental.
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  5. Steinfreo

    #metoo is overall a good thing though, cant discredit the whole movement because a few people exploit it.
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  7. Satan

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  9. And_ROOS

    Garbage, includes chicken noises and the phrase "stupid boy", claims to be about the #metoo movement, and the only thing people have said about it online is that its cultural appropriation because of how she dresses and the cats she had on the shelves.

    One big cluster**** that only won because of political reasons.
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  12. freo1997

    I’ve been with us since the first practice match at shark park as a youngster mate...memorized freo stats & facts before learning running writing. I’ve been through the shit and it will continue until we win the flag. And yes these years following freo has made me a what!

    And my auntie does have a beard so I take offense to that. #metoo #grizzlyadamsauntie
  13. Are Fremantle a troubled club?, May 13, 2018
  14. fnerd

    The whole #metoo movement and general vibe of raising awareness around sexual harassment towards woman has seen what I have always thought is an opportunistic attempt by the complainant/family/lawyers to try and milk this for more money, hardly unsurprising
  15. Ross Lyon Sexual Harassment, May 12, 2018
  16. Scritchyscroony

    Seems uncle Rossco has badly misinterpreted the #metoo movement. He was just trying to throw his support behind it but has come at it from completely the wrong angle the poor bugger.

    # "I'm a dirty old octopus"
    # "Me too"