Season 25 Round 4: Gumbies FFC v West Coast Wonders @ The House of Gumby, Feb 21, 2018 at 11:21 AM
  1. dogs105



  2. I've Had Enough, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:04 PM
  3. rfctiger74

    That i dont get

    When the WONDERS have a #nodickheads policy BUT recruit U2tigers surely everyone knows sfa is a pisstake
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  5. CaptainChardonnay

    Happy are you???

    Let me see what I can do to sort that out....


    The heat is coming for Laird. No Smith = more time into Laird and he won't like it
    Crouch will lose points and midfield minutes to Gibbs. That and his older brother will finally, finally break out.
    Coniglio should of stuck with cricket. You'll know why by rd7.
    Lycett is a hack and whilst might play a few games in supporting nicnat back through rds 1 - 5, will quickly find himself playing WAFL (Not before losing $50k).
    Petracca is a small fwd. Champion data hates small fwds. If they didn't, Eddie Betts would be worth $900k and a captain every week. Don't get sucked in by champion data giving him mid DPP. I'll get more midfield time then he will.
    Sicily is a flog. enough said. #nodickheads Apart from that, he'll cop a 3 week suspension by rd 7.
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  7. Elton Johns Wig

    I agree 100% with this. And we have no desire to emulate the Bombers. Hence the #nodickheads policy. But I think the more contributors the better. An even spread is desirable in any side, regardless as to whether they are a high posting side or not.

    I'd be interested as to what your understanding as active is. This is not a loaded question, or a point scoring exercise, genuinely interested.
    I reckon it's holding a double digit average through the season. Also that the team has somewhat of a media presence.
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  9. dogs105

    Yep. We're a team with solid work ethic and even contributions.

    And #NoDickheads
  10. Boys Club!, Feb 12, 2018
  11. NickCC

    Just kidding, this thread isn't about the boys club.

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Also how good are those Wonders going?

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  13. rfctiger74

    Nah, it will be the #nodickheads WONDERS
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