2017 The Summer of George Trade Period Part 1, Oct 4, 2017
  1. scottjr

  2. Help Adelaide have the ugliest guernsey in 2018, Sep 14, 2017
  3. Vikingblood

    Since you can't have your wish of #playframpton, here's some Frampton playing for you. See, I am a good bloke!

  4. Port v Collingwood Review, Aug 14, 2017
  5. Ford Fairlane

    I'll agree with you Macca. He was strong down back and we looked more stable with him back there, especially linking up with Houston. That goal at the end was a nice moment in time but don't get it too confused with sustainable substance.

    He's pretty much established himself back in the side after one game. I'm sure there will be games where he struggles against established forwards but he has the aggression, size and athleticism to go with them. I feel more confident in him than Austin right now.

    If Trengove comes back in next week it gives us some new options to mix and match forward and back. Next year Marshall comes into the mix as well as #PlayFrampton and suddenly we have genuine tall options across the ground.
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  7. Changes v Collingwood, Aug 9, 2017
  8. MutleyDog

    This is a defining selection.

    Option 1 - No unforced changes as we are scared that potentially we are not going to make finals and don't want to take a risk.

    Option 2 - Give some guys a chance to put their heads over the ball and show us what they can do.

    If we take option 1, we are f***ed

    #playframpton #playatley #playdrew
  9. Changes v Collingwood, Aug 9, 2017
  10. Ford Fairlane

    Wait til they finally #PlayFrampton. Then you'll see frees against. Maybe a couple in the car park. ;)
  11. Changes v Collingwood, Aug 8, 2017
  12. Pick 84 (2014) - Billy Frampton 200cm Ruck, Aug 8, 2017
  13. Ford Fairlane


    He is so clean overhead and so mobile. Play him as a lead up forward/target man in the middle and give him the occasional spell in ruck.
  14. Changes v Collingwood, Aug 7, 2017
  15. Changes v Collingwood, Aug 6, 2017
  16. crafty_bernardo

    Sam Gray will collect 25 disposals and 3 goals next week :'(


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