Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 26, 2018
  1. V9x18

    I will bet anything you want Barkley won't be the pick at 1. I'll give you any odds you want.

    Taylor is the starting quarterback, he'll set an example, he'll be a bridge but he has his own career to worry about, he's not going to Bbe in the kids ear 24/7. Stanton is the mentor, like Sanchez was last year for Trubisky. This is another investment in the rookie QB.

    Kessler and Hogan have as good a chance of making the 53 man roster I do. Total non-entities.

  2. Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 26, 2018
  3. V9x18

    Come on. This has gone to far.

    Drew Stanton isn't stopping anybody from drafting a QB. This only further points to the fact we'll be drafting somebody at 1. Stanton is the perfect mentor. Been around the league, knows what it takes to have a career, but is aware that he's not being paid to compete for the job, he's being paid to set an example for the rookie.

    It's #QbAt1 and stop trying to jinx it!
  4. Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 25, 2018
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    We're not. Don't worry :)

  6. Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 22, 2018
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    "Perfect. I don't care if it rains. I'm trying to go to Cleveland."

    I love that, even though I think he's crazy.

    He's a riskier pick, and he wouldn't be my first choice. But I still really like him as a prospect. Excited to see him as a Brown and excited that we'll finally have a #QbAt1
  8. Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 15, 2018
  9. V9x18

    Some thoughts on FA, this will be a long one that no one will read but I'm posting it anyway :)

    When Donald Stephenson is getting a contract before free agency even starts you know the league has a serious o-line problem. If he starts any games we are going to lose them. He'd be lucky to beat out Rod Johnson. Dude couldn't block me. Hope he doesn't make the team.

    I like what we've done for the most part. Really liked the Tyrod and Randall trades. I wouldn't have traded for Landry but I get why they did. Shame to see Shelton go. He's really good at what he does, it's just what he does isn't that valuable and doesn't fit our scheme, so we were never going to sign him. That's the problem with constantly turning over staffs, you lose quality players because they don't fit with the new guys. Would have liked to get more for him, because he is going to be a stud in New England. Fits their scheme perfectly and Bellichick will get the best out of him. Happy for Danny that he goes to a winner, he's such a nice dude. Positive is that everyone will get to see what I've been saying all year, Larry Ogunjobi is an absolute monster and should have been starting all 2017.

    Hubbard was a good signing. Decent money, nothing crazy but he's a competent, young OT and those don't come cheap in this league. I expect he'll be our RT and Shon Coleman will move to LT where he played at Auburn. Coleman was ok for a first year starter, I think he has the ankles to play LT and he's a beast in the run game. Not consistent enough though, way too many holding penalties. Will never be able to replace 73, nobody will. But I think if your week 1 line is Coleman/Bitonio/Tretter/Zeitler/Hubbard that's pretty good.

    like the Chris Smith signing. Seahawks wanted him and Bengals wanted to keep him but he's a Cleveland guy and wanted to play for the Browns. Makes me question his sanity a bit tbh. Will provide good depth behind Ogbah and Garrett, which is a desperate need for us. When one or both are out the pass rush fell off a cliff. Continue building up the trenches.

    Carlos Hyde is just OK to me. Would have rather just taken 2 backs in this loaded draft. He's a marginally better runner than Crow, but he's 2 years older and has injury problems so it's probably a slight net downgrade. But if this finally shuts up the Barkley at 1 nut jobs then it will be worth double what we paid. Take a runner in round two and sign Duke Johnson please Dorsey.

    One signing I thought was smart was Darren Fells. A very good blocking tight end. Should immediately improve the run game, and he didn't give up a single sack last year in like 200 pass blocking snaps. Might need him in pass pro without JT. Not much of a catcher but we don't need him to be and he's a decent red zone threat. Should be a good veteran mentor to our athletic freaks in Devalve and Njoku. Huge upgrade from Randall Telfer, the blocking tight end that couldn't block. Older than you'd like but we're paying him very little, hopefully in a couple years when he leaves Njoku is ready to be an every down tight end, David made huge leaps as a blocker in the second half of the season.

    The corner back signings do very little for me. Seems like we were spending just for the sake of it. Don't think our room is any better, just has more CB 2s and CB 3s. I hated the T.J Carrie signing when I saw the original figure, but after breaking down the contract it's actually fine. It's essentially a one year prove it deal. We can cut him at the end of the year for basically nothing. So very unlikely he sees most of that 31 million. BBC is a better slot than him so hopefully he can replace Jamar Taylor as our CB2. We desperately need to address boundary corner with either 4 or 33. Denzel Ward or trading back into the first for Jaire Alexander have to be in consideration.

    Overall I liked what we did for the most part. The overall philosophy of improving the middle class of this team was a sound one, and something that needed to happen. We missed out on the big names but guys like A-Rob or Tru Johnson aren't going to bet their career on going to an 1-31 head coach that is probably going to get fired. Signing 3 year deals and paying slight overs was smart because it means we aren't committed long term to these guys, so we can re-sign the guys that will be needing new contracts in a couple years. Guys like Ogbah, Schobert, Johnson, Tretter, Ogunjobi, Garrett, Njoku.

    Gets a small thumbs up from me. Just get to the draft and get me a #QbAt1
  10. 2018 NFL Draft - 27/04/2018 [No Twitter Spoilers], Mar 8, 2018
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    That's just not true. The safest player in this draft is Quenton Nelson, I'll eat my foot if he busts. Should the Browns draft him first overall? Of course not.

    Barkley is likely to be a good player, but he has some serious question marks as a prospect.

  12. 2018 NFL Draft - 27/04/2018 [No Twitter Spoilers], Mar 8, 2018
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    It's posts like these that make me want a dislike button

  14. Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic], Mar 8, 2018
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    Browns should take Nelson first overall.

  16. 2018 NFL Draft - 27/04/2018 [No Twitter Spoilers], Mar 6, 2018
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    Geoff gets it

  18. 2018 NFL Draft - 27/04/2018 [No Twitter Spoilers], Mar 6, 2018
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    That trade would have to be worked out pre draft for me to be ok with it.

    Even if they are tossing up between 2, pick the one you like the most at 1. Don't even leave the slightest possiblity that a team like the Jets or Miami could jump you with a godfather offer. When you hold the number 1 pick and need a quarterback in a good quarterback draft, any scenario that leaves the door open for you not getting the quarterback you want should be off the table.