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  1. KohPhi

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    Howdy folks, today I'm catching up with our favourite #SuperNerd, the magnificent PhenomenalV1.
    I've made my way to the annual Baghdad Comic-Con where the self annointed SuperRookie is cooking up a storm in one of the event catering kitchens.

    Here he is...Welcome to "Coffee with KohPhi" SuperRookie, great to talk to you..
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    P- Hey there KohPhi! Do you mind if we chat whilst I cook man, it's pretty hectic.
    K- Sure thing star..

    K- Firstly, and it's my standard question, how were you recruited on to the Bombers roster? I'm on the Blues board a fair bit and can't recall seeing you there. What boards do you frequent on SFA?
    P- I actually was a long time lurker of the Footy Jumpers and Graphic Design board (I'm a bit of a footy jumper nerd), and I didn't discover the SFA until around November last year. I was searching for a customizable Aussie Rules game (long story, don't ask), and I came across Qooty, and with it, the SFA.
    Seeing as I'd finally found a footy league where I wouldn't get bullied by my own teammates (the reason I stopped playing IRL footy), I created a BigFooty account at last (also because I wanted to get on board with some jumper designs I'd been doing), and I hit up the sign up thread. Haro was the first captain to PM me, and the rest is history.

    K- Half way through your debut season, how have you found it? What have you enjoyed? What haven't you enjoyed?
    P- I can tell you right now that I haven't enjoyed being dragged by the sim two minutes into my first match on the wing.
    Wait...let me taste this...hmmm a tad more salt I think.
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    P- I have enjoyed the banter a lot more than I thought I would. Getting stuck in with the whole#SuperRookie persona certainly helped.

    K- I notice on the main board you are a strong chance to be in Sterge's Top 10 rookies for S.23. As a fellow Sterge identified top rookie in my rookie season (S.21), what do you think you need to do to become a SFA superstar like myself?
    P- I'm honestly surprised that I cracked the top 10! Thought I'd be down with the inactives for sure after my initial impression on the league.
    Go in all guns blazing. Jump in the deep end. Some other third risky activity. A lot of what I've been doing here is just following the leads of more established Qootballers like you, Sterge, and others.
    It's funny, I keep getting identified as Haro's lackey, when I feel like I've been your lackey mostly.
    So there's the secret. Suck up to your captains.
    Ok, first dish ready..
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    K- ummm.. what the **** is that?
    P- Ahhh... one of my signature dishes mate, jellied camel with an avocado and pea paste.

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    K- Nah..... I'm good. Thanks.

    K- Ok, how hard was it relocating to Baghdad?
    Is there a strong Cosplay community here?
    P- Easier than I thought. It definitely helps that as the chosen one of the Qooty Gods, I have access to portals that take me to the Qooty temple in the Himalayas and back home to Melbourne.

    K- Who have been your favourite opponents so far? Why?
    DapperJong and I clicked surprisingly well after getting off to a rough start. The Furies are my favourite team to play against, mostly because we have similar styles of posting.

    K- Which of your fellow Baghdad rookies have impressed you the most?
    P- The inactives. Just joking! No, the fellow members of our Carlton Quartet in TheCoach16 and Tony Lynn 15 have been nothing but gold.

    K- What does a SuperRookie do in his spare time?
    P- I like cycling, walking, watching TV shows and movies, playing video games, writing, designing fictional football jumpers (shameless plug for my ongoing portfolio here:, singing, songwriting, raising chickens, I'm basically a jack of all trades.
    Hold on mate, just got to turn off the oven. Can you taste test the chicken for me?

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    K- What the **** is wrong with you man?
    K- Just give me a sec mate.. feeling a tad crook.. ok, your match day feasts are a thing of beauty. (Unlike today).Where did you learn to cook?
    P- I learned to cook when I was a kid, basic life skills. I didn't start seriously cooking until I learned of the Infinite Pantry (and fridge and bar) of the Qooty Gods, and with their permission, started sharing my culinary gifts with the SFA.

    K- What is the funniest thing you have seen/read in the SFA so far?
    P-The reactions to me posting pictures of Cameron Ling on #rednesday.

    K- Over the past 2-3 seasons, The Bombers have struggled to hold onto talented rookies. Other clubs will have or will start enquiring soon.. Will you resist the offers like I did (and still do) or will you be tempted to move?
    P- I haven't received any offers from rival clubs (yet), so I might be staying here for a bit.
    I've told Haro that I'll be sticking around for at least this home and away season. I did tell him, though, that I'd be leaving for the Dragons if we weren't playing finals Qootball.
    But, things do change, and as long as you, Coach and Tony are staying, the Four Qooty Musketeers will always have an SFA home at the Bombers.
    Ok, last dish. Slow cooked dog head to be served on a bed of asian style slaw.
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    P- You ok mate??
    K- Sorry mate.. I think I had some dodgy Weetbix for breakfast.
    P- Well try take it outside mate, I got HACCP regulations to adhere to.

    K- Sure mate...sure...ok so TheCoach16. Is he your father?
    P- No, no. As much as I'd like him to be, Coach isn't my dad. He'd probably beat up my real dad though.

    K- Ive enjoyed the couple of media threads you have done. They have been well written with a good dose highbrow humour involved.. Do you see yourself taking on more media in the coming seasons?
    P- Don't know where you got the "highbrow" thing from! You've got to remember that I'm in my early 20's and I still watch cartoons!
    I do hope to become the Bombers media guru in the near future. In terms of interviews in the #SuperRookieShowcase, I do want to sit down and chat with The Filth Wizard before he leaves his post as League Mod. Perhaps a round table discussion with the key members of the Trolls bid.
    I also want to do a weekly wrap-up of the rounds Qooty action, maybe starting next season, but I think the Ladder, Fixture and results thread does a good enough job.

    P- Ok mate what comes to mind when I mention these words;

    K- Fried food
    P- Potato Cakes

    K- Elton Johns Wig
    P- The Palpatine to my Luke Skywalker. The Bowser to my Mario. The Zoran Lazarovic to my Nathan Drake. The Kevin Owens to my Sami Zayn. The Cinder Fall to my Jaune Arc. You get the gist.

    K- My gifs
    P- Inspiring

    K- TonyLynn15
    P- He-Man

    K- Dr.Who or BattleStar Gallactica?
    P- Doctor Who, mostly because I still haven't got around to checking out BattleStar Gallactica. If you had said "Doctor Who or Star Trek: The Next Generations", then things might have been a bit trickier

    K- #rednesday
    P- A day that fulfills my weekly needs of Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Ling

    Nerd chick with awesome tits- OMG!! Are you KohPhi? Baghdad Bombers superstar?
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    K- yes yes!! I am KohPhi
    Tits- Wow....just wow! I love your costume..You look JUST like him! Can we hang out?
    K- Sure thing sweetcheeks. Catch you later SuperRookie. Thanks for today man, I'm off to try dessert.
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  3. Elton Johns Wig

    A fanta pants, a ginger ninja, a redhead, One of Goods Clowns...... the secret reason behind #rednesday

    On SM-G900I using mobile app
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  5. arrowman

    Well, there's just The Vest and me right now, let's get #rednesday going and see if that attracts the hordes.

  6. Sterge Tonight presents: The Top 7 Rookies S23 (extended) edition, Apr 19, 2017 at 9:10 AM
  7. Sterge

    The Sterge Tonight team have always been excellent judges of talent and it was no different this season when we recognised our 4th placed rookie's early talent and drafted him into our superqoach team, we also know when the talent needs a helping hand and not ones to hold rookies back we released him from the team so that his full potential could be reached. Let's be honest though there are probably 2 standout EKA contenders this season then you can throw a blanket over any of the other 5 in the countdown for the minor placings but that doesn't make any of them any less worthy however with a late charge as has happened in seasons past we could see this rookie having a serious crack at a win. So on this Wednesday morning let's give a warm welcome to the studio, his initials may be BS however his answers are anything but, our 4th placed rookie and founder of #rednesday


    4th: Blaze Storm

    ST: You have been posting up a storm for the Dragons so far, but tell the readers why you went with the Dragons in the end?

    I spoke to a couple of the guys in the leadership group and it seemed like a good enough club.
    The posters in the Dragons camp seem to be very laid-back, especially the crusty veterans. There's very little "back in my day..." going on, which is good. I was also told that the Swamprats were spammy losers that everyone hated, but they're not that bad. I prefer to be in a team that has a lot to say rather than... well... the Roys.

    Also Hate and his graphics. I don't know if you guys in other teams check out our team thread very often, but Hate's graphics are the reason I get up in the morning. That and the fact that my bed is often a cardboard box covered in broken glass.

    ST: A string of draws earlier this season has really put the skids on the Dragons season, how do you come back from that and have a genuine crack at being runners up again?

    For starters, we really need to get iBeng back to his behind-kicking best. Needless to say a draw is one last-minute behind away from being a win.

    ST: Let's be honest, the Dragons don't have much going for them where do you see yourself come season 24?

    Hopefully not in my pants.


    ST: How have you rated your rookie season so far?

    Not too bad. I'm pretty happy with some of the games and it's fun reading through the game posts. I like playing in the midfield because I feel like I'm helping a bit more, but of course it's always a wrestle for those positions.

    My games picked up once you dropped me from your fantasy team, which I can assure you were two completely independent things... and nothing to do with spite.

    Posting wise, I'm enjoying the banter in many threads. My posts can sometimes be described as a bit spammy, especially with the greatest accomplishment in my life to date: #rednesday. That being said, I try to bring both teams into the thread as much as possible to keep the thread rolling. I've been mostly successful.

    There's a big drive at the Dragons to contribute to the thread, it's finding that balance between spam and silence that's a little difficult. More poo-wee jokes seem to be par for course, so I'll need to work on that in the off season.

    *A visual representation of the wider leagues response to #rednesday

    ST: If it's not you holding the EKA medal on Mobbs night then who will it be?

    There's a LOT of good rookies around. Not so many great ones, though.

    Maybe Tony Lynn 15, TheCoach16, MaxMinch or Fryer Tuck?

    I would have said Scorpus, but if he won, I'd still be holding the medal. That and his hair back.

    ST: Thanks for your time

    My invoice is in the mail.

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  9. Van_Dyke

    Our 3rd club for the day, is Dragons FFC

    Dragons FFC:

    EKA: Blaze Storm

    The Vanilla Dragons are possibly losing their taste, if they continue to gain posters such as Blaze Storm. An impressive poster in our match thread against them, he’s already up there as one of the best posters within his club. His #rednesday initative is one we can all get behind

    ALF: None

    Hatchy1992 is simply too far behind to catch the leading pack and to win the ALF.

    Mobbs: Hate

    Hate has consistently been one of the premier rucks in the SFA. Despite a relatively low hitout count (9th for hitouts), he’s also had 20 touches a game, which is the 2nd highest of all ruckman in the SFA. Thanks to the previous favourite for the Dragons in cammo6556 mmoving himself out of Ruck Rover, hate is left as last man standing

    All-SFA: Hate (see above), Pie 4 Life, cammo6556, Blaze Storm (see above)

    Pie 4 Life has beaten numerous full forwards this season, and could be a Jazny esque selection this season. The current captain of the Dragons, cammo6556 could well find himself in the All-SFA side. Despite being up there for the mobbs, he now finds himself at CHF, and as a result could see himself slotted into a flank.
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  11. Sterge

    Look lets just say the founder of #rednesday will prob kick of the day tomorrow
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  13. Blaze Storm

    What's your position on hot redheads?

    I need more people on board with my #rednesday initiative.
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  15. Blaze Storm

    I'm disappointed, I must say. I stop posting 100+ per week for a couple of weeks and #rednesday falls completely by the wayside.

    Understandable given the salty responses and complaints we've been getting from sensitive teams, but if you can't enjoy a good ranga every once in a while, what are you even doing with your life?
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  17. VSTone

    Cheer up Wizza's it's #rednesday




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  19. Hatchy1992

    Don't mind me Wolves, I'm gonna enjoy myself on this fine #rednesday

    Feel free to join me everyone