Random Chat Megathread Mk II, Dec 6, 2018 at 8:19 AM
  1. SparkleNarkle

    No. Allegiances must be formed among boards. Given Fizzler's role in the BFFCL, I think we can be friends with the cricket board, and the #returnthewings and #bringbackthebars campaigns would lead to us becoming friends with the West Coast and Port Adelaide boards.

    Other than that, we're a little on our own
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  3. Dazzler10

    #Bringbackthebars is gaining some serious traction. There was even an article about it on the AFL website today, plus some support on the radio and elsewhere.

    It's #returnthewings on speed. I'm even getting a little nostalgic.
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  5. Quinz

    That explains the tan level, if nothing else.

    Everyone here who liked and supported the #returnthewings campaign should go over to the Port board and support #bringbackthebars

    Port wearing the PBs in the AFL on a permanent basis would be awesome IMO.
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  7. Dazzler10

    This takes me back to 2014 when #returnthewings was fighting the good fight. Good luck all!!
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  9. melanChronic

    Interesting to note that the petition that was a part of the #returnthewings campaign only had 330 signatures:

    Ours blows that out of the park. Did they have some other mechanism that allowed them to get such a significant change through?
  10. #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!, Nov 28, 2018
  11. TY24

    I’ll be honest, at first I was in the ‘no’ camp, but remembering the #ReturnTheWings campaign which I wish I could’ve been part of (was before my time on BigFooty), combined with seeing some of the arguments and the passion from port fans in this thread has won me over.

    Petition signed, will share the petition to the WCE supporter groups that I’m part of on Facebook as well.

    On iPad using mobile app
  12. #BringBackTheBars - Our Heritage, Our History, Our Right!, Nov 24, 2018
  13. Doctor Feel

    I'd also love to see a BringBackTheBars icon for bigfooty, I distinctly recall the Eagles campaign of #ReturnTheWings had one. Infact I got awarded one because I was involved in it (see under my username). I love to see clubs stick to traditional aspects.
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  15. El_Scorcho

    We would absolutely achieve our goal of wearing the prison bars as a main strip if we pushed hard for it. There has never been a concerted, long term campaign to achieve it. If someone wants to run that, speaking to the guys behind #returnthewings would be a great start. They had a simple premise and they pushed until they achieved it.
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  17. El_Scorcho

    Where do you think the #ReturnTheWings campaign started?
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  19. Pappagallo


    In any event none of this has anything to do with the Port Store. Off season guernsey talk is Locker Room talk.