SEASON 24 SFA GRAND FINAL: East Side Hawks vs Baghdad Bombers at SFA Park, Dec 15, 2017
  1. Agent93

    Lies and #scandal Filth and you know it. I will expose you to the harsh light of the SFA and all will be aware of your devious manipulations and misdeeds.

    Wait. No. You're on my team. Carry on.

    Tony Lynn is a dropkick.
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  3. SEASON 24 SFA GRAND FINAL: East Side Hawks vs Baghdad Bombers at SFA Park, Dec 12, 2017
  4. Agent93

    See? QADA. There's a #scandal brewing.
  5. Slightly Less Than 958 Days In The Making, Dec 11, 2017
  6. Agent93

    #scandal !
  7. Sweet F.A Players Association - beez Trophy - pg. 16 - Top 3 -Dec 11th, Dec 9, 2017
  8. sportsmaniac89

    Christmas pudding or chocolate pudding?

    I’ll be sure to look out for this so-called proof.

    I suspect it might ruin the taste of that pudding though.

    Either way, here’s my challenge to you.

    Either post a new thread or make a post in #scandal, show the entire SFA the proof of this rigging. You can’t use the leaderboard as Hate has calculated that perfectly.

    That is your challenge.

    I look forward to the response.
  9. #scandal, Dec 6, 2017
  10. Blacky


    Ant Bear is this the moment you decided to murder Millky?
  11. 'Tex' Walker unhappy to share nickname, Nov 20, 2017
  12. Season 24, Round 15 - Fighting Furies vs Sin City Swamprats at Punt Road, Nov 10, 2017
  13. Cloud_

    Dear Sterge,

    I am penning this letter to you to congratulate you on a wonderfully successful Qooty career in the Sweet Football Association. Since you have announced your intention to retire at the end of this season and nobody ever changes their mind about retirement, I won't be getting a chance to look back on your time here again.

    When you first entered the league as a rookie over three seasons ago, my first memory was you making a shameless self-promotional media thread before your debut about winning the EKA, I admit I thought that you were a total upstart flog who won't last three weeks. Some weeks later, I realised how wrong my first impression was when you posted somewhere that you needed to win the EKA in order to help your fragile ego and insecurities about lacking badges, at this moment I thought 'This guy is perfect for the Sweet FA, he'll win the EKA and be here for years!' And as usual, I was proven right. You absolutely killed it that rookie season. The EKA was pretty much in the bag the moment you decided to write that media thread interviewing yourself and that other rookie rankings thread putting Butler at Number 1.

    Anyway, we've certainly shared some great memories over the past few seasons. Remember that time we thought up the plan to doctor a PM and make it look like you were ghost writing for tgrs? How good was that? While #scandal was all the rage as well, it certainly caused a bit of a stir. We did give the screencap to BRAB to post, which in turn was the beginning of him becoming what he is today... But it was worth it for the moment right? Moving on, you may not be aware of it but you and I were both crucial in recruiting Thatsapaddlin to the league. It was an incredible sliding door moment where you criticised Quiv's recruitment, Filthy made the "That's a paddlin" Simpsons reference and then I tagged him randomly. Without you having a crack at Quiv, paddles wouldn't even be in the league right now. You were also the one who made NaturalDisaster the superstar he is when you nominated him for All-SFA. Sure, he didn't make it into the team but it was the catalyst to him becoming the league's notorious best match thread poster. This is why you're such a special leader Sterge, always bringing helping develop young aspiring Qooty players like tgrs, BRAB and NaturalDisaster. What else has happened? Remember that time last season where Golumless and Noobz0r were here and we antagonised your team about TV show discussion? You spent the rest of the season telling us how shit at banter we were and were no longer any fun. Haha, good times... Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the league mate. Your many scandals, media threads and epic meltdowns will be missed.

    Yours truly,

  15. Dawn to Dark

    *Warning - This Post contains 100% factual information

    After exposing the Boys/genius club and watching them melt, its time for Part 2. Over 35 posters had there say on the #scandal and there were over 300 posts made in 38 hours. There was outrage by some and there was disgust by the BC members. But there is more to be said about this minnow club and its parent club, The Gentlemen's Club.

    Anyway before we rip into those matters let's see how each of the Boys Club reacted to being torn a new asshole and humiliatingly exposed.

    - The Filth Wizard responded by creating his own thread to take the limelight off me. He even used the same title adding a question mark to prove he isn't a parrot. TFW has just proven that he is an attention seeking whore. He was very sulky too and pointed the blame at other members.

    - Noobz0r claimed that the old wounds were healing. Well mate, your BC still had a presence that was destroying this league.

    - pantskyle claimed that the club had disbanded and rejoined. Another ****** in denial. FYI you are still racist

    - haydo23 went rage. What a useless campaigner

    - brahj wrote us an essay

    - And Hate , SM + Blacky were too embarrassed to respond. Hate must be reeling about the fact that he's a corrupt admin

    D2D can confirm that the Boys Club is also made up of: haydo23 , Ant Bear , Golumless , brahj , spookism , Dingster , I Dont Care , Grav , Papa Juggs , Itsmyshow , BRAB and of course Cloud_ .

    Cloud_ is a lying little shit. He claims 'that the Boys Club is an instance of self fulfilling prophecy. They adopted a siege mentality banding together to defend themselves.' These are his words when he is part of this group. Stop trying to defend your groups actions by writing us a 100 word essay being critical of your groups actions. And you then accuse posters of believing that there is an evil syndicate controlling decision making within the league. The Filth Wizard voted fellow boys member Hate in as admin. This is clear proof.

    Now there's also another mafia like club that roams the streets of the SFA in tandem with the Boys Club. The Gentleman's club and the Boys Club are the same thing just with different titles. They are made up of the same posters, they have the same principles and ideology as each other.

    Ant Bear is another lying tweed. When he created the Gentleman's he claimed he was anti boys club.

    'For several seasons, the Boy's Club, a shadowy, sinister group of powerful figures who hide their identities and plot the downfall of fellow Qootiers away from the auspices of the forums. In FaceBook chat rooms so secretive that a password is required to enter, they plot, and conspire to sway opinions to their agendas.'

    But it's the line 'executive committee will consider your application and respond within 24 hours. The committee was in fact the Boys Club. Ant Bear you are clearly part of the Boys Club and you have committed all of the above.

    There is something more hurtful and horrifying that the SFA people must know. There may be Match fixing and tampering of results occurring in the SFA. I'm not saying it is happening but it needs to be said. Three of our current match simulators: Hate , NaturalDisaster and spookism are all boys club members. Would you trust them to post the correct match qooty thread/results considering that they are Boys Club members.

    Enjoy and have a nice long weekend
  17. Dawn to Dark

    *Warning - This Thread contains 100% factual information

    Oh the boys club. A miniature, wannabe apex gang that allegedly roams the streets of the SFA. They call the shots, they run proceedings. How this group came to such great heights is a question for the senior players of the SFA to answer.

    The Boys Club's sole ambition is to create tension and large divide across the SFA. This isn't good for the integrity of the league nor is it culturally appropriate.

    These members need to be named and shamed for their vile acts.

    Blacky , The Filth Wizard , Noobz0r , Hate, Loonerty , pantskyle and SM are the members that the D2D authorities can 100% confirm are part of this faction.

    iBeng , Ant Bear , NaturalDisaster , Golumless , spookism , DapperJong and Itsmyshow are probably part of this pathetic bunch of spineless cucks too.

    haydo23 claims he's the leader but he's a useless pile of shit

    I'm that good ASIO have tried to recruit me but I chose to work for Julian Assange instead.

    Let's get onto the business. Anyway, It's an embarrassment that The Filth Wizard was ever entrusted to run the SFA. How does a campaigner like him enjoy this power. Oh yes, The Boys Club. And go figure, he picks another one of his Boys Club members, Hate. Rules are then changed to satisfy the members of this so called 'elusive club' and Redneck Wednesday is also abolished to prevent the Boys Club from being banned. They prevented others from having a right to apply for the highly sought after Admin position which in turn went to a Boys Club member. This is not an accusation, it is 100% fact. Blacky sat there and did nothing like the useless lost cause he is. All three are power hungry mods that will do everything to protect There members from the chiefs axe.

    ClarkeM and Papa Juggs both recognised this

    'You're a joke. Your time as admin will be quickly forgotten simply because you'resuch a soft cock to go on and pick a wishy washy politician as your replacement. Don't get me wrong Hate has run a good campaigner but he is basically just a nicer version of Okey and this league doesn't need another self serving arrogant egotistical dickhead that can do no wrong like that. You have let me down, you have let the whole committee down, you have let the captains down and you have let the whole league down.
    You suck.'

    'It's my honest opinion that a lot of things in the Sweet FA need to change and everything that I would propose to the league would be fruitful and re-energise the league. Not being allowed to even discuss these ideas to The Filth Wizard was also upsetting. To show the lack of integrity our current admin possesses, he reverted to the fact that I "knew the deadline was Thursday" which was 100% true. Insinuating that I hadn't applied prior to the deadline, he was wrong. I submitted my application with a shortlist of topics/ideas with the invitation to discuss on the Monday BEFORE the deadline. I never received a PM back.'

    It's a pity Papa Juggs is an alleged boys club member
    What a ******

    We then had spam and known keyboard warrior SM give his insight into how the Boys Club can save the league. Do you think you're part of the Saudi royal family or what mate. As for your proposal it's putrid. DRAFT would never work and it would just cause tension. Stop trying to empower the boys club you vanilla kuck. Your case is Dismissed.

    There's also Noobz0r who does his analysis on just the Baghdad Bombers. He's obviously too busy sucking Boys Club CEO Blacky dick and giving pantskyle rub and tug, Yes I do support gay marriage. Pantskyle by the way has been proven to be a racist on multiple occasions. But the cherry on top is when Noobz the incompetent bigot decided to give PhenomenalV1 a B grade. Phenom is nothing but an arrogant, whiney, irrelevant piece of nothingness at the Bombers.

    I'm calling you out Boys Club.
    You are no secret society, whatever you may be is nothing special.
    Either come out together in numbers or stay silent like little c.u.c.k.s - #scandal

    Have a nice day

    *Hate (your inclusion may be for comical purposes)