S24 R6 - Southern Dragons vs East Side Hawks at Dragon Island, Sep 5, 2017
  1. Hate

    brahj #scandal Agent93 dislikes one of the three b's
  2. The Sin City Swamprats S24 Official Team Thread - Now sponsored by Norton360, Sep 3, 2017
  3. sportsmaniac89

    I think it's a #scandal worth investigating in all seriousness, why we always have to play teams above us
  4. SFA Ask Me Anything (Episode 33: miggs - pg. 143), Sep 1, 2017
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    Yes but you will pay a compounded interest. Don't make me come smash your windows out of your Camry

    I'm afraid the Calais is in for a service. The roof lining is sagging more than 15 yo single mothers tits

    Not yet. But I'm pretty sure I spotted him at the audition. He was trying to hide behind Quiv so I wouldn't see him. That's the real #scandal here
  6. A Tale of Two Candidates, Aug 24, 2017
  7. BRAB

    A tale of two candidates: A BRAB Investigations Special.

    The Sweet FA, much to some's disgust, is one of the most diverse boards on this site. It doesn't particularly matter who you are, you'll find some enjoyment if you stay long enough.

    As brief flickers in a longstanding league, we hold a great responsibility to uphold the spirit of the league. Most of the time, we all enjoy ourselves, and fundamentally, that's the key goal of this place. It really shouldn't work, but somehow it does.

    Fundamentally, I think that's because there's always been an unseen understanding that there's a person behind the persona. By extension, I'm of the opinion that there's always been an unsaid rule in the league that if one of our own seems stressed to an unprecedented level, we step in to help. We are one big family after all, with one big legacy to carry.

    Those dreams were shattered tonight, with suspicions I have had for months finally confirmed.

    Most of you would have heard of our beloved Millky95, but for those that did not see him shine before he left us, Millky was a true great. He ran the best Sweet FA club in season 23 without any issues at all and regularly contributed to the legacy of the league by running the Sweet FA podcast. Millky was always active, and we never went more than a day without hearing his opinions on something.

    He was truly a cornerstone of the league.

    Which is why, when Millky announced his shock retirement, it was fair for all of us to assume something was amiss. Millky was clearly stressed, and his personal crisis had consequently became our personal crisis. Most understood this, but no more then Cloud_

    brahj has revealed exclusively that upon Millky's exit from the league, he received two PM's. One, a vicious attack, demanding a please explain, and the other, a selfless offer of support for a member of the league.

    One of those people is now the captain of the Swamprats.

    Given what we've discussed so far; surely the poster who put personal gain over a callous power grab is now captain of the Swamprats?

    No, fellow posters, it appears not. Ant Bear, whilst Millky's body was not even cold yet, first chastised him to finish the job, and then brutally ripped the captaincy away from him before anyone noticed what had happened.

    We have to ask ourselves; can this stand?

    Can we truly claim to uphold the values of the league whilst we gift someone who turned on another during their darkest hour a privileged position? Is this the legacy we wish to leave on the league? What would past league legends like Fred, EKA or Beez say if they saw a blatant attack on one of our own not only go unpunished, but be rewarded?

    I digress, my friends, I must pull a quote from my 10th grade English class. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

    Cloud_ is a selfless person and a wonderful candidate for captaincy of the swamprats. He has the best interests of the league at heart, and in one of the darkest moments in the history of the Swamprats, he proved his worth 10x over.

    In the words of the late Millky95:

    "I'm assuming Ant Bear is captain despite Cloud_ being the better candidate?"

    Let us not stand for this.

    I call on Hate to immediately strip Ant Bear of the captaincy; to not do so would bring the league into disrepute. A new election for leader of the swamprats can then be held with the full knowledge of Ant Bears repugnant actions fresh in the minds of all Swamprats player.

    I will say this much;

    Ant Bear is not my captain; and he's not the kind of person fit to hold one of the most respected titles in the league.

    BRAB out.

    BRAB would like to thank #Scandal for this exclusive Scoop.
  8. #scandal, Aug 24, 2017
  9. brahj


    Guess who is not "not living" any more??

    Sources close to #scandal were shocked when Millky95 was seen walking, talking and buying noodles.

    After filling him in on the current state of the SFA, the conclusion of the Australian Cricket pay dispute and the impending retirement of AFL legend Jesse White, the former Swamprats captain passed on some sexy, sexy gossip to those lucky enough to witness his first public appearance in months.

    "I'm assuming Ant Bear is captain despite Cloud_ being the better candidate?"

    Audible gasps rang out from the now packed noodle shop, even the kid who looked like he was planning a school shooting softened his gaze for a moment.

    Millky went on to say:

    "Fun fact, before my account was closed I got 2 PMs. 1 from AB in the LG PM asking for a please explain and another from Cloud telling me he hopes I'm OK."

    Some restaurant patrons were now crying, the school shooting kid popped the collar of his leather jacket to hide his face.

    As everyone looked on in disbelief unsure how to comprehend what they had just heard, Millky picked up his food, gave the attractive girl that served him the Millkman salute and then left.

    The Millkman Salute

    At this time, #scandal would like to declare that it will do everything in it's power to have Ant Bear stripped of the Sin City captaincy so Cloud_ can have a title reflective of not only his abilities but also his status as a pretty good bloke.
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    Question Six:

    Who was the subject of Brahj’s third “Scandal” media piece?

    Note: This is indicated by the tangerines and #scandal. Any other announcements or comments are not considered media pieces.
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