Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 7, Apr 23, 2018 at 9:04 PM
  1. Grave Danger

    What do you reckon the reaction would be in the fair City of Churches if PAFC made the unilateral decision that there would be no Showdown Medal or trophy presented at our home Showdown? That's what the Heave Hoes have decided for the coming Western Durrby - apparently because there's no new sponsorship arrangement been made for it!

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  4. Drakescoffeecake


    How are you *not* obsessed with us?
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  6. LFC2010

    If they actually achieve this with there school yard bully boy tactics, then the media in Melbourne will have an absolute field day with them now Caro has got a whiff of what's happening.

    Your move #godhatesfages

    this also really doesn't surprise me though, it's how they work.. it's how they've always worked, after all the franchise were only born through the pure hatred of the PAFC.

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  8. AusHorrorStory

    Outstanding performance by the boys!

    Twice we've beaten the fakes at our spiritual home. Looking forward to the return fixture at their spiritual home.....oh wait.

    #weareportadelaide #shitclubnohistory
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  11. AusHorrorStory

    Well what an awesome start to the year!

    They sniped Zach Merrett out of the game early, led by 20 at 3QT and still lost!

    I loved seeing the looks on Tex's face in the coaches box!

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  13. Coobk001


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  15. Portwon

    Rucci and co talked down the place?. Thats what did it?.Think it did a pretty good job of that itself.

    Donald Trump said it was a bigger shithole than most African countries he had seen.

    It was cold, out of the way, difficult to exit, nowhere nearby to do anything if you didn't want to go the lakes was basically branded in one teams livery bugger all fans travelled to it from interstate for away games I could go on.

    Still gets me that your average Karparkistan fan couldn't see how much of a bad deal it was for them as well. They could have been gazzilionaires but nah , nearly 30 years on still no clubrooms still #shitclubnohistory
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  17. xflamedancer

    Losing the unloseable Grand Final, you know, the one where Tex had already booked an empty seat next to him on the flight home for the Premiership Cup. The 'Stance' really intimidated the Tigers players didn't it? They were so scared they couldn't stop laughing.

    BTW, 119 doesn't work any more as an insult, try tarps, or poortz poowa they might have more effect.....wait, no sorry.