Questions about Port's China Strategy, May 23, 2017 at 6:11 AM
  1. wharfie_1870

    If he is he is only making himself look stupid. The man is a total banker with a poor grasp of profit and loss and Australian accounting standards so it's not surprising that he is blinkered to the obvious success of our China strategy #sideshow
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  3. Ford Fairlane

    Now this is a #sideshow ;)

    If only it didn't involve nuclear weapons and world economies and shit ...
  4. The media....*Shakes Head* Part 5, May 17, 2017
  5. wharfie_1870

    Who'da thunk that a board member of the Team Only For South Australians would use his position in the Adelaide media to reassure the Crows' customers that they are drinking the correct flavour of Kool-Aid and not wasting time and money on a #sideshow.
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  8. wharfie_1870

    So we are now a facilitator of sideshows. :thumbsu:

  9. China History in the Making, May 15, 2017
  10. wharfie_1870

    Yeah, because there were no empty seats at AO on Saturday night. :rolleyes:

    How many of the Crows' 600,000 digital members are based in China?

  11. China History in the Making, May 15, 2017
  12. wharfie_1870

    This was a special report on the ABC News last night. But yeah, China is just a #sideshow.
  13. China History in the Making, May 13, 2017
  14. wharfie_1870

    Rucci in today's paper;

    "And Koch made what seemed to be a “pie in the sky” vow – a thought Crows chief executive Andrew Fagan later described as a “sideshow” – to have Port Adelaide play a preseason game and eventually a premiership match in China."

    #sideshow #godhatesfages
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  16. Alberton Proud

    Zero interest from the media I see


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  18. OneGreatClub

    Your skin is only thick aided by the media. I saw Clarko crash and burn when he received a few bad comments about his team after years of everyone sucking up to him. Your lot will be the same if the media ever give fair coverage in this State. One can only assume your club are so petrified of any type of Port Adelaide success that you plant media bunnies everywhere just in case our #sideshow is a success. Keep trying. We have been here long long before you and we aren't going anywhere. As I said, your suburb can thank its lucky stars that Jacko with his impeccable character was there to look out for that woman.