2017-18 AFC Championship game - Jacksonville at New England (7.05am Monday AEDT), Jan 20, 2018 at 1:51 PM
  1. A11dAtP0w3R

    Robert Kraft probably came up with the idea of putting a glove on his hand to pretend he has stitches, gotta change the "why did you trade Garropolo" media narrative, what better way to have the media change their tune than for #BraveBrady to carve up #1 defense in the league while throwing with a Jason Pierre Paul club on his right hand.




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  3. Strange Cat

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  5. crazywildhorse

    Roughead is stopgap captain. Glad he’s been able to take the reins, but was bound to harshly critiqued following on from the greatest captain of the AFL era.

    Joel #sobrave Selwood however. Captain of the local downhill skiers association. Team struggling, suddenly gets a sore ankle. Team getting flogged, comes back on and miraculously battles out the last 10 minutes because it was everyone else’s fault they were even in that position. What a champ.
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  7. Helen Wheels

    Wozzas #sobrave "runners-up".
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  9. captain blood 17

    Bomber sounds #sobrave
    Nevermind the wrongs he has overseen and the personal carnage he has created. He's reaping what he sowed my friend.

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  11. vjknight

    B13 the only hirdite turning up.

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  13. Manila_Hawk

    I think everybody is missing the whole point here.

    The police are merely conducting some enquiries on 'supplement' trafficking.

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  15. TallyHawk

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  17. peternorth


    Traditional and perennial lulz team of the A. No 1 in the lol power rankings in the past, but this jersey screams winner. Ode to the firefighters, #sobrave. This jersey marks the first time in sport history where a fire hydrant and ladder feature on team apparel. Apparently the horizontal stripes signify the brooklyn bridge. The circular trim around the neck and arms demonstrate a round symbol, like the number 0. Championships since 1974.

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  19. Down at K Park

    4 or 5 days after a loss. #sobrave