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    West coast - 2nd team, always liked them since they entered the comp when I was a kid and associated them with WA state of origin, who I weirdly liked. Perhaps because we beat them a lot and they weren't smug campaigners. Recent events have solidified my like for them, especially that game after losing Walshy and how their crowd was.

    Hawks - respect where it's due. Their players are campaigners but I can't help but like them. Fans weren't smug campaigners when they poached Gunston. Clarkson is an entertaining prick.

    Brisbane - must be an underdog thing. Fans also not smug campaigners.

    Don't mind North either. Knowledgeable fans sans shoulder chip.


    Geelong - Used to be my favorite Victorian team. Had a lot of SA guns during their period of dominance. But fans post-Diverfield have been smug campaigners. Entitled. Turned Danger into a diving flog.

    Sydney - Fans were smug campaigners after poaching Tippet. Suck eggs ya campaigners he's gone to shit. 800k lol. COLA. Entitled.

    Essendon - Can't really forgive the drug thing. Also then getting a #1 pick. We got harsher penalties for some dodgy book keeping. #sobrave narrative makes me vomit.

    Don't hate port as much as I'm supposed to. However, am fond of Hinkley being Pyke's bitch and overtaking port in the showdown ledger. Something I never thought would happen in my lifetime. Some of their fans are insufferable buffoons.
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    Lol. Really? Some people need to get over their superiority complexes.

    Nobody is forced to post here. Nobody is forced to read.

    #sobrave [emoji19]