West Coast Wonders S24 Team Thread - #nodickheads, Nov 19, 2017
  1. haydo

    Round 16 vs Dragons FFC


    Our final H&A contest was at home up against the Dragons FFC who have featured in the last 8 finals campaigns. Both teams had a lot riding on this game. The Dragons had a spot in the top 8 on the line while the Wonders had top 4 aspirations after a dismall start to the season. What a belter of a match we witnessed. It was high scoring and a close encounter all throughout the contest.
    It reminded me a lot like the Grand Final in season 21 against the Gumbies. Neck and neck all day before one team kicked away late to seal victory. Unfortunately our #thestreak came to an end. The Dragons coming home with the last 3 goals of the match to win by 13 points.

    41 goals between these two sides certainly made the title of 'Match of the Round' relevant. Hatchy1992 bagged 6 majors to write his name down as Fred Medalist, whilst iBeng who has come under scrutiny over his goal kicking over the last 12 months (who could forget the behinds he kicked in last seasons grand final) finished with 5 goals. But none of that could be topped by Scorpus's match. 31 disposals and 4 goals surely sees him win the 3 Mobbs votes for this contest.

    For the Wonders, it was 5 straight victories before this one. Could this loss to the Dragons be a blessing in disguise. croweater 41 finished the season off with another bag of 5 goals next to his name, really stamping up his kicking boots for this finals series. He finished with 59 goals for the season while his two mates up forward in JT_the_Man and SweetD finished with 3. WaLkEr_ThE_StAr's late season form continued with another 24 disposal game showing his experience through the midfield while rookie OutofTownCrow and captain haydo23 battled hard for the home side.

    With round 16 now winding down and in the rear vision mirror, we turn our attention to the real season. This is where the Wonders do their best work. We have finished 4th on the SFA ladder so a double chance is the best result we could have hoped for. We're in with a real shot this season and coming up against the Hawks this week, we'll be a much supported underdog.

    Here is the final SFA ladder as it stands.....​

    Final Season 24 Ladder

    Team                    P   W   L   D   Pen   For  Agnst     %     Pts  Streak   L5   Change   GB    Chase
    xEast Side Hawks       16  10   6   -    -   1601  1472   108.76   40     1W   WWWLW   +1      Ldr     -
    xGold City Royals      16   9   6   1    -   1708  1655   103.20   38     1L   DLLWL   -1      -0.5    -
    xMount Buller Demons   16  10   6   -    4   1599  1538   103.97   36     1W   LWWLW   +2      -1      -
    xWest Coast Wonders    16   9   7   -    -   1604  1638    97.92   36     1L   WWWWL   -1      -1      -
    xDragons FFC           16   9   7   -    -   1621  1657    97.83   36     2W   LWLWW   +1      -1      -
    xBaghdad Bombers       16   8   7   1    -   1510  1534    98.44   34     3W   LDWWW   +3      -1.5    -
    xFighting Furies       16   8   8   -    -   1580  1571   100.57   32     2L   LLWLL   -3      -2      -
    xGumbies FFC           16   7   8   1    -   1492  1456   102.47   30     1L   DLWWL   -1      -2.5   Ldr
    wConey Island Warriors 16   7   8   1    -   1589  1717    92.55   30     3L   WDLLL   -1      -2.5    -
    wRoys FFC              16   7   9   -    -   1472  1432   102.79   28     1W   WLLLW   +1      -3     -0.5
    wLas Vegas Bears       16   6  10   -    -   1627  1542   105.51   24     3L   WWLLL   -1      -4     -1.5
    zSin City Swamprats    16   4  12   -    -   1485  1676    88.60   16     2W   LLLWW    -      -6.5   -3.5
    w - eliminated from finals contention
    y - clinched minor premiership
    x - clinched finals berth
    z - clinched wooden spoon



    We've had some wonderful results on and off the field. We're had a great band of rookies come on board this season and flourish. Special mentions to both D_P_S and OutofTownCrow for their seasons. You two have both grasp the concept of the SFA and taking it with both hands. D_P_S finishes the season high in our statistic numbers finished 2nd in total kicks, 4th in total marks, 1st in handballs, 2nd in total disposals, 1st in frees against (that's bad mate :p ) amd 4th in total dream team points.
    OutofTownCrow also had a solid season finishing 2nd in marks and just outside the top 5 in most other stats.

    A shoutout to the returning croweater 41 who officially wins our team goal kicking award which will be awarded officially to him at the B&F night, Crowwie returned back to the club after a stint at the Hawks and finished the season with 59 goals (the best of any Wonder since Golumless in S21)
    BlueMaster1 gets a mention here as well with 20 goals to his name coming in at 2nd for goals scored this season.

    Nakia is also another who had a monster season. I am expecting the big fella to push for ALL-SFA honours this season. He led our club in just about everything. Over 200 hitouts, 315 disposals, 3rd in tackles, the umps loved him with 31 frees for and was our most influential winning the dream team by well over 100 points. You're a great member of the club mate and I hope to see your form continue on over the finals series.

    And to the rest of the team. Well done on an awesome season, but as we keep alluding too. The real season begins now. Get yourselves ready for a HUGE finals campaign. I can smell the blood, I can sense an underdog moment happening. I can sense a West Coast Wonders premiership.
    Get numbers to the match thread this week. We're facing arguably the best and most hated club the SFA has ever seen the Hawks. I know they won't take it easy against us. Give them everything you have and fight to see another day.

    We are the Wonders, we don't take shit from anybody.

    WaLkEr_ThE_StAr D_P_S nahnah Temploar SSwans2011 Nakia dogs105 BallaratBulldog OutofTownCrow Bucking Beads TheBeardAmigos ClarkeM BlueMaster1 Storm20 NickCC dude316 MKMatty PVF croweater 41 William Wonka whitey_1975 JT_the_Man SweetD gym4life
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    hi dragons, sorry about this coming weekend but you can't deny #thestreak
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    **** YEAH!!!! #thestreak continues
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    I greatly anticipate continuing #thestreak.
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    Time to end the Bears season and go 5 on the road to the finals

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    Wonders streak continues to 4 #thestreak
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    #thestreak is in full force.

    4 wins on the trot, GET UP WONDERS :)
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    Well deserved Warriors win!

    Thanks for the week, Gumbies. Hopefully we can play you again in the finals.