Revenge of the Werewolf - Game Over Village Wins (Moral Victory Wolves), Nov 22, 2018
  1. Dennis Confetti

    We had a good #thestreak going and youve ruined it :(
  2. Coney Island Warriors - Season 26 Team Thread #ClichédHashtag, Nov 19, 2018
  3. TheInjuryFactory

    Itsmyshow candiehappy CM9000 Frankston Rover zackah BigJoeD_ comewhatmay Raveneyes craffles Norm Landrover Smoooothy pantskyle Freofalcon TheInjuryFactory Packedlunch Morganashlee Reginald Perrin Bet on Blue Lord_Flashheart BoshtrichBurger Percel DapperJong

    What a fine finish to an absolutely shithouse 2nd half of the season! The pantskyle curse was shattered this weekend, as we cruised home to a well fought victory on home turf at Van Cortlandt over the valiant Roys by 20 points.

    The win sees us return to finals for Season 26, as we secure 5th place on the ladder and a home elimination final next week here at Van Cortlandt Park.

    Team                    P   W   L   D   Pen   For  Agnst     %     Pts  Streak   L5   Change   GB    Chase
    yMount Buller Demons   17  12   5   -    -   1898  1709   111.06    48    1L    WWLWL    -     Ldr     -
    xGumbies FFC           17  12   5   -    4   1701  1642   103.59    44    4W    LWWWW    -     -1      -
    xFighting Furies       17  10   7   -    -   1713  1476   116.06    40    4W    LWWWW    -     -2      -
    xWest Coast Wonders    17  10   7   -    -   1610  1790    89.94    40    3W    WLWWW    -     -2.5    -
    xConey Island Warriors 17   9   8   -    -   1696  1577   107.55    36    1W    LLLLW   +1     -3      -
    xLas Vegas Bears       17   8   9   -    -   1918  1705   112.49    32    2L    WLWLL   -1     -4      -
    xSin City Swamprats    17   8   9   -    -   1524  1586    96.09    32    1L    WLWWL    -     -4.5    -
    xEast Side Hawks       17   7  10   -    -   1646  1646   100.00    28    1W    LWLLW   +2     -5     Ldr
    wRoys FFC              17   7  10   -    -   1652  1701    97.12    28    3L    LWLLL   -1     -5.5    -
    wDragons FFC           17   7  10   -    -   1597  1815    87.99    28    1W    WLLLW   +1     -5.5   -0.5
    wBaghdad Bombers       17   7  10   -    -   1498  1711    87.55    28    2L    WWWLL   -2     -5.5   -0.5
    zGold City Royals      17   5  12   -    -   1497  1592    94.03    20    1L    LLLWL    -     -7.5   -2
    In a thrilling old school final round full forward shootout, our very own vice captain BigJoeD_ romped home with a bag to secure his first FRED medal, becoming the inaugural #WooshetteMedal winner at our great club.


    In a memorable evening, our members and supporters invaded the ground late in the 4th quarter once word filtered through BigJoeD_ had secured the leading goalkicker award in scenes reminiscent of yesteryear.


    With a best on ground performance, Joe finished with 7 goals on the day, taking out the award with 76 goals, 3 goals clear of eventual runner up okeydoke7. Joe is just the 2nd FRED medallist for the club, joining S21 winner Reginald Perrin.


    View attachment 585868

    zackah found a rich vein of form in a new found midfield role with 24 touches, 10 tackles and a goal. Ably supported on the wing by DapperJong also adding 24 touches and a goal and the mecurial pantskyle chipping in the ruck with 9 hitouts to go with his 22 disposals. Wooshette down back was instrumental in the win, as Roys FF Mooch was held goalless, murdered by the all-conquering #ironcurtains.

    In what was a quiet week for both sides, this week’s thread was a particularly jovial affair, full of generic well meaning banter, even more generic retorts and of course the customary generic lols enjoyed with some of the true gentlemen and elder statesmen of the Sweet FA.

    In case you missed it, TedDougChris found internet porn, there were two separate and unrelated references to SBS foreign movies and hand cream, Wooshette outed herself as the true source of the Wazza's curse and... Allikat!

    With Big Joe’s outstanding year up front, not to mention @FreoFalcon’s dominant early season form in the ruck, we should see just rewards for our shithot start to year in the S26 All-SFA side. Being a rookie I am not 100% on the process but I believe there are nominations from each club so stay tuned for voting.

    Thank **** for #thestreak saving our asses, as we return to finals for Season 26.

    So we now head into a finals campaign in form, full of belief and free of the curse, let’s rip this finals series a new angus next week!

    Next game:
    First Elimination Final
    : Coney Island Warriors vs East Side Hawks at Van Cortlandt Park

    Get your votes in Wazzas :thumbsu:

    #FrankstonRoverMedal Wooshette

    5. BigJoeD_
    4. zackah
    3. Wooshette
    2. DapperJong
    1. pantskyle
  4. Season 26 Round 17 Coney Island Warriors vs Roys FFC at Van Cortlandt Park, Nov 14, 2018
  5. TheInjuryFactory

    Checking in.

    Preparing to say goodbye to my rookie season this week like


    Reminiscing on when #thestreak was a thing :'(
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  8. This will be the last media thread on the Wonder streak, Oct 29, 2018
  9. JT_the_Man

    Nah, we are going to win every game for the rest of the season now.

    #thestreak will be back.
  10. Season 26, Round 14: Mt Buller Demons vs Las Vegas Bears at Snow Dome (MOTR), Oct 28, 2018
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    You beauty!!

  12. Season 26, Round 14: East Side Hawks vs Coney Island Warriors at Waverley Park, Oct 28, 2018
  13. TheInjuryFactory

    I'm just getting ready now guys, #thestreak is on again!


    EDIT: Delete this. :$
  14. Season 26, Round 14: East Side Hawks vs Coney Island Warriors at Waverley Park, Oct 28, 2018
  15. candiehappy

    ripping day for a victory, time to restart #thestreak
  16. Season 26, Round 14: Sin City Swamprats vs Gumbies FFC at Underground Stadium, Oct 23, 2018
  17. sportsmaniac89

    Ah the Gumbies, our next victims in #thestreak

    Promises to be a beauty of a week and I’m pumped for it.
  18. Season 26, Round 14: East Side Hawks vs Coney Island Warriors at Waverley Park, Oct 23, 2018
  19. PhenomenalV1


    It's Video Game Round! With PAX Aus this weekend, what better way for the SFA to join in than with a themed week?

    C'mon, Cloud_ said I could do this...

    It's a league powerhouse against a struggling titan...

    To say that the East Side Hawks have had an underwhelming season would be putting it mildly. They sit 10th on the ladder, with a 5-8 record, and the walls closing in on their season. Can Agent93 get his club back into the eight where they belong?

    The Warriors got off to a flying start, but #TheStreak has long been broken, and Coney Island have been struggling for form. While they sit second on the ladder, could they be overestimating their own depth?

    A season on the line, and a season for the taking...

    VG Week Mascot Origins

    Hawks: East Side's mascot is Flappy Bird, from the side scrolling game of the same name. Flappy Bird doesn't have much depth to his character, so I'll leave it to you to come up with a humourous biography.

    Warriors: Coney Island's mascot is Link, from The Legend of Zelda series of adventure games. Link is a Kokiri elf who over his travels, becomes a screaming warrior who breaks everyone's pots and vases.

    PhenomBet Odds

    Hawks: $2.75
    Warriors: $1.25

    Players to Watch


    The Jesus

    The new co-host of the SFA game shows, The Jesus is on of the Hawks most prolific posters. Is Sunday going to see some more divine intervention?


    With the burden of the captaincy now off his shoulders, Loons can bounce back to being one of the league's best posters. Is he ready to step up?



    The current Fred Medal leader, Big Joe has more than lived up to his name at full-forward. Is he going to kick another bag this weekend?


    While not the biggest name on the Warriors list, zackah is one of the most underrated. Will he finally break into the leagues elite?

    Phenoms tip: Warriors to revive #TheStreak

    Captains, please post your official teamsheet by 11:59pm AEDT Thursday.