Richmond vs GWS | Sunday July 23rd | MCG 1:10 PM, Jul 23, 2017 at 7:14 AM
  1. smasha

    They are favs today,don't care how many are out when their list is full of talent.

    But,as we showed up there,we can win this.

    Please boys.

    SEN putting on an article about how the game should be spread more between nsw and Queensland,lol ,right on the eve of our game.

    We are playing the World today,not just GWS.

    That's the reality when #weareeveryonesgrandfinal

    Heading out early for the Pies vfl game.

    All Tiger fans,we need to play our grand final of sorts today and really get behind the boys.

    Cmon Tigers!
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  4. smasha


    Rushing a few players in for our match,they will definately run the leggies off ,Richmond game.
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  6. NaturalDisaster

    Yep, you guys smashed the saints after they were worn out with exhaustion from running their little leggies off in their Grand Final against us..and now GWS are going to rush their injured players back in prep for their grand final this week


  7. #4: Dustin Martin, Jul 17, 2017 at 8:43 PM
  8. smasha

    The smasha line of clothing black tee with #weareeveryonesgrandfinal in yellow.:D
  9. #4: Dustin Martin, Jul 17, 2017 at 8:18 AM
  10. smasha

    He should be on report for trying to cork Dusty yet the SEN have a headline about Dusty's supposed eye gouge.
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  12. TiggerMan22

    Didnt you guys make a prelim? Its funny that the elim final is the one most cerebrated #weareeveryonesgrandfinal
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  14. Royce Hafey

    Don't know if he counts as a "foamer" (whatever that is), but I reckon maybe St Kilda were just trolling to make it look like Smasha is right.
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  16. smasha

    Norf fan now having a go. :D