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    Match Thread Posting Participation, Oct 11, 2018
  1. Matera92

  2. Season 26 Round 11 West Coast Wonders vs Roys FFC at The Colosseum, Oct 7, 2018
  3. SSwans2011

    Illegal to some, the act of a pioneer to others. I'm taking FB strategy to (legitimately) scary new places.

    Well in that case, I'll have to resort to plan b. Not actually having a plan b, but leaving you to ponder what it might be.
  4. Season 26 Round 11 East Side Hawks vs Fighting Furies at Waverley Park, Oct 4, 2018
  5. rfctiger74

  6. Season 26 Round 10 Coney Island Warriors V Las Vegas Bears @ Van Cortlandt Park MOTR, Sep 25, 2018
  7. Its Manbearpig


    Hmm.. swear I've heard that somewhere before..
  8. Season 26 Round 10 West Coast Wonders V Gold City Royals @ The Colosseum, Sep 25, 2018
  9. U2tigers


    Cheating? Please expand.

  10. Season 26 Round 10 West Coast Wonders V Gold City Royals @ The Colosseum, Sep 25, 2018
  11. U2tigers

    The Wonders list would be just about the healthiest list in the Sweet F.A. A powerhouse of the comp.


  12. Season 26 Round 10 West Coast Wonders V Gold City Royals @ The Colosseum, Sep 25, 2018
  13. Wooshette

    Season 26 Round 10 West Coast Wonder V Gold City Royals @ The Colosseum
    Wonders ladder position - 11th
    Royals ladder position - 8th

    View attachment 563776
    The Colosseum created by Mobbs
    Wonderful graphic created by TheInjuryFactory

    Last week

    Gumbies FFC 11.4 (70) lost to West Coast Wonders 17.12 (114)
    Gold City Royals 16.6 (102) defeated East Side Hawks 8.6 (54)

    Last time they met S25 Round 14
    View attachment 563780

    Wonders - Sitting in 11th with only 3 wins for the season the Wonders have made a drastic move bringing in Swamprats stalwart Dingster as captain to try and turn the fortunes of the club around. A proud club they won’t give up and will do #whateverittakes to climb up the ladder.
    Captain Dingster - The Wonders are up and about. 19 contributors to the last match thread is testimony to that. We have a good mix of experience and young guns which gelled beautifully with a big win against the Gumbies.
    I've only been at the club a week but I already feel a good chemistry with my co captain Shaun Duggan and haydo, EJW, U2 and JT. Okey is up and about and young guns Cactus and Sabs have been stand outs.

    As for my season, I'm looking forward to do the heavy work at CHF to let Okey and the other forwards run amok and make presence in the threads.
    As for milestones I'm fortunate that Haydo and EJW in particular are across acknowledging them. Esp EJW as SD and I have discovered that his qootying prowess lies off the field. He also makes a mean latte. Would you like one?

    *Last 5 games – LLWLW
    *Players to watch – okeydoke7 Cactus_ U2tigers

    The Royals
    - Had a big win over their friends and rivals the Hawks last week which propelled them into 8th position on 3 wins, they will be looking to consolidate this week and keep their finals hopes alive as we head into the back end of the season. With some very big names on their list they are not a team to discount and the Wonders will have to bring their best game to outplay and outwit them.
    The Wonders should avoid travelling in Mercedes cars and tunnels this week.
    Captain 3121 premiers - The Royals picked up a couple of rookies in grumble guts and Mr Premeierships that have taken to the game quite well and are fitting in nicely.
    It would be great if we could get some more out of a few of our second and third season players but that’s something Blacky, Cloud and I are working on. The Royals have upped their participation this season and are travelling rather nicely and could play finals if everything goes well from here on in.
    The only thing that needs a bit of a push along would be a few more rookies, but for me I think if our season keeps going the way it is then we’re sure to grab the attention of newer players and maybe one or two old heads for next season.

    I have enjoyed this season with the Royals and it’s been a delight being a part of a team that has an interest in not only being a great club to be involved with but a vested intrinsic making the SFA a better place.

    *Last 5 games – LLLLW
    *Players to watch – Thatsapaddlin GreyCrow Blacky

    Woosh's Crystal Ball - Royals by 31

    Captains please submit your teamsheets by 11.59pm Thursday
  14. We’re in the Grand Final!!! Pies by 39 pts, Sep 23, 2018
  15. Adz

    Just put an ad up on airtasker Perth.

    Asking for somebody is sick atm (think flu) to attend the Eagles opening training session and cough over players/shake hands.

    Offered $250.

  16. Bluemour Discussion Thread XI - Facts Not Welcome, Sep 20, 2018
  17. Brutalitops