2017 Trade & FA Targets - The Last Supper #Ameetos, Oct 17, 2017
  1. Gherkin

    am hearing we'll be drafting aiden bonar and hannah mouncey at 7 and 8, lock it away #whispers
  2. 2017 The Summer of George Trade Period Part 1, Oct 6, 2017
  3. truebeliever87

    Why would they whisper over the phone? Would make it hard to hear eachother for sure. #whispers #jackwatt?!
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  6. Mixed Results

    Don't forget who gave you the news first.

    Ignore all of the other educated guesses.

    There's only one place to go for your #whispers
  7. 2017 Trade & FA Targets Part 4, Sep 29, 2017
  8. Diehard Saint

    I can also confirm that the Saints are prepared to trade both first round picks in the pursuit of a class marquee midfielder #AFL #whispers

    Wow, breaking news.
    He never names names....what a crock.
  9. 2017 trade/draft thread, Sep 6, 2017
  10. Astro35

    Trade whisper on twitter:

    Last one for tonight;

    With Mason Cox likely to join BL, expect to see COLL enquire about out of contract WCE FWD Tom Lamb #AFL #whispers
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  12. Dirty_banchez

    Doesn't defend. It's one of the reasons he's sliding a bit. GC could bite at 6 but I doubt Freo will go for another inside mid at 7.

    SPS at 4 is almost a certainty. Carlton have baited GC.

    Taranto at 5. Should he not be taken earlier.

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  14. Sleezy

    Chances are slim. This rumour has less credibility than #whispers. But it is funny, to me anyway.
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  16. Schulzenfest

    I'm hearing pick 9 has requested a trade to Hawthorn. #whispers