how do you rate and compare the past two premiers?, Mar 21, 2018 at 12:33 PM
  1. how do you rate and compare the past two premiers?, Mar 10, 2018
  2. captain blood 17

    I'm currently chilling in Nicholson camping. My biggest decision right now is R4 at Flemington, what to eat and when to start having a couple of beers.
    This has been awesome.

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  3. how do you rate and compare the past two premiers?, Mar 10, 2018
  4. David Schwarz

    Must say I really do enjoy this #wolfpack alliance

    Watching idiots argue the unarguable is the most hilarious thing I can do on the internet nowadays - considering the rest of the net is full of morons
  5. how do you rate and compare the past two premiers?, Mar 8, 2018
  6. captain blood 17

    Goddamn that is some sexy shit right there. I feel like Negan reading that shit.



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  7. how do you rate and compare the past two premiers?, Mar 8, 2018
  8. David Schwarz

    Okay this thread started off as shit, and is literally stuck in the S-bend

    And thank **** for that. Because when sports science was big, we had players going off for injections - which even before 2012 was just disgusting to watch - then the whole Essendope bullshit.

    I hope it never returns. This is a game of multiple skills. If you want to watch doped up idiots doing marathons, just rewatch all of Armstrong's Tour de Farce wins.

    Equalisation has been around for at least two decades, and we won sweet stuff all. It took a coincidence of a talented young group and a coach that looked past the stats that you love to keep spouting about, for us to reach the promised land on pure guts and glory.

    Richmond have been a bigger club than Geelong since - forever? Even if you want to include the fact that for 37 years they seemed like they loved the pain that came with shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly, they were always massive. So how would equalisation benefit a club that was already big? You're now just arguing against standard logic.

    All you're doing is glossing over recent premiers because deep down you know that the Cats can't win a flag without topping up their midfield through dodgy player manager deals (Ablett) or talking so much about a player at a club that they feel compelled to join (Dangerfield).

    How about, instead of putting us two under the microscope, you look at yourself and your club, and hopefully you may then realise that topping up doesn't actually work? Unless you're well established at the foothill like Hawthorn was for so many years.

    #wolfpack bitch
  9. 2018 JLT Series - Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn, Mars Stadium, Sat, Mar 3, 2:05 PM AEDT, Mar 3, 2018
  10. David Schwarz

    #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack #wolfpack
  11. Geelong Wolves S22 Team Thread - B&F This Sunday - No Spookism, Jul 10, 2016
  12. peterss

    Looking forward to pulling the boots on again for yet another season.

    My body is saying "No God no please don't do it!"

    My heart and mind is "Of course I lo going around again, This club is my life and I'll happily due playing for them"

  13. Geelong Wolves S21 - B&F Winner: SM, Jun 5, 2016
  14. Hatchy1992

    Grand finalists!!!

    Let's stick together during the week. #wolfpack
  15. S21 Second Semi Final - Coney Island Warriors vs East Side Hawks at Van Cortlandt Park, May 24, 2016
  16. Hatchy1992

    Hey look at this! 2 clubs fighting over who has the right to be the next team defeated by the #wolfpack in our quest for ultimate glory -

    The self proclaimed "benchmark" vs the newcoming of the NWA
  17. SFA - Who will rise?, May 18, 2016
  18. haydo


    The time has finally come, after what has seemed to be a very long season the finals are finally within reach. You can smell the fresh cut grass on the grounds of Punt Road, the freshly flattened gravel of the Colosseum, the fresh paint of the entrance to Van Cortlandt Park or the spookiness of the Lair of the Wolves IT'S FINALS TIME and everyone's excited. (except for all the teams not participating)
    The real stuff starts now and with 8 clubs still in with a shot at the ultimate glory, WHO WILL RISE to the occasion? Each side have their pro's and con's about season 21 but whatever happened in the season proper is old news and the real stuff now begins on Sunday. Who is your tip to get through to the next round? Which 2 sides are going to be eliminated on Sunday afternoon? Which 2 sides will go on to face off in the SFA Grand Final? And which side will take out the luxurious prize?


    Punt Road looking the goods before the Furies take on the Hawks in an elimination final

    Has there ever been a more exciting time to be playing finals in the SFA? Probably not because I have only been here for 2 seasons and what really matters is the moments that are happening right now.

    We have a look at all the sides fighting it out in the finals series to have a look at their run into the finals and what's next for them.

    Geelong Wolves - vs Gold City Royals
    The Geelong Wolves have come out of the season with the minor premiership and are in the best shape out of every side heading into the their finals campaign. Finishing 1st allows the Wolves to gain a second chance if they're too loose in the first round which they'll be taking on the Gold City Royals. The #wolfpack has been trending on the Wolves board as their confidence is sky high after knocking off the Roys in the last round of the home and away season.
    The Wolves have a whole host of good posters in the side but can they carry on with their home and away season form or will they crumble under the pressure of being the #1 side and go out in straight sets? Stranger things have happened.
    Players to watch over the Finals
    - akkaps
    - Quivorir
    - BB 8

    Coney Island Warriors - vs Dragons FFC
    The Warriors finished the H&A season in 2nd position on the SFA ladder. The Warriors and Dragons finals match has been classed as the MOTR even though all finals should be quality contests? I mean it is the best of best taking on each other! The Warriors squad is full of some really big names in the SFA with the likes of BigJoeD_ , boncer34, Frankston Rover and Wooshette to lead them into their clash with the Dragons. They certainly have the big names to be a premiership side, but can they back it up on field?
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - Reginald Perrin
    - Wooshette
    - Freofalcon
    - DapperJong

    Dragons FFC - vs Coney Island Warriors
    The Dragons knocked the Swamprats out of finals contention in the last round of the season and with iBeng and Hate being the two best on ground, the Dragons are one team to watch out for come the finals time. Finishing 3rd on the ladder at the end of the H&A season, the Dragons are off to face the big name Warriors in the 2nd qualifying final. A side that may have flown under the radar as in not having too many big names in the side but a squad that really plays well together and get's the job done on game day. Their midfield is full of quality with Hate in the ruck, all round good bloke Danoz and cammo6556 running through there the Dragons have a good team building at the moment.
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - Spanna_
    - Ljp86
    - Danoz
    - cammo6556

    Gold City Royals - vs Geelong Wolves
    The Royals had an off week last week against the Bandits but was is a ploy to just give them a week off and get their players fresh for the tough finals campaign ahead? Finishing the season in 4th position, the Royals needed the Wonders to loose in the last round to secure a top 4 finish which lucky for them the Furies were able to accomplish. Not the most notable team of posters the Royals are well served by 3KZ is Football and Blacky as their main go to posters.
    This side, you can say has flown under the radar also, but keep on keeping on. The have a strong defensive unit which has allowed them to win many games this season and they'll be expecting the back 6 to have a big impact when it really counts on Sunday
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - The_Reaper
    - Easty
    - Marlowe
    - 3KZ is Football

    West Coast Wonders - vs Las Vagas Bears
    The Wonders had a terrible 3-4 weeks in a row in the middle of the season with their inability to correctly write a team sheet which had captains missing games and it got to the point where points were deducted from their overall standings. With the 4 points lost the Wonders gave up a position in the top 4 and the double chance. Could that come to bite them in the ass by the final siren on Sunday?
    It would be a real blow for a club which is always under the limelight no matter the situation. Led by captains Golumless and SSwans2011 the Wonders will be looking to experienced head ClarkeM for a calming head around the club leading into the finals series. With one of the better posting sides in the league, the Wonders will be looking to prove to the league that their talent alone will be enough to win them the flag, instead of lack of incorrect team sheets.
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - LicoriceAllsorts
    - Kangaroos4eva
    - SteeleBeams
    - BallaratBulldog

    Fighting Furies - vs East Side Hawks
    The Fighting Furies or the Richmond Tigers? No one ever will really know but the Furies were able to secure their finals berth thumping the Wonders in the last round of the season. Punt Road is going to be pumping on Sunday afternoon when their side comes out on the ground to see their side play. The Furies could be the real underdog heading into the finals series this season with some talented posters in their side. Sterge Shadow Man This Is Anfield and sausageroll boast a really formidable midfield group that could be a premiership winning midfield group come 4 weeks time.
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - _Cayz_
    - footy_fumbler
    - RodneyDangerfield
    - sante

    East Side Hawks - vs Fighting Furies
    The Hawks leveled their win/loss record at the end of the season finishing with 8-8 record to sneak into the finals calculation. Finishing 7th on the ladder, the Hawks are on side that could go a long way during the finals if they play their best Qooty. It'll be tough for them considering they'll be travelling and in an elimination final against a side that was in some decent form leading into the finals series.
    The Admin's team (The Filth Wizard ) will most likely get the run of the simmers but hey, who can complain with that? With some big names going to the club during the off-season last year, the Hawks could be on the verge of premiership success.
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - Brown Bottle
    - Wacky Tiger
    - Doctor Colossus
    - larrikin

    Las Vegas Bears - vs West Coast Wonders
    The Bears scrap into the finals by the barest of margins with percentage separating them and the Swamprats from 8th to 9th position. The Bears suffered a loss against finalists the Hawks in the last round of the season and up against a strong Wonders side who defeated the Bears by over 5 goals last time these two sides met, it's going to be a tough ask for the side from Vegas to get the win. But miracles can happen and if a side is within luck, it's the Bears
    Players to watch in the Finals
    - Matera92
    - brahj
    - Wise Guy Sam
    - Yello Mit

    So there you have it, a quick look at each side and what strengths they can bring to the table come the start of the bounce on Sunday afternoon. Who will take home the glory of the premiership? Will the Wolves continue on dominating the competition or will an underdog like the Hawks have a cute success story to tell the SFA for years to come?