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AFL Tipping 2017

The Game

BigFooty AFL Tipping is a tipping competition which runs for the 23 rounds of the AFL Home and Away season. Players (tipsters) pick the teams they think will win their matches and accumulate points for correct picks.

Tipsters also enter a margin for the first game of the round. This is a guess at the difference between total scores of the two teams and is used as a tie breaker.

Entry is free of charge, excluding your normal ISP connection and/or data charges.

All prize winners are posted in The Pool Room.

Post feedback and bug reports here.


All BigFooty AFL Tipping entrants must be members of BigFooty.com. The system will not accept tips except via login with your BigFooty.com user credentials.

You must enter tips on this tipping page via an internet connection, so you'll need one of those.

Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will result in all accounts being removed.

No entry with cancelled and perma-banned accounts. All BigFooty members are eligible to enter except those who have elected to cancel their BigFooty account and those whose accounts have been banned.

Tips for each match are open up until the official start time of the match. Delays may mean the official start time does not match the time of the actual starting bounce, but this should not have any effect on the outcome of the tipping comp as no real information about the game will have been generated in the first few seconds or minutes.

Cheating gets you kicked out. Attempts to maliciously circumvent the system to enter late tips and so on will mean permanent removal from the comp and from BigFooty.com.

Where a system failure means users are able to tip after a game has started, tipsters who change their tip after the opening bounce will receive no points for that match and will not be eligible for that round's weekly prize(s).

We reserve the right to change the rules, player tips and scores to ensure the smooth and fair running of the game (as in the above example of system failure).


Tipsters receive one point for correctly tipping a match's outcome.


You can tip a draw. You get one point for a successful draw tip. Everyone who doesn't tip the draw gets 0.

Missed Tips

  1. Tipsters who do not enter tips for any match in a round will automatically tip the away team.
  2. Tipsters who tip no matches in a round will not be eligible for the weekly prize(s).
  3. Tipsters who do not tip more than half of all rounds will not be eligible for the season prizes.

Prizes in 2017

  • First Prize: $500 + Platinum BFSC
  • Second Prize: $300 + Platinum BFSC
  • Third Prize: $200 + Platinum BFSC

The season winner tie breaker is the last, best round.

PLUS each week we'll give away a Platinum BigFooty membership to the top scorer. Our weekly Platinum prize tie breaker is closest to the margin on the first game of the round, after that all winners for the week get the Platinum prize.

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