largebus, May 11, 2017
    • ezard15
      Is there a thread about this guy? He is the most well known person that I literally know nothing about and have never watched the show he is on or heard him say anything.

      Yet he still strikes me as a smarty pants for some reason.
    • Kerleys Ghost
      Can't stand this guy.

      The americans are aware of him.

    • Ratts of Tobruk
      Aside from the pile of crazy and lies above (the alt right has a surprising amount of men who are keen to tell everyone that women actually really totally want fat old men to push themselves onto them), you can find a few references in Australian Politics, but it tends to relate to whatever issue Aly has recently spoken about.

      And there was a thread, which is now locked, over here.
    • Kerleys Ghost
      Ratts of Tobruk

      I don't recall that being suggested.

      He said that powerful and successful men attract a lot of women.
    • Ratts of Tobruk
      Yep. And the context of him saying that is that it is his explanation for Trump saying he can't control himself around beautiful women and that they 'let' him do anything - including grabbing "them by the pussy". If you look into the alt-right and associated MRA and PUA groups you will find what I said to be true. They actually believe that women don't really want empowerment. Of course, not everyone talks that way as he suggested. And Trump has also had multiple accusations of not getting consent - including from an ex-wife - or of being a lech (walking in on women at Miss Universe pageants). That is also why he think it's hilarious to say that he thinks Waleed has a small penis and is a virgin. Because they think 'real men' wouldn't see a problem with what Trump said. He also lies that Mike Skinner's song wasn't good for him. It was one of his biggest hits.
    • Kerleys Ghost
      Ratts of Tobruk

      Most men and women do talk like that with friends of the same sex.

      Trump has said some stupid things, but this wasn't one of them.

      Anyway, this is about Waleed. Waleed is a biased little freak and I don't like him.
    • Ratts of Tobruk
      Yes, that perspective seemed likely given your response to the OP. That’s why I thought I would offer some ‘balance’ to your video and, you know, also answer the actual question.
    • MUYB
      Kerleys Ghost Yeah I don't think Waleed is the biased little freak in that video.
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