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    Only 4 clubs could survive without footy (the official big 4)

    Richmond are not set up yet.
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    What are Australia's most chilling crimes?

    The last one got 20
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    Tess actually runs one of the biggest Melbourne Facebook groups around. Over 200,000 members. She moved on from the crap she dealt with on these footy boards. She also set up a EBWfb group with Culprit.
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    Rumour Jack Watts off field issues.

    I’ve been searching for the sex romp videos with no luck.
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    Scandal Brian Lake gets sprung having a day out, does the public confession / rehab pledge

    And up North where he’s a nobody he has to pay for his eccentricities and personal entertainment! Not Happy Luke.
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    TV Open Mike

    Eddie had him in the Footy Show player review.
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    Player Watch Jeremy Howe

    Glad you found it um cool.
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    TV Open Mike

    I noticed during the GF the Collingwood flag had a Gold background.
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    Player Watch Jeremy Howe

    My gut tells me Howe will fall away quickly next year to the point of becoming a VFL regular.
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    Opinion Is it time to change Pendles’ role?

    If he refuses to see what he’s becoming then Buckley needs to tap him on the shoulder and if that doesn’t work kick him up the bum.
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    TV Open Mike

    There seems to be a PR push from Eddie to raise Joffas profile. Who didn’t have a tough upbringing?
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    Toast Tyson Goldsack - Hung Up His Boots, (27/8)

    The next handover has already been planned out, one former captain to another.
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    Pendlebury injured, cooked, as good as ever or just getting better?

    Has he really been a “superstar”?
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    Toast Tyson Goldsack - Hung Up His Boots, (27/8)

    Looking forward I think he will make a great coach.
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    News Dons ASADA scandal (Latest: Pg 101 - CAS verdict. Guilty, 12 months.)

    Is the lopsided free kick count yesterday proof that one should think carefully before taking on City hall!