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  • Fair enough. Avatar is a bit overrated. ;)
    It's perfectly upright in the thread though.
    It was a dominating display thats for sure but IMO a nice reality check for the Hawks not to be complacent.
    Either way, good luck with the sale and safe voyage. :)
    Cheers mate, after the way we played last week it was like it was a different team out there, agree is was a nice reality check at the right time of the year, let's hope we don't play like that next month though....
    It's still upside down! It looks like Boo HFC!
    Ok. Are you certain that the file that you uploaded is not upside down? As in when you double click the Jpg image on the laptop it's upright and not upside down? Because you may want to rotate it if so.
    It's right side up in the thread I started isn't it? it is from my end...tried to put it as my avatar but couldn't turn it over for some reason...
    I hoped I help and I hope it solves your problem.

    Let me know otherwise.

    Have a great night.
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    Thanks, mate that worked beautifully, having a better night tonight than last night, a week is a long time in football...
    7: Wait a few second for the picture to upload.
    8: Once it is uploaded, your image will appear and hopefully it is upright and not upside down.
    9: After that, you'll see on the right side panel there are a lot of links and stuff - Copy the link that is below the heading BBCode (message boards & forums).
    10: Once you copied it, If you CTRL+V on a Post Reply box that post it, the picture should appear upright.
    That little image preview will determine if your picture is upside down or not. If it is upright, then it is right and you'll continue on the next step. If not, it probably means that your original image is upside down and you'll need to rotate it and start from 3 again.

    6: Once you're happy, click Start Upload
    4: A dialog box should pop up so locate your image that you're wanting to upload and press "Open" to confirm that is the image you're wanting to upload
    5: Another box should pop up and at the bottom of the box it'll give you a little preview of what the image would look like.
    Hello 2008wasgreat,
    I have no idea why the images you are posting is upside down TBH but there is a better way to uploading your image and make sure that it is upright. Here are the steps.

    1: Go to www.imgur.com
    2: Top right, you should see Computer and Web.
    3: If the image you're trying to upload is on your computer click Computer
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